during an Australian Kangaroos Rugby League World Cup media opportunity and training session at Suncorp Stadium on October 11, 2017 in Brisbane, Australia.

Dragons recruit Ben Hunt has concluded that he can only thank Broncos coach Wayne Bennett after he dropped him to reserve grade earlier in the season.

It’s not every day that you see an Australian and Queensland representative languishing in reserve grade, however, it was a move by the Brisbane coach, who’d many describe as a ‘masterstroke’.

It’s no secret that Hunt has endured the worst pain rugby league has on offer, for his career was on a thread.

He returned to play for the Broncos in the hooker role and Hunt hasn’t looked back since.

The 27-year old has signed a five-year, six million dollar deal, with the St George Illawarra Dragons.

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Reflecting on the year he’s had, he’d describe it as ‘strange’.

“I’ve had some of the biggest lows but some of the highest highs as well,” he said.

Asked whether being dropped was the turning point, Hunt replied:

“I think it might have been.”


  1. As a Broncos fan, I’m glad to see he has left the club. Apart from a purple patch in 2015, he largely underwhelmed at the Broncos. He was too indecisive in attack and very poor in defence.

    i think he was very lucky to make the Maroons and Australian team this past season. I think his selection has a lot to do with his relationship with Kevvie Walters more so than his on field performances.

    • What a load of crap. If he stayed you’d be praising him. Amazing how fickle fans are are about players that leave. Look at the d!ckhead Tigers fans bad mouthing Tedesco now

      • Lay off the crack pipe daffy…
        I mean he had one good season and the dragons.
        lol the dragons offered him a million a year.
        Which shows you how desperate the dragons are for a any kind of talent
        I’m glade he’s going he’s not worth the million a yr lol 400 thousand yeah
        But a million lol name one year other then 2015 where Hunt was anything more then avg.

        • That’s your opinion and your entitled to it. So what’s the opinion on paying the Milf a mil a season, he hasn’t one good season yet. He is good, young but very inconsistent, lacks a good kicking game and misses more tackles than Hunt.

          Also, and most importantly, who will replace the to expensive Hunt, Kodi…Now there is a kid still waiting to deliver.

        • Footy fan I would rather pay Milf a young kid who has more raw ability then hunt will ever have
          A million a year then hunt because you know dam well Milf is going to be something special
          Yes I’d love to have Milf stay on peanuts but it ain’t gonna happen ou have to pay big coin
          Fact is he’s young he’s a two of three season away from hitting his peak
          Hunt on the other hand is 28/29 yrs old has been at the club since he was 16 and hasn’t gone past that he has potential stage yet
          Every season we hear how hunt is ready to go to the next level and HD doesn’t
          Year after year he never goes to that next level
          Fact is he’s a good player he would be great beside a Lockyer or a Thurston
          But he’s never gonna be a million dollar a yr player maybe Widdop and hunt may work
          If Widdop can run and steer the ship allowing hunt to run it may end up with Hunt being the signing
          Of the year but as it stands he’s not worth a million a year Milf is
          Now Hunt a hooker has a lot of promise but he won’t play there
          He is a better hooker then HB but he won’t play hooker
          Would of liked him to stay on his current deal but he wanted a million
          So I’m glad Bennet showed him the door

    • I don’t rate Ben Hunt that highly but you cant bag his defence. He is one of the better defensive halves in the comp. You always go on about the Brisbane halves defence without realising that all halves miss a massive amount of tackles. it comes from being a small bloke constantly having to tackle forwards.

      Oh and daffy is 100% right.

    • Agree with you Alfie why I’d be fine if he stayed at a price of 400 or 500 thousand
      I’d be absolutely fuming if Bennett kept him for a million
      As he isn’t worth that
      Why it’s disappointing to see a kid who was at the club since what 16 go
      I’m glad he is as I’d hate for the Broncos to pay him that much based on 1 season

  2. It wasn’t a tactical decision by Bennett. It was a spiteful one after he heard Hunt wanted to play for someone else.
    Bennett has done before.

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