SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 17: Sea Eagles coach Trent Barrett speaks to the media in a post match press conference during the round 23 NRL match between the Manly Sea Eagles and the Gold Coast Titans at Lottoland on August 17, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Manly coach Trent Barrett might not see out the remainder of the season, with journalist Phil Rothfield reporting Sea Eagles chairman Scott Penn is keen to give Barrett the flick before Manly’s clash with Brisbane on Sunday.

Speaking to Fox Sports’ Controversy Corner, Rothfield outlined a conversation between Barrett and the Sunday Telegraph, and said Penn is taking action following some of the claims in the piece.

“I’m not convinced he’ll be there at Suncorp Stadium next week for their final game of the season,” Rothfield said on Sunday.

“I’m saying that as a result of Trent Barrett speaking to the Sunday Telegraph in detail today about the problems he’s had with facilities at Manly, Scott Penn the chairman and owner of the club has told Dean Ritchie for the story in the Daily Telegraph that he’ll be visiting his lawyer first thing in the morning to look at options to sack Trent Barrett tomorrow.

“It’s a case of where he’s come out quite powerfully and quite strong today criticising the owners and the management of the club over lack of action over the last three years.”

Rothfield took sides with Barrett, and said Penn should look at himself first before trying to get rid of the Sea Eagles’ coach.

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“You know what Scott Penn should do when he goes to the lawyers tomorrow? Sack himself. Because the conditions Trent Barrett has had to put up with at Manly are an absolute disgrace,” Rothfield added.

“I met Trent on Friday and he was desperately upset and emotional about the whole thing. “Halfway through the interview he got up rubbing his eyes and you could tell he was about to cry and left the room. He’s really, really upset about what’s happening.

“Manly will attempt as Dean Ritchie says to get rid of him straight away. The bottom line is he put a 12-month resignation in in July, so officially he cannot go anywhere until July unless they want to pay him out.”

Barrett has led the team in 72 matches, and has a coaching record of 29 wins and 43 losses.


  1. This is an absolute joke, got way out of control.
    It’s obvious Scott penn is the problem and also the leak about Barrett resigning…
    One thing I’ve said the whole time was that Barrett may not be the best coach in the world, but he cares and the players play for him. Which all his shows is true..
    Surely somehow someone or a group of people can see the upsides to buying this great club of the idiot penn and building it back up, atleast there is only one way things can go, and we have 80% of a roster that’s definetely finals if not premiership team.
    Just need things to change behind the scenes and start treating players better and things will improve..
    Turbo, jurbo, dce, taupau, AFB, Api, Kelly, walker, even sironen and Thompson..
    That is a great start to build a team around and not all others need replacing but those 10 is a great place to start building with

  2. Rothfield forgot to mention that Barrett handed in his resignation in the middle of the year understanding that he had another coaching gig to go to. That other club reneged on that agreement and left Barrett high and dry.
    That’s when Barrett started slinging mud at Manly.
    This is another example of Rothfields terrible journalism.

    • I don’t see how Barrett is slinging mud at manly….
      He’s kept quiet until penn come out mouthing off about everything on his side has been fulfilled and put it all on Barrett like they have some he’s been there, they hide and when it’s at breaking point come out and blame someone else..
      Penn is the problem not Barrett, how would you like your wife cleaning up 30 blokes sweat and crap at a gym because your employer is to tight to get a cleaner in

    • How is Barrett sling mud at Manly, he is simply stating fact, something Penn and Gorman haven’t done to date. Does Gorman still work there, hear or see nothing of the goose!
      Central Coast for Manly or a merge with Parra!

  3. It sounds like both Penn and Barrett are trying to come out of this as winners, but are just dragging themselves down in the process.
    Barrett has stated that Manly have s–t resources available, which may scare off other coaches and players from joining Manly.
    But he has also shown that he can’t get his team to play for 80-mins, which may scare off other clubs from signing him.
    And Penn isnt showing the greatest leadership from a CEO by engaging in a public slagging match with Barrett, again hurting the club in the process.
    I’ve said before, you have to think Barrett has another job lined up, otherwise the teams performances in the last few losses wouldn’t get him a look in at other clubs. And as he is a rookie, he doesn’t have a great record now. I’m not saying he’ll never coach again, but it would be tough for him out there.
    I’m actually surprised he hasn’t been sacked already considering the relationship between coach and club seemed to be untenable. My only thought was maybe they aren’t looking at Cartwright taking over, or its a legal thing.

    Toovey needs to be part of that club, either Head Coach, Assistant Coach or even running the water again. Get him in

  4. Penn is certainly a problem. But Buzz is a grub. He hates manly with a passion and does everything he can to destabilse the club. He is a termite.

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