AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - OCTOBER 20: Daly Cherry-Evans of Australia puts in a kick during the International Test match between Tonga and Australia at Mount Smart Stadium on October 20, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)

After a very impressive performance against Tonga, let’s go over every Australian player and rate them on their performance.

Every Kangaroo aimed up and put the pride back into the jersey with a fantastic defensive effort against Tonga.

The forwards finally lifted and brought aggression into the game, something that was missing last week against New Zealand.

Have a look at the ratings bellow:

  1. James Tedesco: Had a hand in the first try setting up Trbojevic, took on the line excellently. Scored one of his own. Great man of the match performance. Rating: 9
  2. Valentine Holmes: Scored a ripper try in the first half when still needed to do a lot of work when Mitchell gave it to him. Rating 8 
  3. Latrell Mitchell: Great running game, very powerful and pulled off some great hits in defense. Laid on a great try for Holmes. Rating 7
  4. Tom Trbojevic: Scored the second try running off Tedesco. He also sent Gagai into the clear who gave the ball back in side and he ran over for his second four-pointer.    Rating 7.5
  5. Dane Gagai: Set up the try for Trbojevic and put a big hit on Fifita to force the ball loose. Rating 7
  6. Luke Keary: The Clive Churchill medalist didn’t have his best game tonight as his kicking game was poor. But he was involved in Tedesco try in giving him early ball.  Rating: 6.5
  7. Daly Cherry- Evans: Scored the opening try, pouncing on a loose ball. Also dived on the ball off a Hingano grubber to relieve the pressure off his side. Ran the ball with class creating a excellent overlap for Trbojevic’s second try. Rating: 8.5
  8. David Klemmer: The big man showed great aggression making the most metres in the Kangaroos side with 110. Also defended well. Rating: 8
  9. Damian Cook: Not the best performance from Cook in terms of attack. But was good in defense making 43 tackles. Looked tried. Rating: 7
  10. Jordan McLean: Strong performance from McLean. He needed it. Rating: 7
  11. Boyd Cordner: Strong captain performance. Hard in defense, always running the ball hard poked his nose trough every-time. Rating: 8
  12. Felise Kaufusi: Pretty quite game but had good defense and held the ball up well to create the over-lap send Gagai away.  Rating: 8
  13. Josh McGuire: Excellent performance from the Broncos’ work-horse. Had great defense making four tough tackles in the first set then a text book tackle on Fusitu’a to force a mistake in the second set.  Rating: 9
  14. Ben Hunt: Another average performance. Had one good kick finding touch with 20 minutes to go. Rating: 6
  15. Jake Trbojevic: Great energy off the bench. Played his usual game pushing up the middle giving inside balls, good defense as well. Rating: 7.5
  16. Tyson Frizell: Tackling was excellent as always. Probably needed to run the ball a bit more as he only had five hit ups. Rating 7
  17. Aron Woods: No offence to Woodsy but i’m still shaking my head on why he was selected. Very average performance but he did have some strong defense.                   Rating: 6.5
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Total Ratings: 127.5

Overall this was a very good performance from the new-look Kangaroos who really needed to stand up after last week’s disappointment.


  1. DCE 8.5?
    Surely you jest.
    His poor defence gifted Tonga their first try.
    Twice Tedesco ran through a gap and all DCE had to do was pass it and he scores.
    His kicking game was woeful and his passing game not much better.
    Me thinks this guy is a manly supporter.
    DCE player rating should read 3/10.

    • Your just a weed… atleast others that take the p!ss all the time on here, contribute something else sometimes. But you just run your mouth constantly..
      Maybe try actually watching the game next time, or if it’s past your bed time watch following days replay…

    • me thinks you are jealous that Para has no good Halfback.
      me thinks that you are against DCE and subjective in your approach.
      me also think you’re a fool

      • Me thinks parra don’t have any good players, why single out just the no good halfback?? Lol…
        There is a genuine reason eels continually get the spoon

      • Parra does have a good Halfback in Moses, in fact, they have a great Halfback. They just don’t use him right. If they put him in the middle of the field the same way the Knights/Roosters used Pearce and the Cowboys used Thurston then he would be a top 3 Halfback. Just wait, he’s got the talent, he just needs the right coaching and personnel around him.

    • LOL@Bev.. boys hes a Manly fan he just likes to troll the parra supporters. The guys on silvertails forum all day everyday. Dce set up 2 brilliant tries taking it to the line and both times his pass selection was spot on. 8.5 go manly. Des will be pleased

      • I would have rated DCE a 7. He was a big contributer to the Pangia Jr try, although Klemmer was a bit lazy on the inside aswell. DCE also rushed up and in which lead to the try Tonga scored in the corner in the first half. He’s kicking game wasn’t great but he passed and ran well and was generally pretty solid in defence.

  2. How old are you blokes? Nothing constructive talked about between you lads, just personal attacks and the same argument on every post.

        • See comment below. 😉

          If you make an interesting on topic point there are others here that will engage you at that level. But you would already know that since you have been here for sometime now.

          Don’t take my anti-chook banter with Woodchook too seriously btw. It’s not like my complaints or criticisms will result in any change to the status quo anyway.

    • @ 13rooster

      “How old are you blokes? Nothing constructive talked about between you lads, just personal attacks and the same argument on every post.”

      Welcome to Zero Tackle!
      Bahahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂

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