Long-standing coach of the Parramatta Eels Brad Arthur is in the spotlight once again as speculation swirls around his job security and the potential coaching dynamics within the club.

Despite external chatter and whispers of interest in luring Wayne Bennett as a coaching director, Arthur appears to be steadfast in his approach and commitment.

The most-capped coach in Parramatta's history, Arthur has faced constant antagonising about his future during his 11-year tenure.

After guiding the team to the 2022 grand final, the Eels experienced a downturn in 2023 and have had a mixed start this year. The team appears rudderless in the absence of Mitchell Moses who is not expected back from injury until mid-season.

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Speaking with AAP, Arthur eluded to a confidence in Eels management and their capacity to communicate positives as well as initiating the challenging conversations.

"Knowing how the club operates, they know my approach is to be up front - and they're the same," he said.

"I'm sure if there was something I needed to be concerned about I'd be the first person to find out."

Refuting suggestions of a coaching director role similar to Bennett's, Arthur asserted his independence and self-sufficiency as a seasoned coach.

"No (I would not benefit from that)," he said when asked about the links (to Bennett).

"That's not me being arrogant, but I've been here for 11 years. I don't need anyone holding my hand with how to coach. Either the club thinks I can coach, or they don't. Whether I coach here or wherever, (working under a coaching director) wouldn't suit me."

Arthur has often had to make tough decisions, the most recent of which was bringing Daejarn Asi into the halves and relegating Blaize Talagi back to NSW Cup. He described a need for maturity and effective communication within the squad, highlighting how hard it was for a rookie to tell seasoned forwards what to do.

Interestingly, the situation draws parallels to Arthur expecting a continuation of level-headed decision-making and communication from the Eels' board.

It's unlikely the chatter will go away unless the Eels find a way to perform without Moses.