GOLD COAST, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 16: Jai Arrow and the Titans leave the field during the round 22 NRL match between the Gold Coast Titans and the Parramatta Eels at Cbus Super Stadium on August 16, 2019 in Gold Coast, Australia. (Photo by Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

If Jai Arrow signs with the Rabbitohs, the Titans will not let him go until the 2021 season, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

Gold Coast remain hopeful that the forward will accept their revised three-year offer, with club boss Dennis Watt expecting an answer next week.

Souths want the 24-year old to Redfern next year to help fill the void by retired star Sam Burgess and brother George to the Super League.

"Our focus is on retaining Jai and extending his contract, and [releasing him early] is not something we'll consider," Watt said. "Jai is rock solid. He's a real asset to this club, the game and the Gold Coast community.

"We are hopeful things will be resolved by next week. We think a decision is imminent.

"We've been respectful of Jai and his management. Him leaving early is not even a consideration for us. We're focused on extending his tenure, that's our priority."

South Sydney coach Wayne Bennett came out and declared he would like to be re-united with Arrow, having worked with him in the past.

Arrow has also been linked to the Wests Tigers.


  1. Can’t say I’m enjoying the amount of early releasing that has been happening in the game lately. It is probably the most practical way of dealing with the issue. Just doesn’t really sit well.

  2. @waynethepayne, think it’s worse if a player stays for the final year knowing he’s gone the following.. speaking based on A.Crichton – If a player signs with a rival b4 he’s contract is up, then he doesn’t want to be at ya club – so get rid of him asap…

  3. If they want him next year they should pay the Titans compensation as they have every right to make him see out his contract.

  4. If players only plan to stay for two years, don’t sign for three etc..
    Any club should make it plain & simple for players. Say, ‘before you sign, we don’t release players early’.
    If the players sign a contract , before they are able to leave. Make them play it out. If there’s no effort put in in that final year Canterbury Cup or Queensland Cup for them.
    If they don’t want to go that way?
    Make the club buying the player pay out their final year , plus another hundred thousand .
    Sounds more than fair!

  5. How many times do you reckon a story about Jai Arrow can be restructured recycled but still about the same thing and still not about his actual signature being put on paper

  6. EOD, Arrow doesn’t seem to be a player to put in a half hearted effort if it does end up being his last season at Titans I think it’d have an opposite effect on him. Just comes across as a young bloke like that so as a supporter I wouldn’t want to lose him a season early.

  7. As I said 3 weeks ago Arrow will sign with Souths.
    The delay was negotiating he comes in 2020 providing Souths released Gaigai or Cody to them.
    Souths not interested so Arrow has agreed to stay for 2020.

    Good luck titans on having a player there who’s heart lies elsewhere like Latrell who the cap burglars sombreros want us to believe there is no room for him in 2021 onwards.
    The only reason they say that is because they know Latrell wants out and the sombreros will only release him for 2020 onwards if he signs anywhere but Souths.
    If you wombats have taken note of my correct tips regarding JC Mundine and Jai Arrow then you better believe 100% that Souths are now back on with Latrell with Fifita staying.

  8. I think it sucks for your club isdon , if he goes. He said that he really wants to stay long ago! So these stories may again be much to do about nothing.
    If he does want to go & go now though? The Titans should rip everything out of the deal that they can. Either by being heavily compensated by South’s or whoever , for an early release. Or make him play out the last year.
    Who knows? With an early release & extra compensation money to spend. Maybe the Titans may get two good young players? There’s always someone else who comes along .
    They should find other homes for Latu & Cartwright.

  9. In all reality Arrow is a run of the mill prop
    He looks good in the Titans team but that’s because the rest of the squad is pretty average.
    The Titans offered him 600k-650k which is about as much as he is worth.
    The 850k the Bunnies are throwing at him reeks of desperation.
    He will always give 100% but 850K and above is the kind of money you spend on game breakers not run of the mill props.

  10. Yeah it does suck EOD but I did have a laugh when someone stated Rabbits new enforcer Mrs wears the pants because he always stated he wants to remain on the Goldy. Titans 2021 lineup is going to be completely different as alot of the overpaid deadwood on 500k-600k+ contracts will be chopped.

  11. The only wombat around here is a fool known as TwentyOne, a thoroughbred.TWlT.

    Still the fool believes Arrow is signed to Souths in a “done deal”
    However every person with the smallest amount of commonsense, is aware that Arrow has not signed with any team beyond 2020.

    You keep dreaming.

    Remember a bloke called Greg Inglis was a “done deal” with Brisbane. Before Souths poached a poached traitor.

  12. There is no such thing as “done deals”. I remember the wannabe boxer who got knocked out recently in 39 seconds had extended his contract for three more years after playing fot three seasons with the Roosters in three straight grand finals. Then Hodges decided he was home sick and “walk-about” out on his brand new three year contract.

  13. I am a Souths fan and I think we are offering if it is true what the media is saying a 4 year deal for $850k a year it’s just a knee jerk desperate Reaction play for Souths to show off their shinny new toy. Like a few people have stated he is a solid front rower not a game changer that Sam was he is in now where near the caliber of sams ability when he wasn’t busted. I wouldn’t offer him anymore than $700k and that would be a 3 year deal. The titans have done the right thing nit getting into a bidding war they have made a fair offer of $650k a Sean and I think that’s a very good deal. But also it says the wife wears the pants and she wants to get her modeling career off and running so she sounds like she holds the key to where he goes but PLEASE SOUTHS don’t pay way overs with the reported $850k that has been thrown around.

    As per a player signing at a club a year out from moving to another club what’s the big deal he has a year left on his current deal let him play it out and than if he goes to Souths for 2021 than so be it. There’s always a young bloke behind the scenes we don’t know about and just like Liam knight did we could find the same

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