SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 02: Manu Ma'u of the Eels shows his dejection during the round four NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Parramatta Eels at ANZ Stadium on April 2, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brett Hemmings/Getty Images)

The first month of the 2018 season has delivered many surprises. Few could have expected the Wests Tigers and New Zealand Warriors strong starts; nor could they have foreseen the Parramatta Eels failures.

After four games the Eels are still searching for their first win. The Panthers, Sea Eagles, Sharks and Tigers have all come out on top in their clashes with Brad Arthur’s team.

Obviously, a zero from four start would be disappointing for any team. However, with the Eels being considered very likely to finish in the top four this start is particularly poor.

Four games into the season is far too early to be writing any team off but there are certainly alarm bells ringing for Parramatta.

In particular their 54 to 0 loss against the Sea Eagles was seriously disappointing as they showed almost no fight or effort as Manly ran riot.

Things do not look to be improved off the field either, with rumours that both the halves are unhappy with various aspects of the club’s management.

It has been reported that Mitchell Moses is unhappy with the training effort that certain players are putting in. Corey Norman meanwhile, has apparently been in various disagreements with Brad Arthur.

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To make matters worse, Norman, along with Nathan Brown and Michael Jennings, were reportedly behaving badly under the influence of alcohol just a few days after their loss to the Sharks.

Despite all the negativity there is certainly still hope for the Eels in 2018. Clint Gutherson is yet to return to the field, which will be huge for Parramatta as he was their best player last season.

A player like Gutherson can create something out of nothing and inspire a team to play with more momentum than they would otherwise.

The Eels squad is also very similar to the way it was in 2017, when they were one of the competition’s best teams.

Brad Arthur can more than likely turn the side around and get them playing close to a level they achieved in 2017.

However, with four losses already recorded and no wins, it could be an uphill battle to turn it around later in the season, so the Eels must improve a lot immediately.


  1. As a Eels supporter this season has been so hard to watch – How can we go from a top 4 team to bottom feeders with not much change to the squad – Its been appalling.

    Its quite evident that the team is lacking discipline. BA needs to stick to his word and wield the ax!

    All the players look unfit. FFS get Kirosome out of the centres (he is about 10kg too heavy). Get a decent hooker. Some one tell Kenny Edwards he is a footy player and not a hollywood actor. Instead of blowing 400k on the dream chaser why did we not do more to recruits decent forwards? Fans deserve better than the sh&T show these idiots have been putting on.

    • That is why your team is $hit, your roster has not improved most other clubs rosters have done so.

      Get some decent big forwards and piss off that lazy Brown!

    • get rid of Tim Mannah & Beau Scott , and start Matagi……
      I think Eels will get the spoon this year (sorry)

      • Mannah should start on the bench with matangi and alvaro starting. Eels pack are too small only brown and mau are good. Gutho can come back to manly we need a good Centre or better yet he can play 6 and we can sack this Croker

    • @ 2041 – agree entirely

      by far – the worst buy i have seen. the guys attitude is sh1t. This is why the stronger teams didn’t try to buy him. With Melb knowing that Cronk was going to go, why didn’t they try snap him up last year…..of course Cam Smith would not want him at the club.

  2. I know you don’t need to be Einstein to realise that rounds 5 & 6 will go a long way to determining the prospects for 2018.
    If, perchance, they can turn around and get wins in these two rounds, then they will be 2/6 – same situation as they were in last year when ended up top 4 – wins in rds 1 and 2 followed by 4 straight losses to teams who finished in the bottom 4.
    The same talk of disharmony, unsettled players and so on is common for teams who struggle , so I don’t place too much faith in that talk – the same has been said of Raiders, Broncos, Cowboys and Storm (to a degree). Winning has a habit of that talk disappearing, where losing exacerbates it.
    After a polished performance in pre-season and 1st half of rd1, were the players starting to believe the hype written about them and got their pants pulled down after they slackened off and thought it would all come too easy? The effort that the pack has put in over the last two seasons has been distinctly lacking – some individuals efforts have been there but not as a collective – the pack works well when all putting in the same level of effort and desire, not differing levels.

    • Norman always seem to lack interest and direction when they pack don’t offer him the room and freedom to deal from his pack of tricks and that has been very evident this year.
      The calls to sack the coach have risen to farcical levels on fan sites, yet for the vast majority of them, he was held in great reverence until after round 2 then calls came for his head, I don’t get it. Its been 3 weeks of poor player effort – do other clubs call for their coach to be sacked after taking a team top 4 one season and 4 rounds in?
      Lets hope the effort and commitment is there this week – regardless of the result, if the effort and commitment is high but execution remains bad, then as supporters there is hope that the corner has been turned.

  3. Norman Canberra bound, mid season!
    Gutho wants out also, Newcastle showing interest also for a mid season shift.

  4. Gutho, wants out, Newcastle showing lots of interest!
    Norman will be a Canberra Raider before June 30!

    • Gutho aint going anywhere.
      I think you listen to the lurker too often.
      Norman one I can believe however.

    • Billy, you make everything so personal, get close enough to your team, then just maybe you could speak with some conviction, not the one eyed diatribe you deliver.
      By the way, who is Lurker!!!

      • Look at the way each of them treat each other coupled with the fact all of the main ones have had problems in the past. Parra has an attitude problem.

  5. To me it sounds like the team has not gelled as yet. In turn the players find it easier to lay failures at the hands of other team members rather than give a reassuring word of solidarity, followed up by a 1% of extra effort on and off the field. It’s the little things that make a team, not how good you think you are.

  6. The problem isn’t the losses, its the manner in which they have lost. We all knew the forward pack was too small to start with, yet they play a game of essentially 5 hit ups and a kick. Until Tony Williams came on there was very little variation in attack, with the so called edge guys just taking hit ups an extra player wide of the ruck. We have quality edge players who are capable of off loads and running lines, yet all we do is hit ups and block plays. It is so frustrating.

    As for the so called attitude problem holmesy, the only thing I have seen with Moses is frustration at losing. His spray at Kenny was justified, if not a little over the top, and if he has a problem with players not putting in at training, then what is wrong with that? There might be something to the Norman and Hayne ones with the Norman story definitely building momentum, but don’t forget that is stuff being spat out by the media to sell stories. You know, the same media that you ctiticise and refuse to believe when the negative stories are about Manly and there players……

      • Hard to argue with that. We have 2 back up hookers at best, a 6 who looks lazy and uninterested and we don’t have a 1 until Gutho comes back. I am happy to persist with Moses, but he needs support.

        • You guys should try get farrah on a good deal hes better than the others by far but hes a tosser so him moses norman and hayne might not bode well lol as for gutherson i hope he comes back the same he was among my favorite players last year what a gun

        • The Farrah thing is not a bad idea. For all of his faults he is a smart footballer, which we definitely lack in the 9 spot. Bringing him in with Norman, Hayne etc might be problematic, but it can’t be any worse than it is now. And he worked really well with Moses in the WC for Lebanon.

          My fear with gutho’s return is we will panic and rush him back too soon. I would love to see him ease back into the team at centre too, but the fullback problems at the club might stop that.

  7. Norman has been seen associating with those gangsters again. Rumor has it he has been throwing matches and quite a few chums are making some serious bucks on the gambling scene. Including Norman.

    • Interesting post now all those kick and hopes on the last makes sense lol hes just a crap player mate yea he had a purple patch but hes been consistently average most of his career and you know thiiiiiis maaaaaan

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