Have you ever met an avid rugby league fan?

You might have figured out rugby league fans are very passionate about the sport and that it is one of the most-watched and entertaining sports in the world. The game may be difficult for a beginner to understand as the plethora of rules can get you easily confused. We have prepared a guide for you to understand and enjoy rugby league while also making some bets!

From 1908 until 1994, the rugby league competition in Australia was known as the NSWRL (New South Wales Rugby League).

It was briefly relaunched as the Australian Rugby Competition (ARL) from 1995 to 1997 before being renamed to the present NRL league.

The National Rugby League (NRL) is widely regarded as the best rugby league competition in the world. Each year, the tournament culminates in a four-week finals series. The regular season features 16 teams playing 24 matches each.

Rugby league in Australia is an eighty-minute combat sport in which each team has 13 players, as well as four substitutes. The NRL telecasts have become the most popular shows on Australian television.

Preseason games usually begin in February and end in mid-March, when the regular season begins. The main round lasts 25 weeks, with teams ranked according to a scoring ladder method.

A defeat earns no points, a tie earns 1 point, and a win earns 2 points. The ladder's top eight teams advance to the final play-offs, with the top four teams given a lifeline in the run-up to the elimination finals.

How does the game work?
Let’s dive into how the team tries to win: A player must "ground the ball" or take control of the ball before going behind the opponent's goal line or going down on the ground to score a try. Four points are awarded for each try.

A successful conversion is required for a team to score an extra two points. Teams are limited to six tackles to achieve a scoring play. If they cannot do so, the opposite team gains possession of the ball. When a player is tackled, they must “play the ball” i.e. pass the ball to their teammates from between their legs.

Game's lines
The 'half-way' line on the centre of the field signifies where the game starts. The two rival teams toss a coin to determine who wins the first kick-off at the half-way line. The defending team will kick off at the same line in the second half.

The field also contains a 20-metre line, which signifies the game's restarting place in the event the attacking team kicks the ball and it goes beyond the dead ball line (ten metres past the tryline), or knocks the ball on in goal. A defending player can also catch the ball beyond the tryline on the full and receive a 20-metre restart.

Tackling in rugby league
When the player running with the ball is knocked to the ground and can no longer run free or escape, it is called a tackle.

It is up to the referee to decide whether the player is unable to pass the ball or escape. However, if the referee determines that the player can still run, the game will resume and continue.

The player must maintain a firm grip on the ball during tackling. Because if they lose the ball during the tackle, a scrum determines who gets to keep it. In each set, an attacking team only gets six tackles with the ball in possession.

Penalties and rules
Violation of the game rules leads to penalties. When the other side receives a penalty, they gain 10 metres and move closer to the field.

This tactic will give the other side an advantage in scoring a try by allowing them to conduct a bonus penalty kick or penalty scrum.

The Rugby game has important rules that are to be followed to decide whether the ball gets passed to the opponents or not:

  • The ball should never be intentionally passed forward from one player to the other.
  • Knock-on (dropping the ball forwards) is not allowed.
  • When a player touches the ball after another teammate has touched or booted it after standing in front, they are considered offside.
  • Kick-offs and goal line drop outs, must go at least ten metres forward and land on the field of play, or else a penalty will go to the other team.

In Conclusion
You can now enjoy watching and debating rugby with your friends and family. Not only that, but you can also start betting on the NRL. View the latest betting on the NRL and start gambling.

However, always remember to gamble responsibly, control the gamble, don't let it control you.

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