As the new year is upon us it means that we are getting ever so close to kicking off the 2018 NRL season with much to be anticipated.

So if you aren’t already, here are 10 reasons to be excited about the 2018 NRL season. As always don’t forget to leave your opinions below.


Knights New Era

After finishing last on the ladder for the third year in a row in 2017 it’s safe to say big change was needed for the Newcastle Knights and it looks to have arrived through the signings of possibly the most hyped unknown entity in NRL history in Kalyn Ponga from the Cowboys, and former Grand Final winning halfback Mitchell Pearce from the Roosters, along with other established NRL players such as Aiden Guerra and Chris Heighnington.

This will make the Knights a must watch team in 2018 as they like new signing Ponga will be an unknown entity.

Although many believe that Newcastle won’t finish last 4 seasons in a row win 2018 they still may not perform that well in 2018 due to the number of new players they have meaning the players will need time to gel so expect at least a bad run of form by Newcastle in 2018 or, perhaps they will come out guns blazing and possibly push for a top 8 spot.



  1. Seriously these are not ten reasons to get excited about anything.
    If this is the best you can come up with it is going to be a pretty lame year footy wise.

  2. Im excited that the 5 years CHEATING manly club will be favourites for the spoon in 2018. No fans, no money, no decent stadium, no transport or parking, no 5/8, a half and a coach no one wants to play for.. bahaha.
    Newcastle will smash them in round 1.
    Its karma and its so sweet.
    Im also excited to see Coops turn out for the Roosters. 2018 will be a great season !

    • Your just a tool… I know I’m excited to see Cronk fall on his face without smith showing him which direction to run in, and the punch ups between Ferguson, Mitchell and tupou at Tedesco when the million dollar fool won’t pass them the ball.

      • Crowy3301 Cronk is the half and organiser that called the shots at Melbourne for years not, the bloke who picks the ball up from dummy half after a tackle. Sure Smith added some flair to the attack but it is always the halfback that is three or four plays ahead in his mind orginising his runners and his backs to set the big try scoring play up not the hooker/dummyhalf. At the Roosters he has lost nothing in fact with Tedesco & Friend being more youthful than grandpa’s Smith & Slater, Cronk if he remains injured free will be brilliant at the chooks and even more devastating. Come the middle of the season we will see his combinations blossom.

        • I’d believe that too if I was a roosters supporter. But reality is and everyone knows, smith called the shots from hooker at storm. Sure Cronk calls things, but there leader in attack was and will now always will be smith.
          No denying Cronk is good, but in the time thy have to build combinations Pearce would of been best option, and well as Tedesco that you never mentioned I assume you agree on his lack of passing he uses. Cause that’s just fact

        • I honestly think they will bith struggle a bit without each other. Smith is a born leader though, and brings more to the team than just footy, so his influence over all teammates, Cronk included, cannot be understated. Drinks move will be made easier having Friend, Leary and Teddy completing his spine, but he won’t reach the heights he did at the Storm.

    • Ha ha ha , speaks volumes when the “cheats” can still sign players and fit them into there cap , who’s running the finances at Easts ole mate 😂😂😂 , does your club have a home ground 😂 , juniors 😂 , it’s about time the hate retuned , get that up you! And get ready to merge with Souths, who’s laughing now eastern Rabbitohs 😂😂😂😂

      • I have been saying that for years South Sydney should merge with the Roosters. They then should be called the Sydney Roosters.

        • Nick Politis tried that on once and failed. He had the backing of Kerry Packer then. Now Souths have the backing of James Packer and Russell Crowe who combined are worth 10 times Uncle Nick.

          SSTID_1970 January 4, 2018 at 7:11 pm

          Sure, let’s merge. The new entity can be called the South Eastern Rabbitohs (Emblem: Rabbit), jersey: Cardinal and myrtle stripes with white shorts and red and navy blue stripes. Done deal. Do you want to shake on it? Or are you just taking the piss? After all it is the ONLY way the Roosters will get to touch the Glorious heights of the Rabbitohs! LOL

          Did you have a good New Year WoodChook? Have you ordered your Angus Crichton Roosters jersey to sit along side your Cooper Cronk No. 7?

        • SSTID_1970 January 4, 2018 at 7:24 pm
          What do you say 13rooster, are you up for the change? No longer the need for the obsession of chasing the white rabbit and 21 golden trophies! They say there is a fine line between love and hate and the reason the Roosters supporters hate the Rabbitohs so much is because deep down you LOVE us and you want to have what we have. This way you will have so much more to crowe about.

    • Mychookmycar, what name is that?. anyway, you call Manly cheats , that’s a bit rich coming from a team that has rorted the system for many years, your club is nothing short of a disgrace and to Woodchook , let me give you some inside info, it will be your club that will be forced to relocate in the future, your district and club cannot even decide on what name you wish to call yourself and the Eastern suburbs are made up of people who really don’t give a rats about your footy team, time will catch up with Eastern suburbs to the point where it will be forced to invest in juniors and only relocation can that be achieved.
      There will be no Sydney Roosters or Sydney rabbitohs, Easts will end up like South Melbourne who become the Sydney Swans and this will be a good thing.

      Has for all the comments on whether Cronk will be good for Easts , i doubt it , i believe Pearce would have been the better option and that Cronk will struggle cause he really isn’t that good, but time will tell.

      • Penso,
        Manly ARE cheats and deserve everything thats coming to them.
        Managing the salary cap and TPA’s well is called rorting is it ?
        So we are all cheats or rorters.
        Do you really think the Australian half back will play that bad ?
        Did you get hit by those nth coast storms ?
        I’ll never forget that try dave taylor setup on the bell .. from the kickoff ??!! .. a few years back.

  3. Pretty lame atleast we can get excited about the reporting improving
    Storm back to back quite possible but its their new players and young guns that are exiting
    Cronk will be amazing at the Roosters iff they let him
    Newcastle should be very competitive. The big story won’t be how good they are but i they fail
    Freddy’s Floppers that’s all I have to say about that

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