AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 31: Shaun Johnson of the Warriors looks on during the round 25 NRL match between the New Zealand Warriors and the Canberra Raiders at Mt Smart Stadium on August 31, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)

The New Zealand Warriors are open to offloading million-dollar halfback Shaun Johnson.

According to the Herald, the Warriors are unwilling to fork out the seven-figure sum for Johnson and have told him to explore his options.

Johnson last year re-signed with the Warriors on a two-year deal worth over $1 million a season.

However, the Warriors are keen to look elsewhere for a better long term option for the No. 7 role, due to Johnson’s lack of consistency.

Warriors CEO Cameron George confirmed the club was in no rush to re-sign the playmaker.

“The club are open-minded about the future and we’ll talk to Shaun and his management when he gets back from overseas about the future,” George told

“We’re very open-minded and with any recruitment decisions it’s about the team and the club first. But whilst we’re being open-minded about the future, we’re not going to be scared to make big calls on any player.

“We want to win the competition and we’ll be doing everything recruitment-wise to get the best people in the club to do so.

“We are not scared about making any big calls on our roster because we want to win this competition and everyone’s always under review.”


  1. Cowboys have a lot of cap, may be time for a marquee signing. Obviously would love him at Brisbane, but we already have 3 players who can play the 7 in our top 17, would rather us not grab another.

      • Yeah, for $1 mill he’ll make a great bench player or addition the North Sydney Bears in the Intrust Super Cup.

        • Try a calculator Kelpie…

          Reg Reagan
          October 26, 2018 at 3:46 pm
          …Cronk $1 mill, Tedeco $1 mill, Crichton $1 mill (in the first season), Cordner $850K (as Australian and NSW captain that hardly seems right)… Keary and Friend are each on $650K plus and BMoz is on $500K… what’s that all add up to so far on your (calculator Kelpie)? $1.5 million? 😂😂😂

        • Moz on $500K!! HAHAH you are kidding yourself, he’s at the end of his career and would be a back up player for when origin is on. would be lucky if he’s on 200k! get some of your facts right first brother ….

        • Common mate, $200K is still too low mate for a player who can score tries like BMoz and has a truck load of rep experience at origin and test level. That figure is what they pay rookies who have barely played a game of first grade. Besides, how much do you think BMoz would be getting in TPAs to top this figure up?

  2. Attention Tigers and Bulldogs…

    Here’s your chance to snap up a missing piece of the puzzle. Comes already assembled with one “Golden Boot” and a squeeky knee. You only need to teach it how to tackle.

    He’ll even play for Kiwi dollars so you should get him for an exchange rate discount. This item was originally overpriced so the price has been slashed for Christmas. Hurry while stocks last!

    • May be an outside chance. Pending how Wighton`s court case goes, he may get shafted, and they should have a little bit in reserve.

  3. I mean he’s a quality halfback, out of contract when Cronk retires. It fits with the Roosters. Before you lot all come in with the tired old salary cap line, Cronk frees up a lot of money, and Dylan Napa isn’t staying. I’d rather Luke Brooks, or maybe even Keary at HB, but Johnson is an option

    • Great option sydneyroosta is the Kiwi half. But what’s the story o 💪🐓👍n Napa? Why would he want to leave now. I reckon he will stay.

      • Oh nah of course he wouldn’t want to go, but I don’t think we’d want him. He’d be costing a big chunk of our cap, and if you compare his performances with that of Collins this year, there really wasn’t much in it. I think we’ll let him go either this off season or next, to free up cap space. Maybe to throw an absolute wad at Luke Brooks ❤️💙

  4. Go SJ …u constantly aggravate me as a Warriors fan and a fan of yours but u need to go live up to the standard of a good halfback and hopefully a great halfback. Learn how to apply yourself and the skillset you possess under a Aussie NRL team with real coaches and players that know wtf they’re talking about…like the Thurstons, Cronks, even ol Pierce. Staying in the game for 80min constantly challenging defensive lines is first up. Roosters, Canberra, Cowboys Melbourne, Souths would suit your style behind decent forward packs but thats just my opinion. Hope the team that takes him brings out his absolute best. Im sure he will excite fans of a new team with his off the cuff plays. All the best bro!

  5. He’s coming to Brisbane to part up with his NZ half’s partner. Mitford , Boyd and TP.Jr. going with Bennett. Good luck to U all. I’d really like to keep TP.Jr but Wayne has his ways. Brown paper bags cause the rabbits would have the cash. Being full of international and Origin players . And Rusty give out movie parts.John Sutton just got apart in Rusty’s next block Buster , Suttons playing Mike Tyson in real ear biter of a movie. Inglis is playing don king.

    • @ dutto78

      Sounds like you got some bad weed there bra’. Or did someone hide a little “Panama Red” in your Girl Scout cookies? Go find a kebab stand and sleep it off.

      • Yeah, posting at 2:15am was the give away. If you’re out and about and up to no good, 2am – 3am is the time that the “munchies” should kick in. 😂👍🏻

  6. the warriors problems i thought were more to do with go forward and edge defence.go figure.if johnson gets unloaded being hes there best player bar none i find another team to back.

  7. The rorters tried to poach Johnson 3-4 years ago before he resigned with the Warriors, so of-course with Cronk getting on, they would love nothing more than to have another potential star half-back fit within their non-existent cap.

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