Cody Walker has reportedly signed a two-year extension with the Rabbitohs, with the club set to announce the move on Wednesday.

Walker was asking around for a deal worth around $850,000 a season, although the Bunnies were hellbent on sticking with their $650,000 offer.

The two parties have since found some common ground and agreed a deal, with the Daily Telegraph understanding it's around the $650,000 figure the Rabbitohs wanted.

With that move now sealed, it means Wayne Bennett's side can look ahead to Latrell Mitchell and Jai Arrow.

The Rabbitohs are still looking to bring Arrow in for the 2021 season, while some reports believe they could look to grab Mitchell on a one-year deal, with an option to review and extend it during the year.


  1. Would have been very surprised if he went to the Titans, have to feel sorry for them they’re in for a rough time indefinitely, not really sure why every team in every code fails there maybe its time to give up on the experiment. Living in SEQ I know the atmosphere is pretty lax down there with way too many distractions about. Would love to be proved wrong but seriously who would want to go the club at the moment ?

  2. Well over overs… 300k should have been tops for this self centred dud…
    Souffs may be getting the non-singing band back together.. Jet, Chody, JAC & Lats… 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  3. Hey chookstain I’m not indigenous and I dont sing it either.
    I’m no yobbo redneck like you either, oi oi oi.

  4. Brisbane ..
    Do you think the Titans should be moved & renamed at Ipswich , for example? I’m sure there’s plenty of places where they’d be more of a hit . If they were moved, what about the wonderful ground that they have? What happens there?

  5. I hadn’t thought about the ground and the money the state government have put into that. While options like Ipswich or Redcliffe have been thrown around as alternatives amongst others I just don’t think the money or resources are available to sustain a longterm sucessful team on the coast. You”ll get better backing with a second brisbane team and its only a mater of time before that happens more likely at the expense of the Titans. Not trying to hate on them but I just don’t see a future for them.

  6. Good to see Walker stay loyal, we are shaping up one hell of a backline next year, good to see also, a player except less to stay at a club he wants to be at, doesn’t happen all that often.

  7. Ladies and gentleman would like to officially announce Latrell’s dream to become a bunny is now confirmed and will be announced in the media shortly.
    Have a great Xmas.

  8. Hardly any surprise there titone. Soufths were the only team left for him to go to after uncle nick gave him the big boot and tigers pulled any offers.

  9. I feel happy that the Roosters who average 17k fans to Souths 15k at home games, will have the pleasure to see the worlds best pack and defence put the old “Craig Wing” move on Lats in round three, ending the walk about dream timers season.

    The transut-lounge doors are threatening Gagai and Johnston. Yep lets get the doors opened for two indiginous brothers to make way for one.

    All I can say is Nick Politis would not let him go walk about for no reason at all. There is plenty of reasons why Gold Coast and Canterbury did not even make an offer after talking with the mentally ill child. Roosters and Tigers retracted their offers abd now poir Latrell will take his problems over to Souths and unto the fire. Funny how history repeats. First his okd man went ti the rabbits and got hiojed on speed, niw the next generation wants to di the same with speed freak James Roberts. Vwhahagahahahah. Bug regrets coming for this wannabe fullback.

  10. I can’t wait for the next rabbits roosters game. There will be a lot of spite.
    Congrats to the hornet. Maybe Zaffa didn’t end ur career. LOL.

  11. Hey 21, great news!, is there any truth that the fox will finish up at the Mighty red and green!.
    also who do you think will captain the team?.

  12. I may be doing something wrong Brennan but nothing about the captancy in this lunk. All good not being precious just thought I’d missed something

  13. boomchez
    December 19, 2019 at 2:34 pm
    “Hey 21, great news!, is there any truth that the fox will finish up at the Mighty red and green!.
    also who do you think will captain the team?.”

    Working on fox to Souths. He wants to come and happy for a little less to be happy.
    Reynold’s most likely Premiership Captain 2020.

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