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Rugby league icon Ronnie Palmer has revealed he's feeling “quite a bit lost” after he was recently shown the door by the Wests Tigers.

The Tigers broke the news to Palmer on Friday and it's fair to say the former Tigers trainer was in shock.

“I feel quite a bit lost,” Palmer told the Daily Telegraph.

“I haven't been in this situation since I was 21.

“The Tigers told me they weren't going to renew my contract. These things happen and you have to move on.

“I feel a little bit let down but you have to cop these things and move on. There's no sour grapes here.”

A former Tiger himself, Palmer played 35 games for Balmain in the '70s, not long after he became the most iconic trainer in the competition's history.

For now, he's put his hand up stating that he's still got plenty more to give to the game.

“I know that I have a lot to offer,” Palmer said.

“I would still love to be involved. It gets a bit difficult. When you get a bit older they shuffle you along.

“The old horse is out on the long yard. I know that I've got a lot to offer. You just have to try and convince a club of that.”