SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 06: Tautau Moga of the Cowboys in action during the round five NRL match between the Penrith Panthers and the North Queensland Cowboys at Pepper Stadium on April 6, 2015 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Tautau Moga has set himself the task of playing NRL for the Broncos after signing a two-year contract with the club.

The Broncos have inked a deal with the Samoan international as the club continues to add depth to the squad’s outside backs.

Moga said he was happy to be returning home to play for the Broncos.

“I am really pleased to be back in Brisbane and am aiming to get myself back in the NRL regularly,” he said.

“I am very thankful for the opportunity and can’t wait to get into the pre-season with my new teammates.”

Just 22 years of age, Moga has already played 32 NRL games with the Roosters and North Queensland Cowboys despite suffering serious knee injuries.

Born in Brisbane, Moga grew up in Ipswich and attended St Peter Clavier College, the alma mater of Anthony Milford.

An Australian Schoolboy representative in 2010, Moga debuted for the Roosters at the age of 18 in 2012 before injury temporarily handed him setbacks.

In 2014 he signed with the Cowboys and played 18 matches between 2014 and this year.

He has also played for the Queensland under-20s team and in 2014-15 played three Tests for Samoa.

Moga will begin training with the Broncos when the 2017 pre-season starts next month.

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Brisbane Broncos 2017 Player Movements

2017 Gains
Patrick Carrigan (2022), Mitchell Dodds (Warrington Wolves, 2017), Benji Marshall (St George Illawarra Dragons, 2019), David Mead (Gold Coast Titans, 2020), Tautau Moga (North Queensland Cowboys, 2020), Mosese Pangai (2018), Tevita Pangai Junior (Mid Season: Canberra Raiders, 2019), Korbin Sims (Newcastle Knights, 2021)
2017 Losses
Greg Eden (Castleford Tigers), Brett Greinke (South Sydney Rabbitohs), Darren Nicholls (Penrith Panthers), Corey Parker (retired), Jack Reed (retired), Jarrod Wallace (Gold Coast Titans)
Joe Boyce (2017), Herman Ese'ese (2020), Matt Gillett (2022), Francis Molo (2020), Kodi Nikorima (2022), Tom Opacic (2020), Tevita Pangai Junior (2019), Jonus Pearson (2020), Marion Seve (2020), Jaydn Su'a (2020), Travis Waddell (2017)
Off Contract 2019
Troy Dargan, George Fai, Shaun Fensom, Alex Glenn, Richie Kennar, Patrick Mago, Corey Oates, Tevita Pangai Junior, James Segeyaro, Sam Tagataese


  1. Nice cous! Just stay fit and you will reach the potential I and everyone else know you can! No more knee injuries, time to show everyone why you were dubbed the next Folau 👌

  2. Goodna Eagles represent son about time you come home,work hard and stay fit and injury free please fantastic news

  3. Good signing, will add depth and competition for spots in the back line. I also like the Benji signing as it gives Ben Hunt a kick up the ass and a mentor for Milf and Nikorima. I think our best line up for next season is this-

    1. Darius Boyd
    2. Corey Oates
    3. Jordan Kahu
    4. James Roberts
    5. David Mead
    6. Anthony Milford
    7. Ben Hunt
    8. Josh McGuire
    9. Andrew McCollough
    10. Joe Ofahengaue
    11. Matt Gillett
    12. Sam Thaiday
    13. Jai Arrow

    14. Tevita Pangai Jnr
    15. Alex Glenn
    16. Adam Blair
    17. Kodi Nikorima

    • Nah mate I reckon this should be your line up:

      1. Anthony Milford
      2. Darius Boyd
      3. James Roberts
      4. Jordan Kahu
      5. Corey Oates
      6. Benji Marshall
      7. Ben Hunt
      8. Josh McGuire
      9. Andrew McCollough
      10. Adam Blair
      11. Matt Gillett
      12. Alex Glenn
      13. Sam Thaiday
      14. Kodi Nikhorima
      15. Jai Arrow
      16. Jo Ofahengaue
      17. That Funaki bloke

  4. 1. Milford
    2. Kahu
    4. Mead
    7. Hunt
    8. MaGuire
    9. McCollough
    10. Blair
    11. Thaiday
    12. Gillett
    13. Arrow

    14. Glenn
    15. Ofahenague
    16. Su’A
    17. Nikorima

    18. Moga
    19. Opacic
    20. Ese’ese
    21. Molo
    27.M Pangai

    • quethedoctor1

      I agree with 1 to 13 in particular except swap Mead and Boyd. I am assuming that Bennett is serious about giving Benji a shot and shaking things up at Red Hill). No doubt about it (although Milford has done well at 5/8 (until his slump in the second half of this year) he is most dangerous and exciting at FB. I feel confident opposing teams would rather have him in the line where they can see him and adjust their defence than popping up where they are short!

      4. Boyd
      5. Mead

      Jai Arrow is a workhorse in the mould of Parker and was always going to take over his vacated position at lock.

      Another thought… I’m not convinced Roberts is a centre, he can definitely finish but he has difficulty creating opportunities. Kahu on the other hand seems very good at defending and creating chances for the winger outside him (as he did last year when teamed up with Oates (if I remember correctly). I think this change would also be for the best and Roberts would get the ball in hand a lot more returning kicks and with just broken field in front of him. Just a thought…

      2. Roberts
      3. Kahu

  5. Boyd

    Oates(2nd row)

    Maybe Benji in centres by pushing kahu to wing and Moga out

  6. Broncos 2017:
    Pearson (Unless I’m forgetting someone)
    Marshall (I know he isn’t a centre but the plan was for Oates to go to the second row next season I think)


  7. Great signing for the Broncos. If Moga can stay fit I think he is one of the Broncos best centre option. Interestingly below is how each of the Broncos’s centre and wing options for next season performed this past season in the key metrics of metres per minute and missed tackle percentage:

    – Oates: 1.9 / 27%
    – Mead: 1.64 / 30%
    – Glenn: 1.7 / 11%
    – Moga: 1.3 / 8%
    – Roberts: 1.3 / 9%
    – Pearson: 1 / 14%
    – Kahu: 1.2 / 38%
    – Opacic: 1.2 / 20%
    – Gillett: 1 / 7%
    – Marshall: 0.8 / 24%
    – Pangai: –

    Based on the above I would be happy to see Mead and Oates on the wings and Moga and Glenn in the centres next season, with Hunt taking on the goal kicking responsibility.

    • alfie

      Are you a bookie alfie? Looks like you’ve had some experience doing track work. 😉
      The problems with Oates’ handling the ball in the air and on the ground were exposed heavily this year. Unless he can work on this and improve this weakness during the off season he will be vulnerable next year. If he can put on some Kgs instead he might be far more damaging as an edge back rower. I can’t deny though that, once he has the ball, the kid knows how to finish!

  8. Firstly, I can’t believe that Moga is only 22. I would have put good money on him being 25 or so.

    Also, for those of you predicting that anyone other than Boyd will be fullback next year, prepare to be disappointed. No way Papa Bennett moves his favourite child away from his favoured position. Boyd will be fullback, the halves will remain as is and Marshall may be on the bench or will be entertaining the corporates with tales from when he was relevant.

    • Agreed Milton, why move the Australian and Qld FB ? it just doesn’t make sense, stengtehn one position to weaken another….not logical.
      If there is a change, Benji will be at half , hunt out, and milford at 5/8.

      • I wouldn’t call it weakening another, picture this

        1. Milford
        2. Boyd
        3. Roberts
        4. Kahu
        5. Mead
        6. Marshall
        7. Hunt

        I would hardly call that a weakened backline, I couldn’t think of a more lethal combo in the comp!

        • I believe that Milford is more dangerous at fullback than Boyd, however I think that both Milford and Hunt are far better than Marshall at the moment. The Broncos, in my opinion, lacked a half which organised the team close to the try line. To me, Marshall isn’t that type of player. He’s a runner who has lost a yard of pace. Boyd was there best organising half with the sweep plays they used. If Milford is at fullback with Marshall and Hunt in the halves they would have three play makers who all want to run the ball instead of organising.

      • billy

        “why move the Australian and Qld FB”

        Very good question, in fact I argued the same a week or so ago on ZT. However, would Boyd be playing FB for Australian and QLD if Slater was fit and in his usual form or if Inglis only played FB and did not fit in so well at centre for QLD? Both are better FB’s in my opinion. Boyd has only recently been an option at FB for QLD. Normally they play him on the wing (and for Australia also).

        IMO Boyd can be lazy and is not as involved as he needs to be. When he is he plays more like an extra 5/8 than an attacking FB who can beat the defence on his own (i.e. Slater, Inglis, Stewart, Hayne, Tedesco AND Milford). Milford looked sensational at FB for the Raiders he was only moved at Bennett’s discretion to try 5/8 and although he looks dangerous he is far more effective IMO at FB. Like I said before; ” I feel confident opposing teams would rather have him in the line where they can see him and adjust their defence than popping up where they are short!”

  9. I just don’t see Bennett changing the Broncos’ spine next season. Boyd will be the fullback, Milford will be 5/8, Hunt will be half back and McCullough will be the hooker. As for Marshall, if Bennett doesn’t go with 4 forwards on the bench, it’s between him and Nikorima for a bench spot. Personally I think Nikorima could do with a full season in the Intrust Super Cup to hone his on field performances.

    • alfie

      “I just don’t see Bennett changing the Broncos’ spine next season.”

      I agree THAT will most probably be the case. It also is the “safest” option (with emphasis on the word SAFEST). Risks though can move a team forward and take their game to another level.

      It was a risk when Inglis was moved to FB (people thought Madge was crazy). It was a risk by Griffin to move on Soward and Segeyaro then move Wallace to hooker and debut a young 18 year old (Cleary) in Wallace’s place.

      A lot of people thought it was a mistake to throw the FB jersey to Ben Barba (who they thought was past it) over Bird or Holmes, it was too big a risk. It was also a risk for Stuart to drop Fensom from first grade and promote Paulo and Boyd over Vaughan. It was a risk for Taylor to drop Farah but despite, or perhaps even because of this, Moses’ game improved immeasurably.

      Some risks are worth taking. The Broncos can always experiment through the pre-season (starting with the Challenge Cup Series) and over the first few rounds of the competition without giving too much of a head start to the rest of the field. It just might pay off big time. Or the Broncos can play it safe. Take the 2 points Wayne…

  10. 1. Boyd (aussie fb, great 3v2 ball handler)
    2. Oates (been amazing on this wing)
    3. Mead (size and speed combo with oates)
    4. Roberts (speed, needs to stay Centre)
    5. Kahu (kicking duties, kiwi regular)
    6. Milford
    7. Hunt (if leaves Benji starts)

    Just thinking what happened to that rumor swap radradra for hunt. Think broncos should keep hunt.

  11. All this talk about the Bronco’s , who cares , they cheat the salary cap every year, bunch of cheating bast..ds and they think it’s there divine right to make the semi’s each year, another Brisbane team can’t come quick enough.

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