MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 22: Tautau Moga of the Broncos looks dejected after losing the NRL Preliminary Final match between the Melbourne Storm and the Brisbane Broncos at AAMI Park on September 22, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

2018 Newcastle Knights recruit Tautau Moga underwent surgery on his shoulder following the Brisbane Broncos’ finals campaign.

Moga aggravated a shoulder injury during the finals, and following scans and consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon, he required shoulder surgery.

Now nearing six weeks post-operation, the centre will enter a routine rehabilitation program when he officially starts pre-season training with the Club next week.

Moga will still be able to run during the program to maintain fitness, but at this stage, his expected return to playing will be in March.


    • Why would Bennett have to disclose this? I believe it would be a matter between player and club, not current club coach and possible future club. I know Bennett gets his way all the time but this is just thoughtless bashing of the guy.

        • I guess Flanno didn’t give “Jack sh!t” so Wayne gave Flanno sh!t instead. Now Pappa Smurf is all caught up in a hypocritical Gordian knot pulling the same stunt with Moga. Kind of like Bennett rushing Sam Burgess back into the English team and risking serious injury that could have Sam sidelined for most of 2018 while at the same time not allowing Darius Boyd or Anthony Milford to play in the World Cup… THAT sort of hypocritical Gordian knot! But then again, Bennett is famous at Red Hill as the coach who cares… about the statue that will stand next to Wally Lewis at Suncorp stadium! Bahahahahahahaha 😉

      • @ sammyd

        DON’T do it Sammy! Don’t listen to Bennett. He doesn’t care if you get injured and miss the 2018 season while he keeps Darius Boyd and Anthony Milford in moth balls! Pappa Smurf is an old snake charmer and only takes care of his own interests. Just ask Corey Parker and Gordon Tallis.

  1. Has Moga always been injury prone though? It didn’t seem like Brisbane put up much of a fight to retain him. Just like Souths with Aaron Gray.

    • Yes he always has been injury prone this year has been his first where he actually got through a full season. In saying that this is just his first shoulder injury after about 3 or 4 knee reconstructions, so at least this recent injury still has him back for round 1 and not recurring injury.

      • Yeah that’s always rough. Hopefully he works out for the knights they’ve had it pretty rough with injuries.

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