Canberra Raiders coach Ricky Stuart hasn't shown much sympathy for duo Corey Harawira-Naera and Corey Horsburgh after the pair were caught drink driving over the Christmas and New Year period, per The Daily Telegraph

Harawira-Naera was charged with high-range drink driving after being pulled over by police on Christmas Eve.

The incident is the 25-year-old’s second off-field matter in 12 months, with Harawira-Naera involved in Canterbury’s schoolgirl scandal in March last year.

Horsburgh was charged with low-range drink driving on January 3 after failing a random breath test, registering a reading of 0.053.

While the NRL is yet to hand down any formal punishment for the pair, Horsburgh is expected to miss the Raiders' opening game of the season against Wests, while Harawira-Naera could be suspended for a further two games.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Stuart said all players are replaceable when stating his disappointment in the forward pair.

“It’s not my job to keep a position in this team – it’s their job,’’ Stuart said.

“And they haven’t given themselves a real good head start.

“They know it was a bad choice and very disappointing to say the least.

“One thing in the NRL is, there is always someone to take your spot.

“I’ll leave them to take care of their court case because I’ve got other players that need to be ready for round one.”

The Raiders will enter the 2021 season as another premiership contender following on from two deep finals runs across the past 24 months.
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  1. Canberra Raiders have sacked four players who lied to club officials over an alcohol-fuelled incident. Ricky Stuart’s reaction here.
    Not again, should be his reaction!
    I put this little piece under another story.
    How many times are alcohol fuelled incidents of violence, going to keep happening with Raiders players? Seems like a very regular thing for this club.
    Keep looking to sweep them under the rug , without dealing with the issues as a club. They’ll keep happening & getting worse.

  2. Just another comment on the same matter.
    Not so long ago . A high profile Sydney Rugby League Journalist wrote, that Penrith should face severe penalties from the NRL . Over what he said were continual incidents, that dragged the NRL down & gave the game a bad look.
    Is he going to say the same thing about the Raiders now? Didn’t they just have two players pulled up for DUI. Now this..
    Add this to the many other drunk , with violence acts recently, by Raiders players.
    Is this a good look for the game? Should the Raiders face severe penalties, from the NRL ?
    I’ll be watching to see if any League journalist, writes a similar article about the Raiders & their players?

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