Cronulla have ended a half-century premiership drought with a heart-stopping 14-12 grand final win over a valiant Storm outfit to claim the 2016 NRL Telstra Premiership – the first in the club’s history.

The two heavyweights could barely be separated after 80 minutes with Melbourne bashed and starved of football in a one-sided opening 40 before storming back like a true champion team to claim the lead just 15 minutes from full time before a late rally handed Cronulla a famous win.

Cronulla players collapsed after a dramatic final play movement from Melbourne saw the ball pass through countless pairs of hands as they searched for the miracle play to still a win on the final siren but on a historic night at ANZ Stadium in front of a heaving crowd of 83,625 it was Cronulla’s fairytale that came true.

Skipper Paul Gallen – the most experienced player ever to play in his first grand final – was in tears after the siren as he expressed his gratitude to his teammates.


  1. Quite a moment when Ettingshausen and Gallen were bawling their eyes out together. A lot of heartache went into that premiership. Well done Sharks, your fans provided one of the best atmospheres I’ve seen in the last two games. Loved the guy with the trumpet last week.


  3. Up Up Cronulla! Well deserved win, enjoy it Sharkies fans! Hoping that the mighty Bulldogs can do it next year..

      • Maybe mate, but the playstyle killed us. Ennis or no Ennis, we wouldn’t have won it. I’m bloody drinking heaps tonight, surprised I can write this message haha.

  4. Great game, well done to the Sharkies, well deserved win. To all the regular ZT sharkies, enjoy the moment. To our best mate Ronald, ITS TIME TO EAT A BIG FAT ONE CHAMP. NOW F*** OFF!!!!

    • danielle

      (sorry redv13 need to borrow your comment)

      Any complaints about this one oh guardian of the unjustly treated? This is one of the 2 profiles you came after me for!!! No comments?


      thanks redv13 and +1

  5. Ron… sing along… you should know words by now….. UP UP CRONULLAAA THE BOYS IN THE BLACK WHITE & BLUEEE……

  6. Congrats Sharkies, good win. Well deserved. And thank you Cam Smith for talking to the press with your head held high 30 seconds after fulltime, it helped to console my boy who was a devastated Storm fan.

    Enjoy it Sharkies, 2016 Premiers!

  7. Yer boy when ettinghausen was hugging gallen crying I was hugging the TV
    Up up cronulla
    Need a noose marldon!!!!

  8. congratulations to Cronulla Sutherland Sharks you deserve this and have waited 50 years and played better on the day we the Melbourne storm are gracious in defeat

    • 100% mate you’re a legend. Takes a big person to say that after a close game. You make me hate the Storm a lot less.

    • +1
      Class act stormz9912, just like your fellow Storm supporter trollz878. Good sports and my honest and sincere commiserations to you both and the other gutted Storm fans.

      Guys it was a great game, a fair game, a tough contest but the refs got it right tonight and ronald-m the Storm were not at all cynical in their style of play. They tackled their butts off (Cam Smith 71 tackles) and an even better effort in his post match speech.

      Although it must hurt they were brilliant on field, gallant in defeat and almost got their in the end. But 50 years is too long for any group of fans to wait. Great GF to finish a great year for both teams.


  9. How good was it to see Gallen lift the shield hey Ronald?? Ha ha you Git!!!
    Well Done sharks, well deserved Great win!!!!

  10. Will Chambers will never forgive himself after doing all the tricky work grubbering down the sideline and then not seeing Cronk beside him.
    Does anyone think Gallen will give a flying f”(k about all those years of heartbreaking State of Origin now lol? Got one at the right end of his career, stuck with the Sharks through everything when opportunities came knocking, well deserved.
    How sweet it will be, none of that pain in times past will matter anymore.

    • +1

      If he hadn’t shot his mouth off and created a scandal it was his! He was the best for mine as well but politics and his lack of discipline off field cost him. Enormous contribution tonight!

      • It very much WAS HIS! Wtf does all that have to do with his GF performance?

        Talk about drudging up sh1t at a moment like this…

        • danielle

          Well I went from “Superhero” to “Villan” in 24 hours! Sorry but you have to admit that IS pretty fickle!
          Or do you have multiple-personality disorder?

          danielle October 1, 2016 at 8:08 pm
          The “newbie” Superhero of ZT rises again…& again…& again…

          danielle October 1, 2016 at 10:48 pm
          I was applying the title, “Superhero,” to you.

          tohulola12 October 2, 2016 at 7:03 pm
          …Quite frankly you sound like a prick

          danielle October 2, 2016 at 10:28 pm
          Well said! Couldn’t agree more.

          danielle October 2, 2016 at 10:43 pm
          Rugby League won? Roy & HG love that line.

          danielle October 3, 2016 at 2:06 am
          YOU are the troll.

        • danielle

          Call me a troll? Bit of a hypocrite aren’t you? Or to use your own words:

          danielle August 14, 2016 at 12:29 am
          Wow, believethis… “Bitter MUCH???” U sore loser.

          PMROFLMAO @ YOU! U made this moment even MORE pleasurable. Thank you!

          danielle August 14, 2016 at 12:41 am
          “whern there seasons over” – maybe should be WHEN – THEIR – season’S over – but who’s counting 3 mistakes amongst 4 words?
          Still lmfao@u!

          danielle August 14, 2016 at 12:48 am
          Thank u, fellow dragqueen.

          danielle August 14, 2016 at 1:09 am
          Just for a laugh – fellow dragqueens.
          I know I’m trolling, but I can’t help myself. Sorry,

          I am sure there are MANY more examples. Should I investigate further?

        • danielle

          In case it escaped your notice, you were “trolling” (your words) one of the 2 people you were accusing me of persecuting you hypocrite!

        • danielle

          Oh, Danieeeelle! I’ve been doing some research and it seems you have shot your mouth off too many times here before!

          You’ve gotten smacked down and spanked by a number of people here who are sick of your pseudo intellectual BS!!

          I will be looking out for you in future and relishing another opportunity to “discuss” this I assure you.
          Hypocrisy is a B!tch isn’t it? Hahahahaha

      • cookem

        “Jack Bird played a big had wit” Sounds like someone is still recovering from a good night! LOL
        Just kidding, I’m the king of typos and mistakes so I’m just having fun. 😉

  11. Hate to get personal but Get stuffed ronald!!!!…..After all the pain you and the other haters have tried to heap on us you won’t ever take this moment away. We deserve it and will revel in it……GO SHARKIES!!!!!

  12. Yeah buddy I’ve had to wait a while but that was amazing!!!! We except for that last 30secs i think i aged five years after that.
    Where is the resident ZT stain?

  13. Congrats to the Sharks and their fans on their historic first ever premiership win!
    Commiserations Storm fans, fantastic game, outstanding defensive effort and a season to be proud of.
    There was really nothing in this one but Rugby League won tonight no doubt. Cam Smith post match was all class!

    Congrats to Harold Holt as well, Happy Homecoming Harold!

  14. oh ronald come out and play the fool named ronald has gone his mouth now finally shut thanks sharks you shut up the fool ..believe that

  15. BREAKING NEWS: Harold Holt has been found repeat he has been found unfortunately he has been arrested by police for indecent exposure running past Cronulla Leagues Club NAKED😂😂

  16. Hate to be the personal guy, but 2k16 has just been unreal. Got married, moved into the dream house we built, won the fantasy como after 3 years and then the Sharkies win. My little fellas learn to swim and there’s no topping it.

  17. On ya Sharks fans! Enjoy it all like I said earlier! This moment must have been the sweetest of them all, I’m so happy for Ennis and co.

  18. Wow, Chambers cost Melbourne the game, after doing something totally brilliant he had a unmarked Cronk screaming for the ball and only clear space between him and the line 10m out, and didn’t pass, it was the premiership gone with only a few minutes left.

    That imbecile in the storm that gave away the penalty should shot.

    • daffy

      That’s pressure buddy. He also scored a try out of nothing to be fair but I’m pretty sure he realises and will have to live with that error in judgement now.

    • +1

      And thanks for having my back mate, I will remember it. It was a setup as I suspected. Tag team trolls. I’ve learnt a lot in a few short weeks and I will be wiser next time around. I should have listened to chalky and tommyknocker and taken their advice. They’re the wisest guys here for a reason.

      • 95% = Good insightful comments from intelligent rugby league lovers.
        1% = Village idiot
        1% = Lame trolls (SEE STAIN)
        3% = One annoying Stain, has been cleaned several times however returns looking slightly different.

  19. Memo to ronnie.

    There is now a position available at Cronulla league club to POLISH the 2016 NRL premiership trophy.

    • +1

      Now THAT is funny!! Why are you still posting I thought you would have been lost in the party by now!

      • Unfortunately I don’t live in the shire but I shall certainly be attending the parade (I had to work this weekend.)

        • tonymontana

          Not wishing to appear condescending to all other supporters but few fans can appreciate what it feels like to wait 40 plus years for a moment like this. To suffer all the teasing, jokes and BS! To have the loyalty to stick with a club no matter what in the face of all of this.

          Trust me mate, you and ALL Sharks fans DESERVE to enjoy this one! Souths fans can understand the feeling only too well.

          Up, up, Cronulla,
          the boys in the black white and blue.
          Up, up, Cronulla,
          name of the sharks fits you.
          Sharks, sharks, forever
          go out and play without fear.
          Now’s the time to see good football,
          cause the sharks are here!
          Up the sharks!

          Just don’t expect me to sing it before our clash next year! Game on? 😉

  20. NRL got what it wanted. Maloney to graham forward pass 4 sets in a row, then storm hit the front, oh crap better give sharks back to back penalties. Surely u blokes can see sharks were allowed to do whatever they want. Good to see a coach who was suspended for drug cheating finally get the premiership he so dearly deserves. What a champion fafita is, great role model and a legend of our game. Makes me sick.

    • What a bitter individual you are Tnutt. It must be hard living your life so full of hate.

      No one bad decision from the refs caused either team to concede points. Better team won. I don’t remember you crying foul when the convicted woman bashers Inglis and Auva held up the trophy. Great role models there.

    • Sure hope you are not a fellow Storm supporter TNutt, its whinging hater fans that make me puke, try enjoying the games for what they are instead of looking for excuses and trying to lay blame somewhere. It was a great game with some, not many, dodgy decisions both ways that really didnt affect the outcome of the game.
      Well done Sharks, enjoy a well earned maiden premiership.

    • Tnutt

      “What a champion fafita is, great role model and a legend of our game. Makes me sick.”

      Off field, no complaint with your assessment but on field he was the Clive Churchill medal winner for mine just shading Barba. Cam Smith’s 71 tackle effort would have gone close as well.

      • OK, Luke Lewis had a great game and was not unworthy of the recognition but as for Most Valuable on field… Fafita and Barba shaded him I think.

  21. Well done to Melbourne. Missing Billy Slater and with that about 1million of your salary cap still nearly won the entire comp including the minor premiership.

    To my sharks. I feel an entire weight lifted off my shoulders and feel peace. Awesome night at ANZ and still buzzing at nearly 2am.

  22. Congratulations to the Sharks and their fans you’ve waited so long for this so enjoy the feeling.

    The Sharks showed what a tough gritty team they’re, I honestly thought after 49 minutes they were gone but their 2016 true spirit clicked in and they got what they thourghly deserved.

    Jack Bird you’re star motm in my opinion just in front of Lewis and Fafita.
    Good to Ennis go out this way. Although he’s a real pest on the field at least he’s not a thug like some of his counterparts.

    I really hope Cameron Smiths speech was from the heart and not just a publicity stunt because it was a great moment in sport.

    Well done Sharks the cabinet has a new key and there’s no dust to be seen.
    All that’s in the cabinet now is the trophy team and fans deserve.
    Enjoy the feeling and the party Sharks.

  23. Well done Cronulla. So very happy for you all, from players to staff to the long suffering fans. Enjoy it. To Cameron Smith and the storm, great effort, and even better humility. Smiths speech was brilliant. The Storm have some dodgy tactics and antics, as do all teams, that annoy different people at different times, but last night they accepted it for what it was, and well done for that. I actually think that the Storm thought that if they couldn’t win it, they were glad the Sharks did. To Jimmy Maloney, the worst thing my Roosters did was let you go, but the Sharks have reaped the benefits. Congrats on #2. To RonnieM, go eat some shark sh!t, and to the other haters, join him. Cronulla Sharks for 2016!!!!

    • +1, well said gcrooster…and as for Maloney i was sad to see him leave us at the Storm…and at that stage didnt even know he was a kicker lol.

      Haters will hate…very bitter people with an extremely narrow view of the world

  24. Congratulations Sharks fans your team deserved it. What a great season. Commiserations to the Storm fans, but at least your team gave it their all and were all class in defeat! Bloody awesome GF, spewing I didn’t go now! Atmosphere looked amazing and game was brilliant. Not a fan of Fifita, but I must admit I thought he deserved the medal. Enjoy it Sharks fans! As a Knights supporter a feel I could be waiting 50yrs for our next one……..Well at least merchandise is cheap!.

  25. Congrats to Cronulla, as someone who has grown up in the Shire as a Dragons fan I’m happy for all my mates and the fans to finally get a premiership.

  26. well done to the sharks .were the best team all year and deserve to hold the trophy aloft .. also congrats to to illawarra cutter and the under 20 roosters .. and to cam smith ( fantastic speech and very humbling ) and the storm boys well played .. good luck to all fans on this site and look forward to 2017 . Regards Pete The Piston

  27. NEWS FLASH !!ronald M has been seen sobbing on the border trying to escape ferocious shark fans hunting him down wanting to beat him on the head with a 25KG trophy ..believe that

  28. itsonlyagame dilusional and disgruntled ..itsd a long trip back across the border empty handed isnt it …believe that

  29. Good game last night. Had everyone on the edge of their seats for the full 80 minutes. Congrats Sharks. Storm will be left to rue some missed chances. Smith: All class! Gallen: No Class with his F*^$ bombs postgame.
    SSTID: I aint Ronald like you think, but am a disappointed storm supporter. Enjoy the celebrations sharks fans

    • KeepingItReal

      Champ you got 1 out of 2 but no quinella. So I guess Sydney and Melbourne will just have to share the title of “CAPITAL CITY OF SPORTS “. 😉

      You can be proud of your boys though on a classy display that did not descend into negative, cynical football as I had feared. They were quick to their feat and defended like a team possessed. They went oh do close and would have been worthy winners also. But it just feels so good that a group of supporters who have waited their whole lives for this finally had their moment!

      The Storm will be a force again next year so head up until then. Btw, the “Cameron Smith eyes history-making contract extension” forum was my favourite of my time here thus far! Well done to all.

      Up the Bunnies!!

  30. ZT. Please shut this retard down even if it’s just for a couple of days.

    He won’t ruin this moment for us but it’s a very sad and warped individual who would even try….

  31. I’m not a Sharks fan but I balled my eyes out what a game that was and what a team what you guys endured for past couple years then to break the hoodoo is just amazing fantastic win well deserved premiers for 2016

  32. You know all about Botswana and the free brain surgery don’t you chimp boy. Unfortunately they also swapped your a-hole with your mouth.

  33. Nursing a massive hangover I have finally surfaced and realised last nights loss was not a horrible nightmare but was in fact reality. Congratulations Cronulla on a great game, you sure took it too us. Sharks fans well done the atmosphere looked amazing on the teev, enjoy a much deserved Premiership capping an excellant year by your team. Been a long time coming and I hope you dont have to wait so long for your next, preferably not at our expense next time though…lol.

    Too the mighty Melbourne Storm, well done on a great year also…so very close. Onward and upward for next year.

    Thanks to all teams and supporters…even Manly… 😉 for a gritty hard fought year…see you all next season. 🙂

    As much as it irritates me…thanks to the refs, without you there would be no game…necessary evil hahaha.

    ROCK ON NRL!!!!

    • Well said mate i was there and i was surprised at how many Stormers were there.
      That atmosphere was tense yet electric at the same time!

      Pitty i don’t drink otherwise i may have still been lost

  34. ZT please red card this muppet and give us some peace! If the above rantings aren’t bizzare enough and seen as blatant trolling then I give up. Only excuse for you mods is if you are shark fans like us and everything is a foggy haze today!!!

  35. What happened to the sharks getting 6 penalties in the first 30 minutes of the game? And Cronk for Clive Churchill? Do you ever get tired of being wrong?

  36. Well done to Cronulla for winning the grand final.

    A special tribute also to the Sharks supporters who have followed the side since day 1,this is for you also and you are the fans who never stopped believing no matter how many times Cronulla have hit the wall only to bounce back better than ever.

    And finally,a special thanks to that goose called Ronald from the 102nd keyboard division whose vitriol and constant dribble only inspired us even more in 2016.

    Again,well done Cronulla and to all you sharks supporters out there-Finally time to remove the porchlight.

    Enjoy the celebrations 🙂

  37. Well done storm. You contributed to one of the great grand finals.
    A big congratulations to sharkies and all their fans.
    I bet the long wait makes this victory all the more sweeter.
    You guys deserve it.

  38. Wow i have just resurfaced after that great win. Can’t believe all the awesome comments on here and all Shark fans appreciate it. What a great read without having to read dribble from marldon and that other bunnies fool still we have believe this idiot as a supporter but he is just a troll. Anyway thanks heaps and Up Up Cronulla! So bloody happy! !

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