SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 23: Boyd Cordner of the Roosters warms up before the NRL Preliminary Final match between the Sydney Roosters and the North Queensland Cowboys at Allianz Stadium on September 23, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

The Roosters are finalising a long-term deal with Origin captain Boyd Cordner that could see him remain at the club until 2022.

The signing of Angus Crichton has however opened the door to interest from rival clubs.

Newcastle is believed to have approached the experienced back-rower, but he insists that he’s agreed to stay with the only club he’s ever known.

The Roosters management all considering all factors, most notably his chronic knee injury that’s troubled him for the past two seasons.

It’s of Cordner’s best interests to remain at Bondi, however, his agent and the Rooster’s hierarchy are yet to determine the length of his new contract extension.

Cordner is one of the most respected men in the game, and the Roosters won’t let Cordner slip through their grasp at the end of the next season.

Trent Robinson spoke to Sky Sports Radio last week regarding the contract.

“I know we’re pretty close with Boyd,” Robinson toldย Sky Sports Radioย on Friday morning.

“Hopefully there will be a response in the next couple of weeks.”

Robinson was questioned whether he’s confident that Cordner will stay put, he replied:

“I’d like to think so with Boyd being our captain and being here since he was a kid.

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“We definitely want to see him stay here so hopefully that’ll get done by the trials.”


  1. Cordner strikes me as a player who would stay a one club player. I realise money talks and loyalty is all but gone in the game, but I don’t see him going anywhere

  2. Fortunately for Cordner then the Roosters still have PLENTY of room left under the cap to fit him in. Most other teams would be struggling to remain salary cap compliant after signing 2 players for $1 mill each and another for $900K and Friend for around $600K.

    If Cordner’s loyalty was going to be tested it would have been after the treatment of Pearce and Friend and perhaps a glimpse of his future when uncle Nick thinks Cordner has passed his used by date.

    The Knights would have the last piece of their puzzle if they sign Cordner who would do brilliantly at the Knights reunited with his old team mates. He would look even better in cardinal and myrtle. Perhaps a direct swap for Crichton and the 4 Souths juniors that the Roosters “appropriated”?

    • That’s should read Red and Green you don’t see Rooster fans describing red white and blue in that fashion. e.g Rose, light white and Royal Blue do you SSTID_1970? Anyhow mate, the Roosters should and will sign him on a four year deal, I believe he will be like Minichello & Ricketson and be a one club player. They will then resign Napa and purchase Sonny Will Billions. Then we will see if any of the Burgess boys want to play for a the Better of the rivals, after that we will scout around and pick up some of Bellamey’s underpaid giant forwards. Then we will still have a million left for next season. Just in case Souths have got any decent talent around from the juniors that is on the East coast of Sydney that is really our juniors

  3. you pretty summed it up SSTID_1970 how the roosters can overtly can be on there cap im still amazed that they are signing up big name players & got angus crittenden as well
    WHAT SALARY CAP , the NRL you would think would be dumb founded if they did a ordit on the roosters actual books i say there cap would be blown out worst than the Melbourne storms cap were that they rioted a few years back

    • An audit of the chooks books to prove they’re crooks would be futile son.

      No charges would stick as Uncle Nick has a special trick. He coats them in teflon!

  4. Holly Crichtonite, Superman, a Cordner to some Angus couldn’t poke a finger at Boyd’s knees. Knee caps like the Salary Cap. Dodgy, ah? just being Politis I can…

    • The Roosters tried hard to get Pearce to go to Manly, however he thought the wooden spooner’s of the past three years was a better option than the once glamourous club Manly. I think Manly needs to get a decent home ground. It looks like a local kids playing field from the 1970’s. Cordner will be like Fittler an all time great Chookster for life.

  5. I believe he had trials for knights HM team, til he picked up a knee injury and they didnโ€™t want him and as they say the rest is history ..

  6. STI, you really are the biggest sook I have EVER seen commenting on a blog. Give it a rest with the cap rorting rubbish….itโ€™s getting a wee bit old- you are making a complete nonce of yourself banging on about it. The chooks have let go a truck load of talent in the last two years to clear cap space. Iโ€™m sure the NRL would be right on top of the audit process after Melbourne and the dirty dogs over stepped the mark.
    โ€œon loanโ€….you have gotta be a soufs supporter with gems like ORDIT and RIOTED……love going to games against the vermin, 10,000 supporters in RED and GREEN and only 18,000 teeth amongst them.
    …..thanks for Angus ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

  7. The RORTERS ARE SO FAR OVER THE CAP IN 2018 ITS HILARIOUS AND AN EMBARRASSMENT FOR THE NRL AND THE GAME AS A WHOLE, my mail is that they will be investigated stay tuned!!! SSTID1970 is right…


    • Shadow trust me you are wrong on this and your mail is being delivered to the wrong address. Nothing ever sticks to the “Teflon Don” Nick Politis. He is “the godfather” of RL and has always had too much influence behind the scenes at league headquarters. As long as Politis draws breath the Roosters will be safe under his shadow… shadow.

      • We love the Don โค. What a brain he has been, He was the first business man to sponsor a club back in 1976 on the 29th June for the Roosters “City Ford” vs Saint Hellen’s in the first ever World Club Challenge. It change the thinking of all clubs forever with all clubs eventually following thus genius move. By the way SSTID_1970 please don’t tell anyone. You must keep this very quite. Promise SSTID_1970. OK . Here we go. Ian Schubert played wing for the Chooksters that day won 26-2 by the all mighty red, dark white and Royal Bluesters to take the trophy. Now if all Clubs follow him, the Don again. Then back ending of contracts will be a thing of the past. ๐Ÿ’ก

        • “Is Don is Good” I guess you must hear that a lot in your neck of the woods. Woods by the way is metaphorical, I realise you are surrounded by penthouse apartments instead of trees. Trees are just the things you use to make your yachts and to make the paddle pop sticks to stir your lattes! Bahahahahahahahahahaha

          Don’t worry I get it, heavily back end our contracts and grant “the Don” plausible deniability in lieu of an actual salary cap. Got it! LOL

    • Shadow the Roosters are run by a business brain, Have been since 1976 and fine tuned in the mid 1990’s Politis has explained how they do it. No back ending contracts and in case all the other financial wizards from other clubs did not know. Hello McFly’s but the cap went up over 2 million bucks. Every team should have cash to burn. Sorry I forgot, Every side Back ends their contracts bar the Roosters mate. So step out of the Shadow, I have given you the Light.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™๐ŸŽฑ now you can be on the eight ball corner pocket.

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