Wests Tigers coach Michael Maguire is starting to clean-out his roster according to WWOS, with Ben Matulino, Chris McQueen, Russell Packer and Elijah Taylor all reportedly being shopped around.

The forward quartet could all be plying their trade elsewhere in 2020, with Maguire looking to bolster his forward pack ahead of next season with some stronger players.

The Tigers are 5-6 so far in 2019, but Maguire wants to make his mark on the side.

Matulino, McQueen and Taylor have reportedly been offered to English clubs, while Packer may even struggle to remain a Tiger past June 30.


  1. Apparently Packer for DWZ is a done deal. Warriors will swap you Kata and Blair for Matulino and Taylor.

  2. The reason why Penrith are ordinary is their forward pack, they are simply not aiming up, Regan Gillard is a lost cause, plus Tim Grant is way overrated, Penrith’s young guys are seriously putting in, so perhaps a rejunviated Packer could be the pulse to ignite the Panthers pack, I don’t know what is good for Penrith, but from what i see their forwards are the problem, to me i hope that Cleary plays awesome tomorrow night , he will have a forward pack to back his game, so he will get every opportunity to show what he is made of.

    Go the blues

  3. Not only did Cleary shaft the Tigers by quitting his contract 2 years early, he stuffed up WT salary cap for next 3 years by signing 4 very average players, who are past their prime or busted .. Packer has no heart or leg drive; ET tries hard but has no impact, Josh Reynolds has played 6 games in 3 years….Thanks Iv…..take them all back….

  4. 100% agree.

    But I would take him back if he has minimal effect on Saints Salary Cap, say $150k. That will do for the 15~20 minutes per half that he lasted each game.

  5. I hate to be a conspiracy theorist, but….. Cleary played for Manly in 1993-94. And who was one of his teammates at M-W in 1993? One Desmond Hasler. After what Hasler did to Canterbury, maybe you can say that Cleary learned from the best. I know it’s a bit of a stretch but I can’t help but say it.

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