TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 24: Jarryd Hayne of the Eels looks on during the round 24 NRL match between the North Queensland Cowboys and the Parramatta Eels at 1300SMILES Stadium on August 24, 2018 in Townsville, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

St George are interested in signing two-time Dally M Player of the Year Jarryd Hayne.

The 30-year-old is out of contract and has yet to offered a new deal by the Eels.

Parramatta chief executive Bernie Gurr said last week the club was in no hurry to re-sign Hayne.

“Certain dominoes need to fall where they need to fall. We’re patient,” Gurr told AAP.

The Dragons would use Hayne as a utility back at either fullback or centre in 2019.



    • Too busy constructing the new ‘spoon’ cabinet i suppose. The same eels brains trust that didn’t sack the bush coach after another spoon in 3 years.

      As for hayne apparently hes weighing up playing for the dragons or running water for Manly under Des super coach hasler. We’ve struggled to lure a good water boy since donny singe

        • Actually, 54, I’ve got an even better idea, you could use Barrett to run the water until his “notice” period is up, and that way you may be able to keep his Kleenex sponsorship.

        • Whos brown?

          As for Zoolander running the water lol that’s gold I wish we would.. the fans could pelt him with coins and batteries provided by eagles management

  1. haynes manager has been on the phone trying for more money . peels will be the only club willing to pay him anywhere near what he wants .only played ok at end of season for contract .

  2. I think the waiting game backfired on the eels. Now that other clubs have expressed interest, it will drive up his market value.

  3. Pls gawd… just NO! Drama follows this bloke where ever he goes and there are no dreams left btw.

    Now i know some saints supporters will say Tim Lafai should be dropped but he will be aiming for a contract extension as will Aitkin who both have 2020 contract terms.
    Dufty gives enough at FB and should he fall short Jai Field should be given a crack.

    Hayne wont play utility.

    • Won’t happen. Just Hayne and his low life management trying to get the eels to get on board with a bigger offer, but the eels have finally wised up to Haynes bull$hit and are waiting him out. If he did come to the dragons I wouldn’t give him any more than 300k and he’d be exclusively on the wing to replace McDonald. He’d also be told to tow the line (ie play the team game) get fit and not be a complete ball bag for a change.

    • I disagree Pedro.
      Hayne would be great for the Dragons.
      Aitken or Lafai are done anyway because Lomax needs to be one of our centres next season.
      Still not convinced with Dufty but I’ll be happy to see the following.
      1. Hayne
      2. Periara
      3. Lomax
      4. Aitken/lafai
      5. Don’t know (Oates would’ve been good)
      6. Widdop
      7. Hunt
      8. Graham
      9. McInnes
      10. Vaughan
      11. Frizell
      12. T Sims
      13. De Belin
      14. K Sims
      15. Mann ( if we keep him)
      16. Lawrie
      17. Take your pick

      • Your not convinced with dufty but you still want the gumboot Kurt Mann in the team? You can’t compare duftys 2018 stats to the 30 year old Hayne, he will probably end up at sharks, they take all the overrated fullbacks.

    • I’m with you on this one Pedro, why would we want him and all the melodrama that comes with him? We can do without all that. But bottom line is – is he really any good anyway? All I can say is, he’d have to come at a bargain-basement price for him to be anything like worthwhile, and even then I doubt it. It’s a pity Neil Henry doesn’t contribute to ZT, his insight would be fascinating (but then again, maybe he does – which one of you blokes is it?)

    • @ pedro

      I don’t blame you mate, the Eels have been singing “I’m on a plane to nowhere” all season hoping Hayne would get them off the ground. Sorry but that “plane” ain’t goin’ nowhere, too much weight in the caboose and top heavy on ego.

      @ blackieshark

      “only played ok at end of season for contract”

      How true. Pretty sad when that happens. I don’t know how a player can look his team mates in the eye when he is capable of more but only shows it when a paycheque is on the line.

  4. They are welcome to him.
    I hear manly chased him but after the laughing fit had finished he said he couldn’t lower his standards that much.

  5. The guy is poison. Left Parra when he was playing well, joined the Titans and under performed (got rid of the coach) and has done nothing on his return to Parra – plus has a court case in the US hanging over his head. Dragons would be mad to sign him.

    • Not wrong. This guy left the game to follow his dream and his career has been a nightmare ever since. Time to wake up Jarryd the dream is over and the reality is, you blew it!

  6. Parramatta bombed out big time playing him in the centre position. Who ever he signs for he should be considered as a fullback or back up 5/8. He won Dally M awards for playing in those positions, not wasted in the centre waiting for the ball to reach him. Artur relised the error of his ways in the very last game of the season against eventual premiers the Roosters. But Parra had no motivation to perform and the Roosters were on a mission to wrap up the minor premiership. Had Arthur played the once best player in the comp in his rightful spot then Parra would have avoided another spoon. Whoever gets his services don’t waste him in one postion, blokes like Haynes need a license to roam the field and pop up when every opportunity comes in attack or instigate attack and turn them into tries. 🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱🎱

    • Woody, “the Roosters were on a mission to” finish first and avoid playing the Rabbitohs in the first week of the finals. If they had they would have become BBQ chicken! Lucky for you guys the Storm halted the Rabbitohs momentum and a resilient Dragons took the last bit of wind out of their sails so they arrived for the match with the chooks out of puff while the “chickens” had a week off to prepare. I remember the look on Cordner’s face when the Roosters first realised that they had the minor premiership sewn up. It was not a look of elation or celebration but one of RELIEF! Go back and look at the footage. The Roosters were running scared of Souths at the time.

      Anyway, that’s enough sh!t from you Woody. Nurse Ratched is coming, it’s time for your rectal thermometer and she wants her pen back. She got them confused last time round and I heard her saying “some a$$hole’s got my pen!” 😂😂😂😂😂

      • Nice one SSTID-1970, I remember you mate and your true identity Only SSTID-1970 talked to me about my nursing home. Congratulations for returning to the site under Reggie the Rabbit Reagan, are you related to Terry Reagan. Now mate us Rooster fans aren’t the bragging type but now that you brought the subject up I must defend the facts. Firstly Souths lost to Melbourne in a soft game 29-28, secondly The Roosters cleaned you guys up 4 weeks out of the semis 18-14 on your home turf then 5 weeks later with two suspended players in Mitchel and Napa and a one armed player for 40 mins in Cronk proved beyond any doubt that Souths were just not good enough this year. Thirdly Defence win big matches and unfortunately Souths have been wanting in this department all season letting in 490 points over 27 games averaging over 18 points per game. A team will never win a premiership leaking 18 points per game.🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓

        • I choose to neither confirm nor deny such a spurious allegation old chook but I can pass your thoughts on to your old sparring partner.

          The Melbourne game wasn’t soft Woody, it was one of the toughest, fastest and most intense games of the final series and that was according to the former Australian players than have commented on the game. The Roosters “clean up” of Souths was against a Rabbitohs team with next to no backline (Inglis, Jennings and Graham were all out) and the Roosters still only won by 4 points when they were 4 million over the cap! I notice you didn’t mention the Round 6 result: Rabbitohs 26 vs Roosters 14. Any reason?

          I have already covered how the “Roosters defence” is built on getting away with repeat infringements without losing players to the sin-bin and a spoiling style of play that often escapes drawing a penalty.

          That said, the Roosters defence was very good and Cronk had an heroic last two games of the year. I just can’t fathom how both the Rabbitohs and the Storm failed to exploit a player who was basically a passenger for 80 mins.

          Enjoy your “Clayton’s trophy” and know that in my book, just like 2013, it doesn’t count. Not until the Roosters are salary cap compliant in any case.

    • His best spot back in the game was centre or wing for him. To build confidence and fitness. His no fullback these days sadly and parra aren’t going to splash that sort of money on him.

  7. Drag queens could do with another utility forward. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility with this mob as after all they did play Matt Prior at center and keep suggesting Ben Hunt is a halfback………

    • Considering Holmes will fly the coop to Townsville you guys might have to sign another busted no hoper in Hayne to play fullback. I mean you could always go Moylan or Dugan. But Moylan is a worse defender than my 9 years old daughter and Dugan is well……Dugan. Also considering you morons just resigned Gallen (because stats will win you a premiership won’t they) I think if anyone needs a utility forward it might be your rabble of a so called club.

      • BD, you’re dead right about Dugan. Did we stuff up big-time in letting him go to the gummies? No way! He left because Saints saw him as a centre and he wanted to play FB, and how much FB did he play? Pretty well stuff-all. He’s really not much of a loss at all. I’m still sniggering…

      • That chokers tag really bites doesn’t it champ. If the mergers had anyone half as tough or loyal as Gal in their lineup they’d make some sort of meaningful impact in the finals for a change. Loyalty in Wollongong gets you shifted from the wing to second row. Nice ……………………..

        • Probably because prior played like a girl when he got shifted. Oh and while you’re at it, ask the broncos how badly we choked.

      • Manly insignificant? Mate no one cares about the dragons your teams like the Broncos only your supporters watch lol we all laugh at the dragons every year when the inevitable buckling kicks in… its quite amusing!

        • It looks like not even manly fans like going to watch there stain play, 4th last for average attendance for 2018, don’t worry your 14 year old girl head. Your stain won’t be in the game much longer.

        • Hey 54-0 wanna go fishing this weekend?? I know what type of bait to use to catch some real big ( albeit) not bright fish..

        • Are you projecting your suppressed feelings again RedV? It’s an old psychological maxim but usually “what we dislike in others is what we dislike in ourselves”. Is there something you want to share with the rest of the class school boy?

        • Cletus’s (aka “Red Flea’s”) posts get deleted as quickly as fleas reproduce on this hillbilly, eels47. I think he is just projecting suppressed feelings he needs to resolve privately. I agree though, there are limits even for how many “Red V’s” someone can take in one afternoon!

        • Wow, really got me there didn’t you? I ask again, how old are you? I remember kids making jokes of that quality early in high school.

          For the record I am not that way inclined as you have suggested, but I have friends and family who are, and trust me, they are 100 times better people than you ever will be.

        • Eels47,
          I’m one to admit I’ve been stirring this clown for a while now because he’s such an easy target,
          But I just stop responding when he starts calling people gay, because as you say that’s not on and we have friends that are and they are way better people then this fool..
          Stir, call names say whatever about footy teams, but there is certainly no need to start calling people gay, and this is the second article he’s done it on..
          But yes it is easy to picture how old and what this boy looks like by what he writes…

        • Careful eels47, you are likely to get fleas if you associate with yokel hicks. I have a “Red Flea” problem myself ATM but I am dealing with it and at least I can laugh at a clown when I see one. Clearly they like to take cheap shots for lack of an intelligent argument but their BS just passes over me without any problem. As you know I have a LONG history of dealing with these imbeciles and not one has gotten the better of me yet.

          I just feel sorry for anyone who has been offended by these homophobic slurs. Like you I am not of that way inclined and am happily married but what the hell business is any of that to anyone on a public forum, right?

          Like I said, junior just doesn’t understand where to draw the line and I suspect that they are just missing the attention in their sad little life and projecting their own insecurities onto others. Leave the problem with me, I will sort it out before much longer. He won’t last long, none of the others ever have.

        • ANother one bites the dust!
          Bahahahahahaha another “Red Flea” post has just been deleted. Somebody must have called an exterminator. Careful Cletus, you will get put in detention. 😂😂😂😂😂

        • @ bobfulton

          Bob, I blame the school system, the media and a generation of soft parenting that have wrapped these kids in cotton wool and fed them a lie that they are victims and misunderstood and that everyone that opposes them is wrong. They are a spineless generation that hide behind anonymity and a keyboard and fold like a house of cards when put under pressure.

          Like you say though, there should be limits, even for banter. Ignore them by all means if you wish but I prefer to turn such fools into sport on a public forum until they learn to keep their big mouth shut.

        • No way you should EVER wish for Hayne over Benji at 5/8. Marshall is starting to work his magic again and helping Brooks to look good, Mbye is finally playing in his correct position at FB and you go to the top of the class for finally putting Josh Reynolds in his correct (and original) position, at hooker! Farah can play off the bench and help Reynolds develop in the role like he assisted Cook at Souths.

          The “iceberg” that stands in your way though is all the BS surrounding your coach Cleary and the affect this will have on the team. It is one hell of a unnecessary distraction if you ask me and for what it’s worth, it looks like Souths might be about to go through the same thing with Seibold being “interviewed” for the Broncos coaching role. It’s not a distraction that the Rabbitohs needed either to be honest and if Seibold goes I just hope the Bunnies can get Jason Demetriou (the Broncos assistant coach) ASAP.

        • From the same source and fount of knowledge and wisdom that has sadly been missed and silenced on this site. I too miss and draw inspiration from those posts eels47 so you are not alone there. I am in constant contact with them though and I am happy to keep beating the drum and echoing those same opinions so don’t worry free speech and sanity continues… at least for now. 😉

  8. If Hayne plays NRL next year it will be at the Eels. Correct me if I am wrong, but all I have seen is media conjecture on this, no one from the Dragons has said anything. So it is either the media looking for “hits” on a slow news day, or Hayne’s manager trying to hurry Parra along. The waiting for Hayne to come to the party, on top of demanding a new, fairer deal for the stadium, shows me that management are finally getting themselves in order at the club, which hopefully leads to good things.

    As for those commenting on Hayne only playing well as he had a contract up, whilst you may be right, I don’t necessarily agree. He started the year injured (and before someone mentions him being overweight, I met him at the fan day and he was anything but) and then sat out a fair chunk. His good form at the end of the season was more to do with actually getting match fitness back and being health IMO. The contract thing may have added to that, but considering he came to Parra on half what he was on at GC, I really don’t think the playing for a contract is the real reason for the form.

    • The things is Hayne isn’t as good as those few years before he went away..
      But also isn’t commanding same money so it’s ok.
      If he plays it will be at eels, besides surely all the other teams know now he is eels hjrough and through and just won’t out in that extra 10% at any other club. He should sign a 2 year contract worth say 600k a season with incentives to drive it up a bit more for 2020

      • No he isn’t, and no reasonable person expects him to be or thinks he is. I think what you have said about a contract for him is probably fair, perhaps the second season as an option in the clubs favour.

    • it really is only media conjecture and wayne beavis doing what he normally does, gives his mates in a media a line about such and such club is interested and then wham, the player signs with the original club.
      Haynes BS on twitter the other night was just him trying to push the process along a bit quicker and an effort to embarrass the club.
      Both the club and hayne were both consistent in their story – we will wait til the end of the season and Jarryd has had time to think things over. The club seem to be keen to do a deal, its probably $$$’s and term that is the stumbling block, the usual negotiating stuff.
      And Gurr has said on a number of occasions that there are number of dominoes to fall before we can finalise anything – maybe one of them is Nov 1, another being big Marty Kapow and Napa negotiations.
      It will all play out in the next two weeks.

      • Nailed it again billy. I still think we have another signing to be announced before long and the re signing of Hayne will follow. The club seems to be running much better now without the rushed decisions and I really think they are trying to sign the right players, not only what is available.

        Good to see you back here mate. Looks as though the band is getting back together….

        • cheers mate….
          I think there are a few signings in the wings, one or two substantial ones, thus the lack of rush to get these things.
          Despite what the “realists” say on the other place, I feel comfortable that the admin and stuff is in reasonably good hands atm. Whilst fans want to see action, I feel that the lack of noise about who the club are talking to and where things are at, show a vastly more professional approach than previously. In the past every tom, Richard and Harold would know who what and when but not now.
          The Fergo one was a case in point – very little noise, but nek minnit he signed.
          Players and agents generally don’t like that stuff out in the open unless they want to make a point or influence the outcome their way.
          Fingers crossed…

  9. The Dragons don’t need Hayne even though he scored 3 tries when the Dragons were absolutely thumped by Paramatta ( wooden spooners ) 40-4 what the Dragons need is a NEW COACH. Get rid of McGregor that’s what the Dragons should focus on because under McGregor they won’t show any improvement in 2019.

  10. He’s supposed to be the coach killer. If that’s true, I welcome him to the Dragons with open arms.
    I’ll take anything that can rid our great club of the imposter coach McGregor.
    Sign on the dotted line Jarryd.

  11. I think my beloved South Sydney Rabbitohs should consider purchasing this outstanding talent. We were found out on the wings throughout 2018 and this most definitely is our week link. I suggest to our sleeping Souths officialdom to hire Hayne and move Johnstone back to the wing to replace one of our weak link flankers.

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