CJ Mundine

Son-of-a-gun CJ Mundine could be on the move, with the Rabbitohs believed to be circling the star Dragons junior.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Souths is one of a number of clubs trying to lure Mundine from the club his father, prominent boxer Anthony Mundine, represented for seven years at senior level, with the Bulldogs, Raiders and Titans also believed to be in the race.

The five-eighth is believed to have held talks with South Sydney in recent days as he weighs up his future.

Anthony Mundine said sentiment won't play a role in his son's decision.

“I have a soft spot for the Dragons, they’re my junior club," Mundine told The Daily Telegraph.

"I played Harold Matthews, SG Ball, Jersey Flegg and made my debut in 1993 there.

"I have a long history with the Dragons and I’d love to see my son perform there but he has to make the right decision for him.”

Anthony Mundine's senior rugby league career spanned eight years across two clubs.


  1. If he knows how to pass a football to his outside backs, something Walker at Souths has no idea how to, then it is not a surprise to see the rabbits chase hard for this unknown Player.

    With walker always trying his individual play to make himself look good, which by the way fooled NSW selectors by picking him, then he starved Mitchell of any ball so Fittler sacked Walker. Dragging the starved Latrell Mitchell with him.

    Then this unknown untried NRL player Mundine, will get a walk up start at Souths. Perhaps Penrith could chase him also with Maloney gone.

  2. Is Mundine senior making the decision on behalf of his son? Judging by the quotes, it sounds like he is.

  3. Matt Mundine Mark 2…. Didn’t exactly set the world on fire in SG Ball this year. Talk of 1st grade etc is wayyyyy off here.

  4. Busta!! Anyone that signs on at Souths is either an ordinary player or a washed up has been, Mundine is only just below ordinary but Souths need to sign him up so they can give their fans the hope of having a 5/8 that might just pass the ball.

    I would not have my hopes to high though. Being the son of a show pony, I think if he signs on at Souths, they will have two individualists 5/8ths battling it out for self Glory Glory to their own Glory while the other washed up ordinary backs will be waiting to see some footy like Roberts, Gagai, Johnston and co, will be waiting all day gathering daddy longleg webs.

  5. It as much harder to achieve a premiership legitimately within the salary cap and with 22 premierships Souths are very proud not to be labelled cap sombreros.
    No secret which club is labelled with this title and for good reason.

  6. Mundine is obviously looking at Souths to be part of a club with a rich indigenous history as opposed to a club with a culture of rednecks like the cap sombreros.

  7. busta
    October 28, 2019 at 5:35 pm
    “Didnt someone post on ZT the other day that Souths had already signed him”

    That’s right. They stated elsewhere as well will be announced after 1 Nov.
    The sombreros were desperate for his signature but doesn’t want to be part of a club with a reputation for rednecks.

  8. TwitOne, the ony reason he might sign with your hopeless team south of Sydney rabbit, is because he came knocking and we just told him straight, wonder down the road in the direction south, they are looking for plenty of cheap ordinary wannabe NRL ordinary players, thats all they buy son, I reckon so that your in mate. Go on, off you go. Not East!! South!!! South is that way.

  9. Busta the ninny clown Twentyone mouthed off again claiming with bragging glee that they signed the rookie wannabe, just another mediocre player Souths can only afford. They could buy a 1 mil dollar player but prefer ten 100k players for depth of their mediocre A team.
    Hence the nunber one big signing is a 35yr old timer playing in the centres. Whtch Goodwin get trampled over in the Canterbury cup next year after Mundine sells him a dump.

  10. TwentyOne
    October 28, 2019 at 10:12 pm
    “Mundine is obviously looking at Souths to be part of a club with a rich indigenous history “

    That’s not something to brag about, I assume you’re abo Stephanie? It would explain a lot. It’s almost cheque day for you and your 6 kids Steph.

  11. That’s interesting . When the French Dressed Chickens sign old guys like Ryan Hall & Brett Morris. They’re the best thing since sliced bread.
    If someone else does the same thing. It’s watch ( Not Whtch Ben the Brilliant ) them get trampled over .

  12. Thats not quite right EastOf Divide, pHall made the English Test team from the Roosters whilst Morris won a man of the match in the winning World Club Challenge in 2019 plus played a blinder in the winning Premiership Grand Final team.

  13. Any other FACTS EastOfDivide/TwitOne you need straightening out, please do not hesitate to ask Benny Udson with an “H” the master for actual facts. Not your fantasy unbelievable fiction stories.

  14. Every player cant play for souths the most successful team with 21 premiership wins from 1908-2019 “forever in the shadow of (21) premierships”

  15. It’s pretty well spot on BenDoey.
    Ryan Hall made the Great Brittain team & he was just as old & useless there as at the French TriCopiers.
    Morris did better for an old fellow with a few less injuries , than for years before.
    How would you know how well Goodwin could play? He wasn’t that bad when he was there before.

  16. Goodwin was never any good so what’s makes you think he’s going to be any good in his late 30’s?

  17. Roosters_On MybackInOxfordSt October 29, 2019 at 10:30 am
    “Goodwin was never any good so what’s makes you thnk he’s going to be any good in his late 30’s?”
    When you don’t have a limit on your salary cap we can’t all have 9 origin and 13 internationals in our top 17.
    Besides, Ryan Hall at $650k a year for a dud I would suggest you have a rethink on your opinions.

  18. Hall was over 30 and had busted ACL when he was signed no Super League outfit wanted him.
    He underwent months of rehab even after he arrived in Sydney.
    Morris was also over 30 and shown the door by the dogs. He wanted to finish up at the club he started at the Dragons.
    They wouldnt even return his phone calls. I would be surprised if they paid anymore than 550-600k for both.
    If you believe Hall was on 650k i have a Bridge you might like to buy.

  19. Souths are pilling up with duds now johnston, Reynolds, Walker, Goodwin and Roberts. No top 8 for that stain in 2020.

  20. Congratulations to superstar Cam Murray on overdue Kangaroo selection.
    Not surprised to hear several team mates looking forward to him as captain.
    Will be refreshing to have an intelligent, well spoken player who understands what the refs are saying compared to the current dope they call captain.

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