AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - MARCH 09: Sonny Bill Williams of the Blues warms up ahead of the round 4 Super Rugby match between the Blues and the Sunwolves at QBE Stadium on March 09, 2019 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

Sonny Bill Williams has signed a two-year $10 million deal with Toronto Wolfpack, according to Nine News reporter Danny Weidler.

It stands as the most lucrative deal in either rugby code's history.

“There’s been a lot of speculation about what Sonny Bill’s next move will be,” Weidler told the Nine News Bulletin.

“It will be to return to rugby league. Not in the NRL, he’s made his mind up to join the Toronto Wolfpack, who play in the English Super League.

“The deal is stunning — $10 million for two years’ work. Incredible money there. Probably the biggest deal that I’ve ever heard of in rugby league or rugby union.

An official announcement is expected to be made within the next week ahead of an official function and jersey presentation at Canada House in London.

The 34-year old had a number of NRL suitors as well as big offers from French rugby union clubs as, neither of which could compete with the Wolfpack's bid.

He completed his All Blacks career on Friday as New Zealand ousted Wales to finish third in the Rugby World Cup Finals.

The Worldpack are still believed to be on the lookout for more big-name signings following their promotion from the second-tier Championship.

Earlier this year, Wolfpack owner David Argyle said there were "10 superstar names" on a wish list.


  1. This guy’s whole career is a lesson to anybody who thinks tarnishing your name by breaking a contract in the ugliest of ways (all just for money) will bring about bad karma. Money Bill Williams.

    Gotta say I’m still a hater and I don’t even support the dogs.

  2. He’s won 2 rugby world cups, the blesesloe, Tri and quad nations and mitre 10 cup with rugby. In league he’s won 2 NRL premierships with two different teams. He’s also an Olympian for representing NZ in 7s. Plus he has an undefeated boxing record.

    If he was to win the super league with Toronto he would be easily the most successful Rugby player of all time. In meaning accomplishments in Union, League and 7’s. All he’s missing is being a world champ touch player.

    Personally I don’t like him cause of how he breaks contracts unpunished and cause of his favouritism among coaches.

  3. Next on Toronto’s hit list – Cameron Smith ?

    Could be why we got all the sob story at the end of the season and he still hasn’t made public what he is doing. The Sob story started around the time that Toronto secured promotion to Superleague. Could be a nice end to his career.

  4. Reports say that Toronto’s next targets are Manu Tuilagi and Ben Teo. Two would be a really solid signing, he was a really good rugby league player and a back row of SBW and Teo would be solid in the super league.

    Toronto if they want to save money (which they don’t look to be) should go after these guys…
    Lloyd Perrett, Tony Williams, Issac Luke, Josh Hoffman, Bureta Faraimo, Eddy Perrybourne, Jospeh Paulo, Tim Simona and Young Tonumaipea.

  5. swa,

    They have one Marque signing left and then would need to watch the pennies. They are also after big names that would spark interest in the North American market. A couple of very big names like Smith and SBW could spark tv sponsorship money that would make their salaries look like chicken feed.

    Whist Lloyd Perrett, Tony Williams, Issac Luke, Josh Hoffman, Bureta Faraimo, Eddy Perrybourne, Jospeh Paulo, Tim Simona and Young Tonumaipea might be good from a securing a SL playoff place point of view, they would be complete unknowns in Canada.

  6. Yeah i didn’t say it well but I meant Tuilagi and Teo are other names they are targeting for the marquee spot so reports say. Those other guys I suggested they get were more for just normal role players, not marquee spots. They would be relatively unknown but Pettybourne Faraimo and Paulo are all American National rugby league players so that would spark some interest. As for those other players names they are just not contracted players that would help, Perrett is a young forward who would do well in the super league, TRex would be good in super league also but is older and has more of a reputation (former kangaroo). Luke former kiwis player still a really good hooker, Hoffman not contracted former kiwi, Simona would be good in super league as would Young T

  7. Just thought of another good possibility ……. Valentine Holmes.

    After his bit in the NFL, he would create a little bit of interest in the media but would also deliver during the season.

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