SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 23: Latrell Mitchell of the Roosters looks dejected at fulltime during the NRL Preliminary Final match between the Sydney Roosters and the North Queensland Cowboys at Allianz Stadium on September 23, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Latrell Mitchell is set to meet with the Rabbitohs coach Bennett as the fullback weighs up his future.

According to Fox Sports, the 22-year old will and Bennett will sit down to try and facilitate his move to the Souths.

It comes after The Daily Telegraph reported on Tuesday night that Mitchell wants to play under the seven-time premiership mentor.

South Sydney are reportedly focused on securing an early release for Titans forward Jai Arrow, which could be finalised in the next 24 hours.

Bennett told The Courier-Mail last month he was not interested in recruiting Mitchell.

“We won’t be signing Latrell,” Bennett told The Courier-Mail.

“We have enough centres. I am happy with Braidon Burns and James Roberts.

“I needed a forward to replace Sam.”

If Arrow's release is granted, the Bunnies could turn their attention to Mitchell and sign him on a potential budget one-year $400,000 deal.

Mitchell is believed to have his heart set on joining the Rabbitohs due to his close friendships with Cody Walker, James Roberts and Braidon Burns and because of the club's strong indigenous culture.

The fullback is still working out his agent situation and is set to be granted a release from his current manager Wayde Rushton to join Matt Rose, who also represents Cody Walker.

One roadblock on any cut-price deal signs with the Rabbitohs is that it must be cleared by NRL auditor Richard Gardham.

The league’s salary cap laws state a player cannot be registered on a contract worth significantly less than his market value.

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  1. Sorry to everyone I’m just a lonely loser with no friends. Please don’t tell the police I’m using a computer, under my bail conditions I’m not allowed to have any internet use because of the disgusting crimes I committed against the vulnerable. I won’t go into to much detail but I’m trying my best to stop my sick urges. Fingers crossed 🙏🙏 but really it isn’t my fault this is what god wants me to be. Come on the roosters 3peat

  2. Not cool whoever just posted that first comment. Impersonating somebody and then making those statements is really poor form.

  3. My understanding is his entire junior career was at fullback. Think he might have played 5 or 10 games there for the NRL Roosters early on. Think he’s only been playing centres because Teddy is there.

  4. I’m surprised ZT allowed the 1st post.

    Regarding Latrell great to have the ball rolling with Wayne.
    All systems go.

  5. Penny for your thoughts on a 400k signing and the likelihood it will be signed off by NRL. Told you Wayne is a lying cheating dog in a bunnies jacket.

    IMO: If clubs are allowed to pay overs for players then unders shouldn’t be a drama either if a player is willing, in saying that in Mitchell’s case and any other player case seeking an early release I say Rabbits should be held accountable for November,December and January’s salary payed to him by Roosters for the upcoming season.

    Only my opinion regardless of club why should a franchise be held accountable for a players salary for months in preparation for the upcoming season for them to not have said player in their jersey.

  6. Paying overs is very different to paying unders. The NRL have said in the past that player contracts will not be registered at below market value, meaning players cannot be paid unders. If a team decides to pay overs to attract a player that is on them and they have to manage the rest of their cap in a way that allows that.

  7. In a perfect world maybe it is. But the risk of under the table payments to top up the player getting paid unders means that the NRL must put some rules around it.

    Do you honestly think a player would knowck back a $1M contract and sign a $400k contract if there was nothing else coming their way?

  8. Bunnies will register the con tract for 400k.
    The NRL auditor will only value him at 500k and say it’s close enough an approve the contract.
    When Falou quit AFL and wanted to sign with us, we weren’t allowed to be even 1 dollar under the NRL inflated market value of a guy that had been out of the game for 3 years.
    Not all teams are treated equally.
    There are definitely the haves and have nots.

  9. If the Roosters have to pay $200k of his contract then I reckon the NRL will push it through. My understanding is if he waits until the end of the month then the Roosters will have already incurred that cost. But I honestly believe Mitchell is a $1m player. Even $600k is way too low imo. He’s 22 and should only get (a lot) better.

  10. With the 200k already forked out by the roosters will take him to $600k which was the roosters initial offer.
    Was was that acceptable to the NRL and now the rooster wombats on here jumping up and down screaming its too low?
    Typical of you and your sleazy club.
    Anyway, wellcome home Latrell.

  11. @twentyone ….. looks like your predictions about latrell were right on the money.

    Waiting for all the cheat club Brooster’s fans to come up with new excuses.

  12. Thanks Alex but The Fox is looking 50/50 at this stage.
    Bulldogs are going hard for him.
    There goes the 4/4 and a couple of beers from Ropeablerooster

  13. @Twentypne … yes agreed, Fox is 50/50 at this stage. But Latrell and Jai are very good additions specially Latrell will give a huge boost for 2020. I would love to see him sma.shing a few Brooster players.

  14. Hey Brennan do you think your recruiters do so by seeking advice from comments posted on ZT by you,21 and the rest of your rabbit bretheren on here. Thats funnier than ropeables Bulldogs Titans GF. I’ve heard bunnies have also nearly negotiated Arrows early release, Titans are bloody mad if they let him go I’m sick of players bailing early on contracts. If true what the hell could Rabbits possibly lay out on the table good enough for his release. Well 21 your never short of a yarn what’s your source telling you?

  15. “The league’s salary cap laws state a player cannot be registered on a contract worth significantly less than his market value.” ……Since when have the salary cap laws applied to souffs?

  16. TwentyOneJanuary 8, 2020 at 6:29 pm

    “The Fox is looking 50/50 at this stage. Bulldogs are going hard for him. There goes the 4/4 and a couple of beers from Ropeablerooster.”

    Don’t be so hard on yourself 21. Remember Meatloaf used to always sing 2/3 ain’t bad. So 3/4 well…….how about if the roosters lose their 2 premierships as you’ve predicted, I get you a case. LOL.

  17. Well, as odds are that the auditor sets Mitchell’s value at a figure on par with what the Roosters and Tigers offered him one wonders what happens to him if Souths simply can’t squeeze him in within the constraints of the salary cap? Could he conceivably be left without a club to play for, other than to either sit out the season on the Rooster’s dime, or go back to them cap in hand to try and play out the remainder of his contract? Clearly he’s worn out his welcome at Bondi and they can no longer afford to give him a contract anyway after spending the money on contract upgrades, and I’m not sure what the situation is for him now at the Tigers.

    It’s hard to get a read on whether he’s just been a complete mug over this or has simply received some bad advice from the revolving door of manager’s he’s had, which in itself seems to suggest that Mitchell’s the problem. Add to that the comments about playing center and he certainly hasn’t done himself any favours. I wish the kid well wherever he ends up – he’s too talented to go to waste sitting on the sidelines.

  18. South’s can always just get the extra money through a direct corporate sponsorship . A sponsorship arranged directly between the sponsor & player. These are an unrestricted payment method . They are outside of the salary cap. If ‘Mitchell’ can find such a sponsor, job done.
    These dodgy sounding sponsorships have been used extensively by the Nuggets ,every single year.
    What’s good for the Chicken, is good for the Bunnies.
    How a sponsor & player go about arranging such deals & without the clubs initial assistance ,is another story?

  19. butters, his current contract with the Roosters is reportedly $450K. At the end of January he will be 3 months into that contract, which means, unless the Roosters agree to pay more, they would have only paid him $112.5K, so not sure where the $200K comes from.

  20. TheRopeableRooster
    January 9, 2020 at 12:33 am
    TwentyOneJanuary 8, 2020 at 6:29 pm

    “Don’t be so hard on yourself 21. Remember Meatloaf used to always sing 2/3 ain’t bad. So 3/4 well…….how about if the roosters lose their 2 premierships as you’ve predicted, I get you a case. LOL”

    Thanks RR but justice being served will be intoxicating in itself.
    If you think the Latrell move has the sombreros and their wombat supporters shell shocked and running for cover this will take it to another level.
    BTW Latrell will be at training on Monday.

    Look for some news coming shortly about the sombreros going for Xerri with the realization Billy Smith is a dud.

  21. Billy Smith has all the attributes if a champion young centre. Speed, Size, Strength and Defence. Plus he still has enough hair on his head to do a comb over for many years, after Sam the Facebook Stripper ripped a hunk of hair from his melon.

    If the Roosters were worried about loising the Walk-About brainless child Mitchell, then they certainly would not of taken the offer off the table as fast as they did.
    The Roosters just keep on developing young talent a breakneck speed, if a player has success at a team sport and he gets a big head that can’t be cured, thinking he and he alone is the reason they won back to back titles, like Mitchell has thought.

    Then they are free to explore there options elsewhere. But knocking back big dollars from the Roosters and Tigers, then running out of options to play with the back to back chokers, only emphisizes how small a brain the boy has to want to play in desperation now for less than what he could have taken when on offer.

    Another thing with Mitchell that you will notice at Souths, when a team mate scores a try he 99% of the time avoids congratulating them because he was not the try score. Also if he sets a try up he will run towards the crowd wanting the crowd to acknoledge his activity in the event. Number one sign of a big head. Good luck Souths, you Chokers are going to need all the luck you can get with the want to be Tedesco Fullback. WaHahahahahahaha

  22. Mark.mywords, you are starting to smell a little mouldy.
    Can you come up with something new and original?
    How about what the latest is with Latts.

  23. good luck latrell…..2019 will be the last time you ever hold a premiership trophy aloft. Unless of course you’re still playing in another 48 years. 😂🤣😂🤣

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