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The Panthers and Titans are separated by just one win and are ninth and 12th on the ladder respectively, in what looms as a crunch clash on Saturday.

Penrith will be without veteran Trent Merrin however in big injury news, as he’ll miss the next 6-8 weeks with a knee injury.

Matt Moylan and Peter Wallace return in better news for the Panthers, as Tyrone May and Mitch Rein drop out.

The Titans make just one change after last weekend’s 30-10 win over Cronulla in pouring conditions, with Morgan Boyle replacing Pat Politoni on the interchange.

A late field goal to Moylan in round 25 last season saw the Panthers win the last meeting between the two, and Penrith should be able to do it again with their home ground advantage this time around.

Panthers by 4.

Team Lists

Team Lists

Team Stats

Scoring Plays

Panthers   Titans
4 Tries 3
3 Conversions 2
1 Penalty Goals
Field Goals


Panthers   Titans
171 All Runs 158
1,728 All Run Metres 1,337
3 Line Breaks 4
3 Offloads 6


Panthers   Titans
333 Kick Metres 426
275 Tackles 335
25 Missed Tackles 29


Panthers   Titans
7 Penalties Conceded 8
10 Errors 9
Sin Bin
Send Offs

Player Stats




  1. Also, sorry to sound butthurt but Panthers are pretenders. First try shouldn’t have been awarded, came off a Penrith knock on, followed by a try from an intercept ball. Take those two tries out and it would’ve been a different story.

  2. First point. The first try wasn’t off a knock on.
    Second point. The intercept try was the Titans fault.
    I will add another one for you.
    The Titans 2nd try should never have happened as Mansour was tripped in full view of the ref and the touch judge yet they ignored that and awarded the Titans a penalty for a shove a few seconds later. That should have been a penalty to the Panthers right in front. Instead the Titans scored a try off the back of it.
    Not a fan of either team but it is what it is.
    One thing is for sure. If Cleary isn’t the Blues halfback next year the NSWRL will be labeled a joke. He is light years ahead of that failed trash Pearce.

    • Firstly, your opinion about the Titans game is invalid because you’re a broncos supporter and even if the penalty count was 20-0 in favour of the other team, you’d still blame the Titans. You must get your glasses from the same place as the referees because it was a double knock on no doubt about it.

      Also you’re kidding about throwing young Cleary into origin next year right? Yes, he is the future of NSW and will probably become one of, if not the best halfback of the next generation. However, he is only 19 years old.
      Pearce was thrown into the origin way too young, it hurt is confidence and look where he is now. Cleary needs a couple more years to mature in order to make sure the same thing doesn’t happen to him.

      • Who I support has absolutely nothing to do with it but if it helps your biased opinion in any way I am an Eels supporter. Not sure how that makes my opinion invalid.
        Just because I don’t support your team doesn’t make my opinion invalid. Unlike you I wasn’t watching the game with Titans colored glasses on so if anything my opinion on the game is more valid than your bias opinion.
        The ball was dislodged in a fair tackle. No double knock on. End of story. I see you didn’t mention your grubby player intentionally tripping Mansour. And you guys scored a try off the back off that which shouldn’t have happened.
        Not sure why you are getting on your high horse and having a sook. I was just commenting on what actually happened in the game.
        Better team on the day won.

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