The NRL confirmed that five former Cronulla Sharks players have received sanctions for breaches of the game’s anti-doping rules during the 2011 Season.

The former players – Β Paul Aiton, Colin Best, Stuart Flanagan, Ben Pomeroy and John Williams – received reduced suspensions of 12 months on the basis that they bore no significant fault in the breaches.

The suspension of each former player was also backdated for a period between six and nine months owing to the length of the investigation and each has now expired.

The sanctions are the last to be imposed arising from the investigation of breaches of the anti-doping rules during the 2011 season which saw a total of 17 players sanctioned.


    • Be careful Dank was at Manly for 5 years before he went to the Sharks for 11 weeks…. But of course Dank would never have done anything illegal while at Manly right???

        • You must have missed the part where Matt Orford admitted to being injected with calfs blood otherwise known as blood doping!

          Manly played in how many finals durin Danks tenure?

          Do you even understand what peptides are champ? They primarily aid in recovery hence why the stewart brothers and watmough have apent plenty of time on the sidelines since he departed.

        • No one at Manly has been accused or charged , were either better at it or it never happened , still Sharks drug cheats ,,,, FACT !!!!😚

        • +1

          I agree with everything bwb67 and stimo have been saying.

          How naive do you have to be to think that Danks did nothing shonky while he was at Manly?

          I’ll give you a tip, while the Storm were cheating the salary cap with a team stars and practically unbeatable and at their peak Manly towelled them up 40-0 in the 2008 GF!! And you don’t find that strange?

        • NRL statement on anti doping breaches names the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks , there coach was barred , players were barred , club was fined , Manly not mentioned , if there’s proof you have then I suggest you contact Toddy , not spew your BS here behind a keyboard 😎

        • silvertail47

          Manly not mentioned… Just WHY did the media and ASADA suddenly stop pursuing Manly for answers I wonder? One day the media were asking questions, ASADA were asking questions, then nothing. Manly denied any wrong doing. Next thing, the investigation into Manly ended. Well that was a thorough job wasn’t it?

          ASADA/media: “Did you do it?”
          Manly: NO .
          ASADA/media: “OK, then, fair enough”

          Phew, reeks of a cover up! Like I said Manly towelled up the Storm 40-0 in the 2008 GF while the Storm were at their peak in the middle of their salary cap binge and you don’t find that strange? Really? Denial can be such a funny thing to an outside observer. No wonder you are wearing dark glasses! Hahahahaha

        • Well the Sharks did take the guilty plea, which incrimenates them.
          However do you honestly believe that While Dank was at Manly for 5 years nothing untoward happened… Please!!! Just better at covering up in my opinion

        • stimo

          I remember news reports when the Dank scandal broke and a lot of questions were being asked of BOTH Cronulla and Manly. Then suddenly there were no more questions being asked of Manly and no more follow up from the media. Reeks of a cover up to me.

  1. So 5 players who haven’t played for the club in several years have been suspended for 12 months, but the sentence has already expired. And the original infraction was 5 years ago? Will this story never end?

  2. Numbers reveal Manly legend Des Hasler one of the Modern greats , now how would you achive these stats if you were a cheat , seriously , I understand that your filthy on Manlys success but you should stick to the facts , Sharks r drug cheats Fact , Manly ,,, nothing to see here ,,,,,,

        • Like rhe one they won this year?

          I’d be more worried about your teams current status than the past mate πŸ˜‰

        • ouch , that hurt so much , i might just laquer our wooden spoons , what’s that we don’t have any ??? Whaaaaat ,

      • Sstid,

        You and Josh Massoud should grab a coffee together and see what other false claims you can come up with.
        No proof. And guilt by association is a pretty poor argument.

        But if that’s the way we’re playing, what ever happened to Mitch Ross and the special “treatments” that Souths used in the lead up to their 2014 premiership. The same ones banned by the NFL.

        Glass houses….

        • thebatman

          I was waiting for the Manly tirade to begin. In silvertail47’s own words ; “in good humour mate, no offence intended. Please don’t take my banter personally”

          silvertail47 started off on the Sharks and ASADA and then it became a tongue in cheek banterfest. To quote silvertail47 again; “nothing to see here ,,,,,,”

          Re Mitch Ross, are you talking about ice chips? That was disclosed to the NRL at the beginning of the season, approved and common knowledge to all clubs by the start of the year.

        • thebatman

          One other thing, re the whole “no proof” argument, it’s pretty hard to provide proof when there is no investigation. That was the suspicious thing about it. Also it is a little stronger than just guilt by association, Dank was at Manly for years (during their period of success) and had barely established himself at the Sharks when this came out. It is natural that his time at Manly should have been investigated given the circumstances. But it seemed to get dropped pretty quickly and quietly, hence the comments by others here.

        • Sstid,

          So your saying it’s all tongue in cheek stuff in your first message but then go onto say that there was limited investigation into the Sea Eagles. Well which is it? You having a dig or not? Sounds like you are but aren’t game enough to say so – so are calling it tongue in cheek.

          Let’s confirm our facts before stating Manly have never been investigated.

          ASADA investigated Manly in 2008 and 2010 when Dank was employed as part of the sports science program. Both times nothing was found.

          In 2013 – Manly was named along with the Panthers, Newcastle, Sharks, Cowboys and Raiders in the ACC report into doping in sports – requiring further investigation.
          Manly was dismissed along with the other 4 clubs and only the Sharks were found to have been guilty for doping violations… most of which were to do with their poor governance.

          So where exactly are you getting your info from that Manly has never been investigated and/or the investigations were dismissed too quickly for your liking – because as far as I can see – they have been in the spot light due to their relationship with Dank and on each occasion – nothing has been found.

          Think you’ll find Dank was dismissed when he tried to administer an “unknown” injection to Josh Perry when Don Singe found out about it, along with Toovs and then head coach, Des Hasler.

          So, let’s get our facts straight before we throw mud at other clubs. It’s more than “banter” and “tongue in cheek”. It’s slanderous fiction which is no better than Josh Massouds false claims.

          Just because you think there weren’t any investigations or they were dismissed too quickly doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. πŸ˜‰

        • thebatman

          OK then, for the sake of peace I’ll stick with “tongue in cheek banter” as arguing about it now will hardly change the results from 2008 and 2014. Agreed?

          By the same token it’s also time to move on from the Storm salary cap and Sharks drug cheats accusations don’t you think?

        • Agreed. Old news and the ones who are bringing it up are fishing. Silvertails baits people all the time. Don’t get caught in old fishing lines….

          Only reason I’ve brought it up with you is because Ive just heard you mention you dislike the other users implying the whole Souffs supporters thing…. seemed a little hypocritical of you to expect that your club and supporters be treated one way but you have free rain to attack others with no evidence.

          I will lead the procession to attack any club if they are guilty of doping. But Manly have been investigated several times and to no avail. Unless you have some evidence that ASADA or the NRL don’t – let’s let it go and move on…. πŸ™‚

        • thebatman

          “the ones who are bringing it up are fishing… Don’t get caught in old fishing lines….”

          As you have noticed I continually have this problem. As I have said, I have never had any previous experience posting on forums or the like (I don’t even use FB). But I am learning. Early on silvertail47 and I made it clear we were engaging in a bit of banter (verbal jousting) and a few others joined in. When that happens sometimes both sides can go a bit far but we were both fine with it.

          As you have seen I have not gone after Manly in the past but instead been quite balanced and constructive in my opinions I think.

          “you dislike the other users implying the whole Souffs supporters thing seemed a little hypocritical”

          If it will ease the situation and assist in never hearing “Souffs” again then I happily retract and apologise! πŸ™‚

          “let’s let it go and move on….”

          Agreed! Game on in 2017!!

        • SSTID I’ll keep it brief. You are an idiot. You have been on here casting aspersions as to the integrity of the Manly club regarding drug use. Let’s get a few facts right- there is no cover up as the investigations conducted are not by the club, or the NRL, but by ASADA. The findings were that Cronulla players, under a system designed by the club were found to have taken illegal peptides. The Manly club was cleared and no Manly player was found to have taken any illegal substance. For what it’s worth injecting calves blood (whilst a bit weird) is not illegal, nor is it blood doping. If it was, then Manly players would have been charged. Your suggestion that Manly’s 40-0 GF win was questionable overlooks the fact that depsite playing against a team 1.3m over the cap, Manly were simply hungrier for a win after falling to the cheating Storm the previous year (and having Cam Smith suspended didn’t hurt either) and wanted to send Menzies out a winner.
          Every time you open your mouth I feel regret for giving up my time to march to Town Hall demonstrating against Souths being kicked out all those years ago. Next time, I’ll just enjoy a day off

        • mark

          I just read your sledge against 3 players in the “Australia finalise side to face New Zealand” story. Talk about disgraceful! I’ve only seen you post 2 things and they are both full of anger and vitriol. You are just another angry little man hiding behind anonymity to feel empowered to speak sh!t.

          Have you made a positive contribution here? Anything original or insightful I wonder? Any positive or constructive opinions relevant to the game or the actual article?

          silvertail47 fired a number of good volleys of his own and I was not alone in returning serve. I notice you don’t go after anyone else though, do you? As I explained to thebatman and silvertail47 was aware, we both engaged in a bit of banter that pushed the limits. I already retracted and apologised to thebatman, who unlike you, has at least offered constructive, positive and relevant opinions here. I won’t apologise to you.

          I will be looking closely in future for any positive, constructive, relevant, original or insightful things you have to say that is actually relevant to the purpose of this site as opposed to taking cheap shots at other people.

  3. Why bring it up? It doesn’t have any bearing on anything / anyone anymore.

    The Sharks just won their first premiership, fair and square by playing good footy all year, and 2 weeks later this nonsense is brought up.

    If I was a Sharks supporter, I’d be filthy.

    • Eelsalmighty you are right on the money as a Sharks fan im sick of it.
      It was 5 years ago that it occurred.

      The Storm produced the biggest rort the game has seen, which they conducted over a 4 year period yet i don’t see the media continually bringing that up.

      They must have been some real performance enhancers considering we finished 13th lol

      • Get used to it , your Sharkies are Drug cheats , FOREVER !!!! And Manly produced the “Greatest ever victory” (daily telegraphs words not mine) IN HISTORY ,,,,, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ,

        • silvertail47

          “Manly produced the β€œGreatest ever victory” IN HISTORY”

          Wasn’t that in 1997 when Darren Albert scored of an Andrew Johns pass on the siren for the Knights to beat Manly? LOL

        • Sure that was a great finish. I was there and as a Manly fan it hurt, but we didn’t lose by 40 points. Also, the subsequent drug convictions to Robbie O’Davis and Rodney Howe, and the self confessed drug use of Andrew Johns, kinda made us feel ok because we were the best (legal) team out there

  4. 1967, 1969 and 2014 , were wonderful years , are they still on display in your trophy cabinet ,,,, ???

    • silvertail47

      You missed a couple, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, 2014 (and that is just the last 5, there are 21 in all).

      Btw, Souths beat Manly in 1970. After 1971 Manly poached/bought half of Souths premiership side and the Roosters the other half. Guess which two clubs had all the success between 1972 – 1976 as a result. Silvertails and latte sippers don’t work but pay others to do the work on their behalf. Typical! πŸ™‚

  5. Sharks average 1 Prem every 50 years , on those numbers you’ll be dead before you see your sharks win again , who am I to spoil it for you , lap it up big boy by kick off next year no one will remember the 2016 grand final ,,,1972,1973,1976,1978,1987,1996,2008,2011, ,,, bet I see another half dozen before I expire ,,,

    • silvertail47

      See my comment above. It ALL started poaching the best from South Sydney! Manly couldn’t a thing before then. Hahahahahaha

      • eelsalmighty

        Hahahahahahaha!! I get the same feeling. He probably has only been alive to see the last two for Manly in any case. πŸ˜‰

    • silvertail47

      By the looks of it Manly aren’t going to finish on top of the Bunnies or the Sharks for the next couple of years so you might have to be prepared for a LONG wait yourself. πŸ˜‰

      • But Manly have DCE, how could they go wrong? He’s Manly born and bred, other than some confusion regarding him playing QLD. SoO, which has been cleared up, because he was overlooked as back up for Cronk, and he’s loyal, for an extra pittance (about $8 mil.) he chose to be a 1 club player, and as long as he doesn’t trip over a bindi, he’ll be fit to play into his mid thirties.

    • silvertail47

      Are you SURE you aren’t ronald-m? Reading over your attack against the Sharks you sound more like a Storm fan still smarting after the loss. Most Manly fans here don’t seem to mind, or in fact were happy for the Sharks. Ronald?

      • Bro I’m not Ronald , I give as good as I get , for the record I HATE every side except for mine , Manly , sorry but it’s just how it is and the subject is drug cheats and the sharks are that , I can’t change that , all I can do is rub it in ,,,,please don’t take my banter personally ,,,, 😎😎😎

        • silvertail47

          I like banter as much as the next guy. Don’t worry, no offence taken. Just don’t call me STD (you didn’t) or refer to my team as Souffs (it’s Souths) and we are sweet.

          Everyone is just friendly now that the season is over. Next year, no doubt, things will heat up again.

          About you being a true Manly fan who HATES ALL OTHER TEAMS, don’t worry because it’s reciprocated, ALL OTHER TEAMS (supporters) HATE MANLY! Isn’t that just how you guys like it? πŸ˜‰

          It’s been fun.

        • It’s why Rugby League is the Greatest Show on earth , were else could you cuss n spit on the opposition then go shout each other a coldie , dunno about you but I’m suffering hard , I needs me a Rugby League fix ,,,,,,, NOW

        • Nailed it – in a recent survey, 15 out of 16 NRL supporters hate Manly, but it’s not conclusive, as they are still waiting for 1 in 16 surveyed to complete the form.

        • silvertail47

          “I’m suffering hard , I needs me a Rugby League fix”

          That’s why I record the games and reply all the wins! I should have at least one more to watch than you and eelsalmighty will have 5 more! Hahahahaha

      • silvertail47

        Let me know when Manly get to double figures (probably not in your lifetime though), oh well. πŸ™‚

        Not sure if we should count the “Peptide Cup” amongst Manly’s premierships. Probably should only be 7. 8 and you are trying to get to 21. Good luck! LOL

        • Well , based on our history we will get to 21 before the Sharkies , as for the Pepi cup , we didn’t get caught ( thank God) so happy days

        • silvertail47

          I’ll take that as an admission… and the first sign of rationality and common sense. πŸ˜‰

  6. silvertail47/eelsalmighty

    Well I’m off to bed boys. Time to count our premiership trophies as I fall asleep (which normally happens before I get to 21). Feel sorry for you though silvertail47, it must be hard to fall asleep on an 8 count! Perhaps Stephen Dank has something for that. LOL

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