The NRL has been asked to explain the reasoning behind the diamond ring they gifted to Cameron Smith's wife Barb in celebration of his 400th game.

The gift wasn't approved by the Australian Rugby League Commission according to the Daily Telegraph, and wasn't officially listed among the gifts the NRL would give to Smith.

Smith received a Waterford crystal football after his 400th game, and also received a mural in Richmond, down the road from AAMI Park.

The NRL reportedly handed Barb the ring worth around $15,000 at a private dinner in the lead up to Smith's 400th, although it wasn't mentioned until CEO Todd Greenberg had to defend the ring in a press conference on Thursday.

“Our biggest stars wouldn’t be where they are today without the women in their lives,’’ Greenberg said.

“We make no apologies for honouring the amazing role Barb has played and the sacri­fices she has made throughout Cameron’s career.

“His feat made history and may never be done again. It was right to acknowledge the achievement in the way we did.”

An NRL spokesperson said the gift had no salary cap implications attached to it.

“It is a gift from the NRL,” the spokesman said.

“No different to gifts for 300 games, premiership rings or players who are paid out of the NRL marketing fund to promote events.”


  1. Absolute disgrace. His wife is a millionaire. If you want to give to worthwhile ladies how about the canteen ladies at Bilambil Jets or any other country football club. Shame on Nrl.

  2. What a joke it’s the NRL trying to look good with the ladies.
    What has she done for RL I agree with the comment above the people that give their time on weekends for RL Clubs deserve this. Just another example on how badly the NRL.

  3. I am a Storm supporter and even I think this is a bit off. Cam’s gift to commemorate his achievement yes but his wife does no more than the majority of wives in this country in that she supports her husband. If she needed recognising for the support she has given Cam then that is Cam’s job not the NRL.

  4. Probably a lovely person, but really? As above every person, male or female that does voluntary work, a slap in the face. Do Greenburg and co have any feel for what most believe is in the interests of all. Guess not.

  5. That $15,000 could have gone a long way to supporting some of our grass roots junior clubs that are struggling. These NRL executives living in their ivory towers have no Fn idea. What a shambles this adminstration are led by greenburger and the beetroot.

  6. I’ve always maintained Greenberg is c0rrupt, since his days at the dogs covering up the gang r@pe at Coffs Harbour, and other events. This year has shown beyond doubt how reprehensible the NRL has become under this ratb@g.

  7. I bet there’s plenty of junior country RL teams that could use a $1000 each to buy equipment. There’s money for 15 of them right there.
    Smith’s wife could always sell it & give the money to junior development .

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