Kostjasyn injured at training

The Newcastle Knights have suffered an early blow in their bid to avoid back to back wooden spoons with new signing Rory Kostjasyn injured at training on Saturday.

Kostjasyn suffered a throat injury follow accidental contact and was taken to hospitalย but was later discharged.

Kostjasyn is expected to be sidelined for a minimum of six to eight weeks.

Read the full press release by the Newcastle Knights below:

Newcastle Knights utility Rory Kostjasyn has suffered a throat injury following accidental contact at training on Saturday.

Kostjasyn was hospitalised however he has been discharged today (Monday).

The 29-year-old will be reassessed in four to six weeks to determine a return date to training. At this stage, Kostjasyn is expected to be out for a minimum of six to eight weeks.

The Club will continue to provide any further updates when appropriate.


  1. That’s a cruel blow for Knights fans. First Mullen now Kostjasyn and Ponga won’t be joining the squad until 2018. Keep developing and believing in your young talent and things will come good in the end. This might give an opportunity to one of you rookies.

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        • holmsey4346 good to see you back too! As much as I am an advocate for free speech and a firm supporter of a bit of banter we have just seen an example of the kind of carnage that can happen when people are “let off the leash” and show no self-control or self-restraint. For my part I apologise to all here (even though I was attacked on a personal level and without provocation in this instance). It seems a little unfair that “the usual suspects” are allowed to start a personal and public attack and are not censored immediately but ZT support have their hands full so some low blows fly under the radar it seems. Moving forward I still intend to have a joke here and there, just not everywhere. We all seem to know a fair bit about the game (save one) so let’s try to keep on topic for the sake of the whole ZT community. Cheers

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        • And Zero Tackle, you can’t really make us just keep on topic. Seriously, there is only so much you can talk about Rory Kostjasyn and his injury. And I know you guys generally post daily at least, sometimes there are multiple days with no new stories, so we have to keep ourselves entertained on here some other way. Just because we go a little bit off topic doesn’t mean we don’t care about the story (although there are seriously some stories on here that are just click bait stories that really shouldn’t have been posted, but I would say that’s only at about 1% of the articles). Keep up the good work with the site, some good inside info here and it’s good fun to be on here.

        • trollz, I think their point is about self-control and the ratio of “on topic comments” vs “Dean Martin Celebrity Roast”, capiche?

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      • Can’t say we didn’t warn you about getting wrapped up in the nonsense now can you…. lol.

        In all seriousness good to have you and silvertail back. I especially look forward to round 2 Rabbitohs vs Manly.

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