SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 01: Sam Burgess of the Rabbitohs looks on during the round 13 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Cronulla Sharks at ANZ Stadium on June 1, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

South Sydney enforcer Sam Burgess has signed a long-term extension with the Rabbitohs, in a deal that will see him remain a Bunny until 2023.

The deal is reportedly worth over $1 million a season, and will kick in after his current deal runs out at the end of next season.

Burgess has played 160 games for the Rabbitohs across eight seasons with the club, and has 37 tries to his name.

He was immense during their 2014 premiership success, winning the Clive Churchill Medal after playing with a fractured eye socket as well as a fractured cheekbone after sustaining the injuries in the opening tackle of the match.

The deal likely sees Burgess remain a Rabbitoh for life, and that is something he seems more than happy with.

“I’m a Rabbitohs man. It’s as simple as that,” Burgess told

“The Club aligns with everything I’m about and my values, so it was an easy decision for me to extend my contract out to the end of my career.

“We spent a bit of time working out the contract as it is my last one, but Souths have always shown faith in me and I feel like I can repay that faith over the remaining years I have on the field.

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“I wasn’t interested in the player market or anything like that.

“I’m interested in leaving behind a legacy, being a small part of the fantastic history of this great Club.

“Players like John Sattler, Bob McCarthy, Ron Coote and Clive Churchill – they’re all remembered at this Club for what they have done. I love the history and I want to leave my mark as well.

“No one is bigger than the Club and as a South Sydney player, you have a connection to those players of the past.

“My first-grade player number is 1073 and that means a lot to me. I can’t tell you how much that number means to me.

“It’s a special Club and I’m so proud to be part of it.”


    • Kev, if I remember correctly you support the Eels so you should be the last person to throw stones in your little glass house. You used to be normal Kev so what happened? One wooden spoon too many push you over the edge Kev? Fever on the brain from sepsis caused by a splitter from one of your many spoons? What? I’m here for you buddy. Talk to me. 😉

    • A million per season certainly chews up more than one tenth of our cap per season, I don’t think it is a wise decision by Souths. Burgess is a top player but an ageing player who will be turning 35 in 2023, major injuries could rob him of game time in the last two seasons, the cowboys had Scott miss an entire season and it has taken another season for him to only get back to half his best form. An extension for two years would of been more sustainable due to his age, There is not too many forwards running around at 35. Like I said we love him but it is risky in his old age with one tenth of our cap.

      • Without Sam Burgess Souths wouldn’t have won their 21st premiership in 2014. Had he gone off with a broken eye socket after the first tackle of the game no one would have thought worse of him for it. But he did not. He believed in the club and still does. He believes in what we stand for, loyalty, community, hard work, toughness and respect. In giving your best and never backing down, no matter the odds against you.

        When he returned from England he did not consider another club, only Souths. In his interview today he said he never tested the market where some clubs may have offered more but instead re-negotiated his contract with Souths and trusted them to be fair. By the way, the same thing can be said of John Sutton with his recent re-signing.

        It is not as if Sam’s form is not deserving of an extension of his contract and his leadership on and off the field is hard to put a price on. He embodies the hero figure that players rally behind, just like John Sattler, when Coote, McCarthy and O’Neill (all tough men) would push themselves through pain and exhaustion and run through a brick wall for him. Listen to the players in the side and see how they look to him. They would all do the same for Sam. How do you put a price on that? Sam has never given up on the Rabbitohs, let’s not give up on him. I for one won’t.

  1. A very welcome and important signing for the Rabbitohs. A player loved by all those within the club and amongst all Rabbitohs supporters. The bloke bleeds cardinal and myrtle and is the embodiment of loyalty and is the type of leader on and off the field that all clubs need.

    That said, Sammy has to find the balance between aggression and passion vs discipline and control, particularly with the games ahead as he is unfairly singled out by referees because he favours an aggressive defensive style over a passive Ju-Jitsu wresting approach.

    Come on Sam, bring us more Glory! Glory! just like in 2014.

    • And a welcome back to you too.

      Obviously a good signing, and at a fair price, with any possible concern being the duration, given his age/position, but overall at least worth the risk.
      Our buddies/my buddies, “the baggage bros.” or “Tom & Gerry” have caught and held the ball.
      Mate, Cook, I thought he was going to be good, but he’s blown me away.

      I don’t want to talk Parra just yet, so if you bring it up, I’ll have to try and sell you some insurance (given I’m Ned).

      • “Our buddies/my buddies, “the baggage bros.” or “Tom & Gerry” have caught and held the ball.”

        mighty! WHY? You’ve gone and done it now. If they get a bad case of the butterfingers this Friday, well remember I know where to find you. 😉

        “Mate, Cook, I thought he was going to be good, but he’s blown me away.”

        He is playing like I always felt he could if given the chance but it’s the improvement in his defence that is the key and how under the added workload and fatigue he can still play close to 80 mins a game that is what has impressed me the most. I think it is the major reason for his improvement this year.

        “I don’t want to talk Parra just yet, so if you bring it up, I’ll have to try and sell you some insurance”

        Yeah, about that… I wouldn’t read any further down if I were you. I started at the bottom and worked my way up, so to speak… and no crude remarks if you please! 😉

  2. it would be weird to see him play for anyone else at this stage tbh.
    also i like what he had to say about the club, shows that there is a culture there. wish my club had some of that.

    • Who do you support andyj? All clubs have their own culture and those that don’t, like the Roosters, import it. 😂😂😂😂

      • Yep, checked his tag and no clue there. Do you remember the “so who do you suppprt” comment to “godragonsgo”?

        Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, and I think he’s a Sharks supporter by the way.

        • Cheers mighty. I was thinking either the Sharks or the Knights but I wasn’t sure which or if my memory was playing tricks. As for “godragonsgo”, I have no idea who that is or many others here now these days. Someone is even running with my handle so it must be hard for others to keep track.

          Commiserations on your Eels 2018 season btw, and I do remember saying they were not going to be a top 4 side but I did not expect them to do this poorly. Had they done otherwise your old rivals the Sea Eagles might have picked up their first wooden spoon so “the angry eagle” says thanks for that and that he always knew the Eels wouldn’t let him down. (sorry he made me say that). I suppose on the bright side the only way to go is up. 😉

          I know that you and the other Eels boys are fiercely loyal to your coach but, given that the Panthers and Broncos finished 5th and 6th respectively and Griffin got punted and old Papa Smurf won’t be getting his contract extended I just have to ask the question. If after 5 years at the helm of the Eels and given their result this year do you or any of the other Eels boys feel that BA’s time might be up? I defended Madge to the last but a change in coach has worked wonders and perhaps it’s time for BA to replace Baz and work his wonders for Manly? Any thoughts?

        • Would u like some help remembering how deceptively “Godragonsgo” was apparently parading as a neutral NRL supporter?

          U really don’t get the point of online comments. Good luck with your politicking. It’s been comforting to see that most posters haven’t bitten.

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