The Canterbury Bulldogs have provided the following statement on their club website regarding the sanctions handed to them by the NRL, including a $250,000 fine, for their drunken Mad Monday antics.

“The club accepts that the images and behaviour from the team get together on Monday were unacceptable and an extremely bad look for the game,” the statement by Bulldogs chief executive Andrew Hill reads.

“As a result of those actions the police are continuing their investigation into the behaviour of a number of players on the day.

“They are all good people that have acted in an immature and juvenile way. They have accepted responsibility for their actions and apologised to the club for their behaviour. The club will now work with them from an education and player welfare point of view and we will continue to support our players through this time.

“The club will also impose the following sanctions on the players:

Adam Elliott – $25 000 fine (with $ 10 000 suspended)
Asipeli Fine – $25 000 fine (with $ 10 000 suspended)
Marcelo Montoya – $10 000 fine (with $ 5 000 suspended)
Zac Woolford – $10 000 fine (with $ 5 000 suspended)

“In regards to the Breach Notice handed down by the NRL, while the club is disappointed at the severity of the fine, it accepts that the images and behaviours on the day were unacceptable and a poor reflection on the club and the game.

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“The club will now hold a full review and put steps in place to make sure that this situation never happens again.”


  1. I’m obviously not a Doggies supporter, but I am a member of a rival NRL club (guess which 1), but if the Doggies were to protest this fine, I’d sign a petition for them.

  2. Agree eels, the low life tele people could not keep their prying eye’s off the dogs end of season drink, again has i have said , they went to extremes to get the photo’s, the herald did not want anything to do with this and have said so in their articles about how the tele got their photo’s, still three days later it makes the front page so has to justify their low actions.

  3. Also a member of another NRL club (maybe the same one hey almighty?) and I agree completely. $250K is way over the top, especially after the slap on the wrist given to Dugan and Fifita.

    Another example of absolute gutter “journalism” from the telegraph and absolute over reaction from the NRL who once again show how out of touch they are with the real world.

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