Jack de Belin

Jack de Belin’s rape trial has been pushed back to April 8 due to a significant witness in the case getting struck down with an illness, as reported by Fox Sports.

De Belin and co-accused Callan Sinclair were due to begin the two-week trial on February 2 for allegedly sexually assaulting 19-year-old female.

The incident dates back to December 2018 during a night out inside a North Wollongong apartment.

The pair both pleaded not guilty to four counts of sexual assault in company and one count of aggravated sexual assault in company inflicting actual bodily harm.

The Rugby League Players’ Association released the following statement over the news:

“The RLPA makes no comment in relation to the criminal proceedings – which have been adjourned today – before the District Court of NSW involving our member, Jack de Belin,” the statement read.

“However, the fact that the matter will now be further delayed due to legal complications again demonstrates the inherent unfairness of the NRL’s “No-Fault Stand Down” Policy.

“The policy restrains players from plying their trade for an indeterminate period of time while denying the player their fundamental right to the presumption of innocence.

“The player is also denied the right to be heard by the NRL in relation to its decision and the ongoing impact of the stand down period.

“The RLPA remains opposed to the ‘No Fault Stand Down’ Policy, which was introduced without the consultation and consent of the RLPA, as is required by the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

“The CBA Dispute remains ongoing.”

De Belin was stood for all of the 2019 season and this setback casts doubt over his future, with the Dragons forward off-contract at the end of the year.

He has been allowed to train with his teammates as he awaits his trial.


  1. Sidney must be a fruitcake. Why feel sorry for a fool getting himself into this predicament?
    The idiot was attempting a Forcefully screwing around session while his pregnant wife is at home mothering his other child. This clown deserves to be stood down until the serious crime alligations are finalized in the court system.

    Everybody knows this situation is terrible and it needs to be dealt with. We can not allow potential evil people playing our great game while under a cloud of a horendous Crime.

  2. I feel sorry for him….if he’s innocent. If he’s guilty…not playing football is the least of his worries. But I guess even if innocent…if he put himself in that position he’s at the very least guilty of stupidity. But ultimately…We’re not qualified to officially comment as the info we have could only be half truths. I do believe the NRL had to act as they did. But as with everything else…it seems consistency is their problem.

  3. Oops last comment didn’t make it through. Basically regardless of if he’s innocent or not his total contempt of his partner deserves her going full Lorena Hobbit on him

  4. I totally disagree with the RLPA.

    Lets put this in a little perspective.

    Case 1
    Debelin is accused of a very serious crime, one that warrants a substantial jail sentence if he is found guilty. The police think there is enough evidence to charge him and it goes all the way to court. He is stood down from playing but still earns his full salary and is allowed to train at his current club. If he is found innocent by the courts then he will be allowed to resume playing and his career. But the RLPA and a sizeable portion of fans think he is hard done by and continue to voice that opinion
    Case 2
    A very religious player expresses his opinion about a certain “group” of people in a tweet. His opinion is expressed in a respectful way but it upsets quite a lot of people. The police do not get involve because no crime has been committed yet he is immediately sacked from his job without compensation. He is prevented from ever working in that sport ever again. Further more other sports ban him forever as well. He seeks employment overseas and the uproar against him follows him even there. He manages to secure a job with a club and many others immediately try to get him sacked and threaten legal action. Deathly silence from the RLPA

    Make up your own mind

  5. I hope never to see Jdb wear another Rugby league jersey again he’s off contract this season and should stay that way. I definitely don’t share the view of the RLPA in feeling sorry for him and the apparent unfairness he is facing. Innocent or not he’ll be trialled by the media.

    Thepainter you’re wrong there with your statement the Police know what happened

  6. Panthers,

    You have to be extremely careful when you go anywhere near the “minority” subjects. Even sneezing out loud will get you banned these days. Goodbye Free Speech,

    Now where is the little box, I am supposed to crawl into ?

  7. this is not jumping a cab, argy bargy stuff in a pub … cheating on your pregnant wife is a low act, but this?

    good people, these are very serious charges laid against these two fellows. The police would have to have substantial evidence to proceed with this, the fact that it was “in company” makes this truly heinous… if proven, they will go to the big house

  8. de Belin facing 5-20 years in prison if found guilty, which he’ll deserve. As I’ve said before even if he’s not guilty of the crime he’s guilty of criminal stupidity for being in that position given he is married.

  9. Sticks and stones throwing and a harmless silly fountain in a mens toilet according to this world and upheld by the Stupid NRL, is a bigger crime than what DeBelin and co are being charged for.
    And if you do not go along with this “Global New World Order” Then you are an outcast.

  10. I don’t like this stand down rule one bit, before i comment , let me say that what he did morally is so wrong and hope he gets fingered for what he did.
    Having said that , if he is found innocent I hope Saints sue the backside off the NRL , they won’t but should do, De Belin if found not guilty has lost heaps of income through SOO and possibly Aust , plus his respect is in tatters, regardless of the moral aspect, what if he didn’t actually do it, what then? trial by media is not good and the police are obligated to press charges regardless, just like the Josh Reynolds situation where the media are sympathic to him.
    He should have been allowed to play and if found guilty it’s not a matter of the NRL banning him from rugbyb league the courts will see to it in sentencing him to a long term in the can.

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