In 2022, Indie Bostock was in the stands at Leichhardt Oval dreaming about one day taking the field for the U19s NSW Blues as she watched older brother Jack Bostock cross the line for a try and lift up the U19s State of Origin shield.

Two years on from that moment, Indie has turned a dream into a reality.

"I remember I was at Lisa Fiaola training (in 2022) and I left early to come up here and watch him, and when I was in the car, I was like Oh My God. I hope this is me one day," Bostock told Zero Tackle.

"Being here, I'm just like wow!"

Known to her teammates and coaching staff as 'Ferrari', Bostock bolted down the right-hand side of the field past the Queensland defence, scoring her own four-pointer for the U19s NSW Blues and the putting the exclaimation point on the victory with the last try of the match.

Reclaiming the U19s State of Origin shield from arch-nemesis Queensland, Bostock not only lifted up the shield but did it alongside Illawarra Steelers teammates Maria Paseka, Evie McGrath, Kasey Reh, Chelsea Savill, Hope Millard, Charlotte Basham, Ella Koster and Bronte Wilson - Sienna Yeo was named among the reserves.

"It's definitely a privilege (to wear the NSW Jersey). I guess it's the whole years of work has finally paid off and finally getting that end result.

"It was just kind of like all the hard work has finally paid off. Theat feeling of being in the arena and scoring a try with the NSW fans was so good."

"I don't know how to describe it

"It's just so wholesome that everyone came out here and supported me, it kind of gets you to tears when you see them on the field or supporting. It means so much

Already regarded as the next future star of the NRLW and 'Struddys Apparel' ambassador, Bostock is signed with the St George Illawarra Dragons NRLW on a development contract for the upcoming season before moving to the Top 24 roster in 2025.

Looking beyond Thursday night's match against Queensland, Bostock is looking to develop under Jamie Soward and be "100 per cent ready for next year". Despite being contracted with the Dragons, she will be unable to play in this season's competition due to age restrictions.

However, she is eager to learn more off Soward and one-time NRLW premiership-winner Bobbi Law at the Dragons. It is likely that the club will run a Bostock-Law combination in the centres going forward for the 2025 season, with both contracted to the main roster.

"I'm getting my speed, my strength, my defence (all better). My defence is definitely one I've been working on but just getting those so I'm 100 per cent ready for next year."