SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JULY 12: Blues coach Blues coach Brad Fittler arrives at a New South Wales Blues public reception after winning the 2018 State of Origin series at The Star on July 12, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler named a whopping 13 debutants across the 2018 State of Origin series, but he could be about to blood a few more this campaign.

Fittler has taken a look at the next generation, and has pointed out five young stars who could find themselves in Origin calculations this season.

“I think South Sydney have got some great juniors,” Fittler said in Five with Fittler on the NSWRL website.

Campbell Graham and Cam Murray are a couple of young kids coming through.

“I think at Brisbane, Payne Haas and Tevita Pangai (Junior) just to name a couple were the best kids coming through.

“Zac Lomax is another one who was one of the real shining lights coming through the junior Pathways.

“There are about five to watch out for, for the start of the year.”


  1. I hope Lomax is a lot better than what we saw in the Charity Shield because he looked well out of his depth… terrible defense

  2. Woody will be happy to read that.
    Cam Murray was lock and captain of NSW in U18s and U20s.
    Your mate Radley just managed to make the team on the bench.

    Cam Graham, he has plenty of raps on him from the people that count!

  3. 3CAPS your winger Graham cannot tackle and has no hope of cracking Origin. He bombed out in the preliminary final last season letting in two tries against the Roosters which cost them a grand final.💪🐔👍

    As for Murray he is an up and comer who mainly come of the bench 17 of his 25 games for the rabbits last season including his final 13 appearances were bench warming. Radley finished the season as the Roosters established Lock Forward who started in the grand final and is a premiership winning Lock, Murray is a Preliminary Final bench warmer loser according to the statistics of last season. 🤣😂😆😁🤣😂😁😆

  4. Lachlan Fitzgibbon from Newcastle is another one to watch. A good young edge backrower that scores a lot of tries and is tough enough to handle origin at 21 years old.

  5. Can Murray needs about 5/6 injuries to have a hope of origin, and well Campbell graham needs all 15 other clubs to refuse to let there players play in origin to even be considered to have a chance of playing for nsw this year or until his great grandkids are Born

  6. Radley will debut this season for NSW, although I’ll admit that he probably wouldn’t have found a place without the whole de Belin fiasco. Radley will probably be chosen over Murray simply for his impact effect, and if Fittler has anything to do with it probably because he’s a rooster. Murray will be there soon, but he’ll just be another place filler in the NSW forward pack. DOn’t get me wrong, you have to be an incredible player to ever even reach that level, but Radley’s the kind of guy who could turn a series around with one hit, and that’s why he’ll be favoured.

  7. Or they could just sign with Manly and get immediate access.
    Half tongue and cheek, but you’re comments remind me of someone.

  8. It wont be long before these “great souths juniors” referred to by Freddie end up at the roosters

  9. TPJ will be hampered by injury, Haas still a few years off, Lomax not guaranteed a start for Dragons, Graham- no chance of throwing the fox or turbo out, and about 3 wingers ahead of him. (Think Mansour, Ferguson, Johnston) Murray May come through with Haas, but not this year.
    Freddie surely wouldn’t mess with a winning unit.
    De Bellin out, 18th man James in. Rest of the pack has 10 weeks to build the momentum to keep their spot.
    Blues were never going to win game 3, wasn’t in the script. Write it down to a nothing match.

  10. Radley still too raw, needs another strong season, and 10-12kg, to be mentioned.
    Lodge is more likely to run out in Blue

  11. “Holmsey”, that’s who Bob reminds me of.
    Bob, maybe, just maybe, “15 other clubs refusing to let their players play”, could be a tad harsh.

  12. Pretty sure he is a couple years older then that but I do agree with you and you could throw him in the most underrated list aswell. Unfortunately he is in a position that is occupied by the NSW and Australia captain so I don’t really see him ever getting a shot

  13. Yes these are all good young players but realistically Lomax isn’t getting a spot with Mitchell’s Roberts and others ahead of him. Cam Murray is really good and young but Klemmer Tjbroveic JDB Finucane Frizell and others make better locks and are more versatile. TPJ and Haas are good calls and bench big boopers but only TPJ has a real chance. What NSW should be looking for is a young halve to partner Nathan Cleary in the Halves long term like Kyle Flanagan, Jai Feild or Lachlan Lewis. They have lots of good young backs and lots of second towers and big young forwards but they will need a good spine to be successful for years and years

  14. Yer Lachlan Lewis is a qlder and the obvious choice for nsw is keary who is now an Australia player and 2 times grand final winner probably adding a third this year so nsw has nothing to worry about

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