Last week, we looked at each team's weakness. Feeling far more positive today, it's time for each team's strength.

It goes without saying that certain teams have multiple strengths, so we've just chosen the one we believe stands out most.

Below is each team's strength heading into the 2023 NRL season:


1. Penrith Panthers

Superstar halves combo

The Panthers' entire squad is a strength, but in my view, it is within the superstar halves where Penrith hold the biggest advantage.

Nathan Cleary is arguably the best player in the game. He shrugged off his biggest criticism, the perception he doesn't perform in big games, with two brilliant performances in Grand Finals as well as a near flawless World Cup Final.

Jarome Luai can find an off-field headline but is a marvelous footballer. Most importantly he is the perfect foil for Cleary. They are arguably the game's best partnership.