SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 22: Maika Sivo of the Eels makes a break during the round 6 NRL match between the Parramatta Eels and Wests Tigers at Bankwest Stadium on April 22, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt Blyth/Getty Images)

Parramatta Eels star winger Maika Sivo has been charged with “indecent annoyance” while on holidays in Fiji.

Sivo will face court on Monday after the alleged incident in a Nadi hotel where he was visiting family.

Sivo’s club is aware of the incident and has informed the NRL integrity unit.

Read the full club statement below:

“The Parramatta Eels can confirm that earlier today Maika Sivo was charged with indecent annoyance relating to an alleged incident at a Nadi Hotel in Fiji where he is visiting family.

“He is due to appear in court on Monday in Fiji.

“The Club takes these incidents seriously and will be monitoring the situation closely.

“As with any legal matter, it is important that we follow due process, and the Club will review all information available regarding the alleged incident.

“We are currently providing support to Maika and his family.

“The Club has informed the NRL integrity unit and will be making no further comment at this time.”


  1. Club telling the real story….?

    Big difference between indecent assault and indecent annoyance.
    26yr old woman involved.
    Still in custody.

  2. Bloody fool. I loved watching this bloke rip and tear in 2019 . I rate him the 2nd best winger in the NRL.
    Off topic but here is Rothfield’s 2020 ladder from today’s Telegraph.

    1. Roosters
    2 .Raiders
    3. Sea Eagles
    4. Broncos
    5. Cowboys
    6. Sharks
    7. Eels
    8. Storm
    9. Rabbitohs
    10 . Panthers
    11. Dragons
    12 . Knights
    13. Wests Tigers
    14 . Bulldogs
    15 . Warriors
    16 . Titans

  3. Indecent annoyance?? What even is that?

    This should be easy to fix – Eels just need to get some flunky on a plane to Fiji with $30K and get him out of there.

    Oh, and put a contract extension in front of him to sign while they’re at it.

  4. Lane, Souths scrapping in at 8? Righto. You’re one of those fans. We will do better than 8 mate. You’ll see. Have some faith in your team.

  5. oh look, screamer and the doormat bagging another club for player behaviour.
    Do you think what Sivo did is as bad as dragging your girlfriend to the ground by her hair while she’s holding a baby ??
    Or is it as bad as stabbing someone in the back at a church function … or stealing money from the staff at Diggers ?
    mwse, they may have the least supporters but they’re definitely the dumbest.

  6. People need to wait and see what he did.
    In Fiji indecent annoyance can be as simple as swearing at a woman in public.
    If it was of a sexual nature he would have been charged with indecent assault.
    If he has sworn at someone and gets suspended by the NRL questions need to be asked considering Fafita got away with actual assault.
    This is the kind of thing that cost us Radradra and that ended up being a false accusation.
    If Sivo has done a Brett Stewart then throw the book at him.

  7. As for Rothfield he is a clueless gimp.
    Parra has improved their roster and he has us finishing 2 spots lower at 7th. I notice he has elevated his sharks above us to.
    This guy wouldn’t have a clue.
    Our squad has improved and we are definitely a top 4 side where as the sharks roster hasn’t improved. I would even say their roster has gone backwards with the loss of Gallen. Sharks don’t have a top 8 roster and I have them finishing 11th.

  8. Ahhh welcome back TheAngryAnt/Naven/mychook. Good to see you’ve finally come out of your bedroom after topping yourself off, you sack slapper. Keep talking to yourself you loser. You are an utter disgrace to us Roosters supporters pretending you are a manly fan you faker! Do you fake it when you top off as well? HAHAHAHA

  9. He’s been charged with 1 count of indecent assault…. not annoyance.

    He won’t play in 2020.

    Buzz knows this and that’s why he’s ranked Parra so low on the ladder. Buzz is wise.

  10. Lane, have faith young fan. Bennett is t stupid. He’s done this for a long time. They have a plan. Just wait until January.

  11. Rabbits peaked last year and won’t make the 8 without Burgess. Overpaid for Arrow.
    Digging a big hole with their halves who are no longer rep level but paid as though they are.

    Troubling times ahead for the Bunnies.

  12. We don’t need this.
    Kev, if he’s found guilty he’ll get suspended, end of story. IF he’s found guilty, no matter what he did, the NRL has sufficient evidence to take action, and they will.
    Fifita wasn’t even charged, let alone convicted of anything. Forget why, for the NRL to take action they would have to compile sufficient evidence, and allow him a defence. They spent several weeks investigating it and determined they didn’t have sufficient evidence to suspend him. I don’t think they were happy about that either, but that’s just my reading of it.
    Walker was found not guilty etc.
    I think you, and many others, need to see things from the NRL’s perspective. NOT starting from a “they are biased”, but rather what, very specifically, do they have to work with.

  13. Hopefully nothing to serious Sivo is great to watch and is essential to the Eels attack. On eels I think Leleisiuao made a mistake going to Eels bloke reminds me of Utai spewing he left the Titans thought we would’ve seen more of him by now.

    Buzz is an absolute Dip💩

  14. @eelsalmighty I have had this argument before with you regarding Fafita and the fact there was plenty of evidence including video footage of the assault. Not going to repeat it all again for your sake.
    As for being bias I am pretty sure I said if he is guilty then throw the book at him.
    Maybe you should read what people actually type.

  15. Kev, I did, and I know it’s only part of the post/somewhat out of context even but, “If he has sworn at someone and gets suspended by the NRL questions need to be asked considering Fafita got away with actual assault.” makes me think you don’t see the whole picture, at least not from a legal/professional perspective.
    As per my comment above, the NRL can only work with what they’ve got. You seem to have made up your mind on Fifita, as 1 example, from your comment, “got away with”, yet no charges were laid and the NRL didn’t suspend him.

  16. @naveenisthedoormatinreddit
    thedoormat is the biggest loser 2019, followed closely by screamer, the complicit puppy and the 2 souffs cry babies
    get over it boys, you got 4th while the club you slagged off at all year won the trophy.. AGAIN !!!!

  17. Haha. It’s really getting to you isnt it mychookmycar aka nazeemisdog aka angryeagle aka panthers3 aka wormald aka …etc.
    You all have the same domain address.
    You all are 1 person.

  18. Far out! I didnt realise mychook/angryant had so many nics. He really is a bigger nutsack than I originally gave him credit for. You’re an embarrassment to the rooster race. Get off this site moron.

  19. #Panthers18. His original name was mychookmycar.
    His is a rooster fan with a disturbing hatred for Manly.
    He is not real bright though.

  20. Screaming, what’s the difference between a “disturbing hatred for Manly.” and the “normal hatred for Manly” that most of us have?

  21. Haha. The normal hatred is mostly healthy banter between fans.
    But when one person creates many usernames from different fans from different clubs over different forums to pile the hate on manly, it becomes disturbing.

  22. Well parra fans, I think Parra will do a carbon copy of which Brisbane did in Bali with Fifita.

    Not only did they pay the victim 30k Aussie dollars but 30k to the corrupt police force in those backward countries to destroy all the evidence as well.

    Sivo will be playing pre season. No problems. Broncos set the standard and clubs only have to follow the blue print.

  23. Off topic but I think these are the biggest imposters on this site.

    🥇1. Pansy Penso/TwentyOne
    🥈2. EastOfParkes
    🥉3. Chalky

  24. Kev, I agree about Rothfield, in my opinion the worst journalist in rugby league.
    I don’t agree about Stewart. The jury took less than 30 minutes to find him not guilty, so it doesn’t take much to work out how weak the case against him was – makes you wonder why he was charged at all. Stewart is not alone in this- SKD and Ben Teo also we’re in the same boat, so I’ll hold off jumping to conclusions about Sivo.

  25. Kev & Eels.
    I think that they should suspend Sivo . At least for the next season, until the NRL/ courts gets to the bottom of the matter. Make Parramatta pay him for the whole season & be one player less from their squad. Just the same as for the other clubs.
    Not really. It doesn’t sound that serious. Just be facetious .
    No reply required to any name from the ‘WoodStack’ .

  26. I must have hit a real nerve there Brennan/Wood-duck!!!!

    Let the truth set you free sweetheart.

    P.S. I have no issue with penso, chalky, EastOfDivide – all long time posters that actually provide value on ZT. Unlike the 1,000 aliases of Wood-duck – the brainless stain that just wont go away !!

  27. 14 out of 42 comments talking about the actual published story . I forget what it was originally about something about Sivo being a loser with multiple accounts ?

  28. EastOfDivide, “actually provide value on ZT.”?
    If it wasn’t bad enough that his club offloads it’s trouble makers to Parra, he follows it up with, “Make Parramatta pay him for the whole season & be one player less from their squad.”
    Kidding, of course.

  29. Oh No..
    Wait until you hear what the other Fijian RCG has done Eels. Not really!
    However, the Panthers have a good 5/8th ,centre worth looking at Parra. I think his name is May?
    The off season ihas been entertaining in recent years. Although this off season has been fairly quiet , compared to the last one.
    Have a Happy New Year everyone. Let’s hope it’s a year with clear air , lots of rain , green grass & no fires.

  30. EastOfDivide, rumours had it he was divisive when he was a Panther. Ironically he saved his best game, for years, when he knew he would be leaving.

  31. thebatman
    December 29, 2019 at 12:04 pm
    “Rabbits peaked last year and won’t make the 8”
    Welcome back back2back.19
    Took you a while.

  32. Is thebatman not the original batman? Is this another faker like naveenisgoose or angryantisafakerooster?

  33. Adamhoward December 29, 2019 at 4:48 pm
    “I have it on good authority that Latrell 100% will not don the green and red christmas elf Souths Pole jersey in 2020 or any year for that matter. 100% guarentee this is absolutely a fact.”

    Any updates from your source?🤐

  34. Brennan.Lane January 1, 2020 at 12:25 pm
    “I see TwentyOne that our defensive insufficient winger Gagai is blah blah blau”

    Brennsy how many times do we have to tell you you are not any good at this.
    You have now backed into a corner and the only 2 options open to you are;
    1. Disappear and come back with another stupid nic or
    2. Pretend you had us all conned that you are really a sombreros idiot posing as a Rabbitoh.
    Either leave you with chicken offal all over your face and confirming the fool you are.
    Now, stop being a pest and try and come up with something sensible for a change as I keep telling you that you are hopeless at this. Very boring now.

  35. Brennsssyyyyy, maaaaattttee still at it.
    Give it up champ, you are starting to struggle.
    Pleeaassee, everyone feels embarrassed for you.

  36. TwentyOne
    January 1, 2020 at 7:36 pm
    Gagai to Gold Coast.
    Latrell to Souths announced by Friday.

    …….Ive put it into my diary.

  37. TwentyOne
    January 1, 2020 at 7:36 pm
    Gagai to Gold Coast.
    Latrell to Souths announced by Friday.

    Today dearest twentytwerpOne is Friday the 3rd. Friday falls on neither the 4th or the 5th. Perhaps it would be to your benefit TwerpyOne signing yourself into Greg Inglis or James Roberts Rehabilitaion clinic for alcohol abuse.

  38. How could TwerpyOne and his prophecies be taken seriously when the drunk can not predict what day it is.

    I can predict With accurate prophecy when TwentyTwerpOne can uncross his fingers and turn the radio off. That day will occour on Monday January the 6th when Latrell Mitchell begins training with the back to back premiers in preperation for a third straight Roosters premiership.

  39. Watch out Parramatta . If the French Dressed Nugget brigade sees any sort of disconnection between a club & a good player. They’ll be in there straight away to try & steal them away. They have a long history of doing it & Tedesco was just one of those players. They stole him away from Wests, when he became a bit disalusioned there.
    Make sure everything is fine with Sivo now . If he’s not in serious triuble . As the Nuggets have just been collecting old timers on the wing recently. They’d be hovering around , seeking a more modern version of a good winger. From another club of course!

  40. Have a look at what Brian Fletcher ( Penrith ), has to say about the salary cap. player development , development clubs & non developement clubs. Of course Penrith is a junior development club.
    He makes mention of the other way of doing things. Pointing out exactly how the French Dressed Nuggets operate. Of course we all know how they operate. Still interesting that he points to them as an example.
    More actual Panthers leave that club , than the small number of players that they’d ever buy.
    How’s the Nugget Halves Transit Lounge going at the moment Charlie?

  41. TwentyOne
    January 1, 2020 at 7:36 pm
    Gagai to Gold Coast.
    Latrell to Souths announced by Friday. 4/5.

    Ok so what’s happened twentyone. No news today about either Gagai or Latrell as prophesied. Is it happening or not? Or are you just another gypsy horoscope reader scamming innocent people?

  42. Your club is The French Dressed Chickens BrennanWoodShavings.
    Just changing your name doesn’t disguise anything. Your comments remain on the same old chicken run.

  43. Brennan I’m curious to hear what positives you see with our team. Not having a dig but we all know your views on our lack of quality forwards and while I partially agree I don’t think it will be all doom and gloom this year. Regardless of IF we sign Mitchell I do think this year and possibly next year will be rebuilding ones. We have relied too heavily on our forward pack getting the job done and when they don’t we often haven’t had a plan B. We do need a better rounded team and I think we are headed in that direction but am still confident we will be finals bound this year. Not saying we’ll win it but there is not much pressure or expectation this year and I think that will help.

  44. Fair enough, time will tell. I think having a more mobile forward pack will help as the bash and barge tactics of old didn’t really work that well last year. The key will be consistency another area we lacked last year. I’m not expecting a huge year I just think (with a dash of prayer) 2020 won’t be as bad as you think. Time will tell and while I do understand what you’re saying I don’t think we’ve had that forward dominance since 2014. Agree Bennett should go but who will replace him ?

  45. Interesting choice, I’m not a fan of him but he does get results. St George would have to be made to let him go

  46. With the team Souths have bought for this year, under the washed up Bennett they will struggle to make the eight. Even Flanagan who loves a poweful pack could not save Souths. The ageing halves Walker and Reynolds are the rabbits problem. Walker is a selfish player who prefers to trust himself rather than his fast men outside him.

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