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The Dragons dropped a golden-point game away to the Raiders last weekend. On paper, that doesn’t seem so bad, but given the struggles in the capital, the Dragons let one slip.

The Sea Eagles, on the other hand, made tough work of a very determined Tigers side, although to be absolutely truthful, always looked a class above.

Tommy Turbo is fast becoming the best young player in the competition and outpointed NSW fullback James Tedesco last weekend.Trbojevic and the red hot Dally Cherry-Evans are once again key here.

The Dragons should be up for this one. Their red hot start to the season will count for nought if they continue to lose. Unfortunately for the Red V, I can’t see them winning this one.

Sea Eagles by 10.

Team Lists

Team Lists

Team Stats

Scoring Plays

Dragons   Sea Eagles
9 Tries 4
8 Conversions 3
Penalty Goals
Field Goals


Dragons   Sea Eagles
198 All Runs 141
2,024 All Run Metres 1,394
7 Line Breaks 5
21 Offloads 4


Dragons   Sea Eagles
502 Kick Metres 323
1 40/20
262 Tackles 300
30 Missed Tackles 50


Dragons   Sea Eagles
7 Penalties Conceded 9
8 Errors 9
Sin Bin 1
Send Offs

Player Stats




  1. manly laying down at win got a big paycheck for it but ill let the remainder of the season prove im right dragons will miss the 8

    • Quoted from Traveller July 19, 2017 at 10:16 am

      Dogs have to and will bounce back with a win = Broncs win.
      knights have been edging closer to that upset , this will be the week = Roosters win
      Sharks after another flanno roasting monday will get this 13+ look what they did to the chooks after that last roasting
      Titans will win quite comfortably = Panthers win
      Warriors will get the upset win = Cows win
      Raiders to make it 2 from 2 = Storm wins
      Manly will put on a high score and the dragons will slide out of the 8 – Dragons belt Manly
      tigers will bounce back and beat a eels team that are higher than they should be = Parra win , thank you bye –

      • Nice pick up Pedro.

        But this is close to a disaster. The Dragons slaughtering the (Holmsey’s) Australian side, so close to the World Cup.

        • It’s ok mate, they were missing NSW”s future hooker and the most underrated half in the comp, they’ll be good to go once they come back

        • To be honest eels almighty … i dont know what to make of that game. Saints have no consistency and when Manly came back with 4 tries in 15 mins it just doesn’t stack up.
          I thought Manly might be a bit nervous after the first hit up in the season against saints but this wasn’t a shade on their their last 6 rounds.

        • so the Kangaroos will be forced to field a bunch of nuffies, like Cronk, Smith, Boyd, Gagai. Gillett, and maybe even Thurston…instead of their first choice team?
          I would be devo over that.
          I missed the first part of the game when dragons got to 30, but thereafter It was an odd game to watch. There were minutes of good football from both sides – when Manly got to 30-22, I thought they were making a comeback, their attack was very good. Then dragons gave the ball to Vaughan and Dufty and it was all over red rover.
          If the game had gone another 10 mins, the dragon would have racked up another fiddy points.
          Can you take anything out of it?
          Were Dragons that good?
          Were Manly really that poor in patches?
          Are Green and the aussie hooker-in-waiting more important to Manly than the aussie-skipper-half-in waiting?
          Or do you just write it off as one of those odd results that comes up every so often?
          Hard to know what the answers are in any of them…

  2. Didnt watch the game, what the bloody hell happened? manly play crap, or were the dragons too good?

  3. i said a while ago Manly have overachieved this year, more proof, but there doin better than my team, at least they are giving their supporters some hope, false hope but that is better than nothing i guess.

    It is best that all and sundry stop replying to the traveller, who was he previous, their are so many options , but he was one of them , now, reinvented, any idea’s who he might have been?

    • I don’t think they have so much over-achieved, it they have played some good footy this year and totally outclassed the Titans when they played us, but they have had a fair bit of luck. For example, most of their players have found their form at the same time. They only lost one player (Jake T) during the SOO period. Finally, they’ve barely had any injuries this year so they have been able to keep their best players on the park.

      However, it looks like their depth is a real issue. They lost Api and Green and they totally collapsed against a Dragon’s outfit who have been playing below average and were missing Dugan.
      Their record against the current top 8 is: 3 – 5. The Titans record against the current top 8 is: 5 – 5.

      Storm will be without Smith and Slater next week, if Manly cant beat them then they don’t deserve to be in the top 4.

    • Penso stop with the dribble mate. Manly have earnt a spot in the 8 by playing good footy, one loss does not prove anything.

      • Hey Holmsey, we were just taking the Mickey in some comments above, but I note the subtle little change in your post, from top 4 to top 8.

  4. Very disappointing from manly today and as Barrett said it was an NYC performance from us, sure we didn’t have Green, Koroisau, Wright or Lawrence but Dragons are missing Dugan and Thompson who are 2 big players aswell. Silly decision from baz to rest Green, Koroisau, Lawrence and Wright, rookie error but he will learn, he didnt hide from it in the press conference like alot of coaches do he owned up which was pleasing and shows he understands his error. I dont think this loss is a bad as some are making it out to be. Sure the scoreboard states it was a thrashing but manlys goal line defence was good but the kicks in the first half set the tone, we were just flat today and its not good enough when only a couple of points can make or break a top 4 spot. The Trbojevics again though wow. No matter how bad we play as a team those boys always aim up and were terrific again today along with another 2 blokes in Uate and Cullen who also tried hard and had great games. Credit to Dragons, too hot to handle with Vaughans off loads and widdops vision and dufty out the back who is a very very bright prospect for dragons fans, and very quick. This loss though is what the boys and I admittedly needed to keep the heads screwed on and realise that every game is a threat and this should fire them up to get a win up at melbourne hopefully with Api and Green back to help stabilize the team along with a couple of others. And Titans2012 …. on my team all you want but we smashed you this year and sit comfortably in the 8 while your team sits just out of the bottom 4.

    • Now say that without crying

      “I don’t think they have so much over-achieved, it they have played some good footy this year and totally outclassed the Titans when they played us, …” I admitted that you smashed us you idiot haha?

  5. Well that was disappointing, had injuries but still not good enough. Have the team to beat anyone just don’t wanna show it every week. Ah well allnither too teams have had a belting last couple weeks, except storm, but they might get there’s this weekend… it’s how you bounce back, whether finals footy is going to be realistic this year

    • Yep. Any of the 15 other teams would have struggled with half their spine missing and a total of 7 first graders out. Throw into the mix the fact that of the 5 first half tries – 3 were lucky ones from kicks and 1 was an intercept. The game was over at half time.
      They did so well to almost get back into the game but a penalty saw the momentum shift again and from there the 7 ressie players don’t have the mental toughness to comeback. Not to mention DCE had his worst game of the season.
      All round a terrible performance but we should be better welcoming back 5 players this week.

      • Manly in manly is probably a great game to get this week in all honesty. Always lift for Melbourne and hopefully players back. Didn’t actually get to see this game except for small clips, but no one seemed keen the bits I saw.
        You’d like to think they’ve played to good for too long to throw it away now, so my saying will eat Melbourne in Melbourne but a very good showing is needed… we just don’t have that depth at then moment, but how could we, playing so far under the cap with snake and stevie out… also prob showed how much green HSBC been an asset This year, and how underrated API is

  6. The game was a strange one. Just one of those days nothing went right for us and everything right for them. 3 very lucky tries from kicks, an intercept when we were attacking their line. I actually said to a mate at half time that unfortunately some days just aren’t every teams day.
    I was blown away to see them come back in a 15min period. They looked possessed. But when the momentum began to swing again back to Dragons they just fell in a heap and gave up.

    The game was lost at half time and in reality their defence wasn’t that bad – it was just the footy gods were with the Dragons. Full credit to them as you create your own luck.

    Although it looked bad, I wasn’t overly worried about the result. 5 back this week and we should be a different team against Melbourne. As you say, they always seem to lift against the Storm.

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