AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - AUGUST 13: David Taylor of the Raiders on the charge during the round 23 NRL match between the New Zealand Warriors and the Canberra Raiders at Mt Smart Stadium on August 13, 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Anthony Au-Yeung/Getty Images)

The Toronto Wolfpack have released former NRL players Dave Taylor and Fuifui Moimoi before the start of the English Championship competition.

Fellow player Ryan Bailey has also been released by the club in mysterious circumstances.

“They have all left the club with mutual consent,” Toronto Wolfpack coach Paul Rowley toldΒ

“That’s all I can say as far as we’re concerned. For legal reasons we can’t say much more.”

The announcement comes as the 2017 League 1 champions prepare to return to their Manchester base from their week-long warm-weather training camp in Portugal.

Taylor was a big acquisition for the North American club looking to secure promotion to the English Super League this season.

A statement from the club said: “Fuifui Moimoi, Ryan Bailey and Dave Taylor have left Toronto Wolfpack by mutual agreement.

“The club thanks the players for their efforts and we wish them well in their future careers.”


  1. I can’t help but wonder if the “mysterious circumstances” are the same that caused coal train to leave the Titans? His career should have been so much more. So much talent gone to waste. Pity.

    • SSTID couldn’t agree more. There are blokes who have become stars of the game with much less raw talent and physical attributes than Dave Taylor. Playing RL is a hell of a lot easier than working in a coalmine which is where he will end up. He’s been given every opportunity.

      • Too many young players have blown similar opportunities (Paul Carter most recently comes to mind). Carter though had twice the guts (on field) but half the talent of Taylor. Dave Taylor (like Tony Williams and Jamal Idris) could have been elite players in their generation if they could only apply themselves or not have the off-field distractions.

    • Hahahahahahaha Lines… good one pedro. Frost bite of the nostrils is no laughing matter though. πŸ˜‰

  2. Feel sorry for the Toronto team – but on the other hand, buying Taylor with his history, and Fui Fui at his age – not the smartest move. Dave Taylor is just a big kid who has never grown up. A big teenager, graded young, represented QLD & Australia young – he looked mature, but he was really just a kid – with a lot of money, exposed to some very dodgey influences and with limited education – the coal train became a train wreck.

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