SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 30: Cooper Cronk of the Roosters yells instructions during the 2018 NRL Grand Final match between the Melbourne Storm and the Sydney Roosters at ANZ Stadium on September 30, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

Cooper Cronk has put the rumours to bed by saying that he will be playing in 2019 and will consider extending his career an extra year.

Following the shoulder injury that hampered him in the grand final, there were reports that the Roosters halfback may opt to retire.

But Cronk today confirmed that he will be seeing out his contract for 2019 and may even play beyond next season.

“I’m not sure where that rumour came about that I wouldn’t be playing in 2019,” Cronk told the media.

“To be honest I never considered it, so I don’t know how someone else could consider that was a thought of mine.

“No matter what happened, if I was injury free I will always follow my word and be here in 2019.

“The surgery went really well, so I’ll be back on deck next year and hopefully have another consistent year for the Roosters.”

The 35-year-old has played 349 first grade games and has refused to put an end date on his career.

“I haven’t even got back to training and you are asking if next year is my last,” Cronk said.

“I haven’t had that conversation, but I’m not really sure, but I don’t think today is the day to decide.”

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After undergoing shoulder surgery, the former Maroons and Kangaroos’ legend believes he will be good to go for round 1 next season.

“It is good to go,” Cronk said.

“All back to normal so it’s all sweet.

“I ended up having some surgery and they did a bit of a delicate operation there, but it was all well worth it in the end.

“There were some complications with it, but the surgeon did a tremendous job and I’ll be back on deck ready to train in the new year.

“I’m just in the rehab phase at the moment and I need to get the strength and range of movement, but I’ll be ready to rock’n roll come season 2019.”

But Cronk believes that he would not of had surgery if he did retire after the grand final.

“It is a broken bone and it takes around 10 weeks to heal, but the surgery obviously fast tracks that,” Cronk explained.

“If I had have retired and wasn’t playing contact sport, they would have let it heal normally, but because of the break and the way it was displaced, the fact that I would be put in exactly the same position again meant we needed the surgery.

“From what I know it is even stronger, so I might actually make a few tackles next year.”


  1. These blokes extending their careers almost into thier late 30’s are going to have really bad knees in their mid-late 40’s.

    • Cronk will lead the Roosters to another premiership and back to back comps, then the Roosters will extend Cronks contract and the Roosters will be the first side to win three premierships in a row since Parra in the 1980’s

        • Its his brain that won the Roosters the 2018 premiership, His abundant knowledge and a team of willing workers with a few x factor players will have Cronk playing till his 40.

          Thats the main reason why the Roosters did not go hard for the signature of Brooks or Johnson, The Chooks boss knows Cronk wants to play on beyond his 2019 contract.

          Most people thought Smith was the Storms reason for winning comps but as proven this year it is always about the halfback who is the main man, not the hooker. Halfbacks that lead teams to grand final glory are always three plays ahead of their opposition and other team mates. That’s why they are organisers.

          Last off season most people on here laughed at my posts when I said Melbourne can’t win the comp without an established half back. Thank you Cooper Cronk who will always be a Roosters folklore LEGEND.

          Nobody will be running rings around the best half back in the World for as long as he plays. Remember Cronk is so brilliant at his organising attack and defence play that in the Australian an Qld Origin sides it was Thurston, an immortal in waiting who played halfback for the Cowboys, that had to moved to 5/8 so Thurston could play rep footy, not Cronk.🎖🐓💪😎👍🏆

      • I’d say AngrySeaeagle that the Roosters will be far more potent than Manly, In fact I have Manly and Soufths fighting it out for the spoon. Its just a crying shame that the eye Gouger George Burgess won’t be able to gouge Walker’s eyeball 👁when they clash unless he jumps the fence and runs up into the grand stand😂😂😁😆😆🤣🤣😆😁😂

      • “the face book stripper Sam”

        How many times have you thrown that bait out Woody? And never so much as a nibble from me. You know why? Because Sam has already proven that he is innocent and that it was not him but someone else who used his phone while he was out of the room.

        In fact, last word from Sam was that he is suing your Roosters employee for defamation.

        Oh, and Woody, this wasn’t a bite or even a nibble it was a sympathy clarification.

      • Well he must of lent the same flasher the exact same gold wrist watch while he was out then Reginald⌚🥕

  2. Cronk has proved he is a champion footballer. He seems to be a real good bloke off the field as well.
    Great to see him go around 1 more time.

    • A few years back the media pegged him as odd. I think they were confused that he was a little more sophisticated than the normal types that they are use to dealing with. Out of the big five, he is far and away the most likable.

    • Careful panthers3 aka mychookmycar.
      You are disclosing your roosters allegiance.
      People will realize you are an imposter.

      • Is that what you get screaming when you pluck a chicken bald and then paint it black… a chook that thinks it is a panther but will always be just a chicken on the inside. 😂😂😂

        • Reg mate, I’m so pleased you are learning the Sydney Premiers Rooster theme song. Keep up the great work mate, your doing really really good.😂🐔🐓🤣

        • In 110 years the Roosters victory song has been sung so little which explains why it one of the least well known in the competition. But EVERYONE knows the words to South Sydney’s “Glory, Glory to South Sydney”. Even Des Hasler started singing it in an interview just ahead of the 2014 GF. The Rabbitohs 21st premiership! 🏆 😂😂😂

      • They might be a bigger imposter than that screaming.

        Mychookmycar December 7, 2018 at 7:48 pm
        Easts know how to play the game and they play it fast and hard

        sydneyroosta December 7, 2018 at 10:29 pm
        ‘Fast and hard’ 😂
        Sorry to embarras you mate but the song goes:
        Easts know how to play the game, they play it hard and fair.

        You see, the give away was that the first verse had to rhyme with the second; “they win more than their share” which “play it fast and hard” does not. Not even close! screaming that is just a lack of attention to detail. He could have googled that. Google is your friend “Chook mobile”.

  3. I mean that’s pretty much confirmed something we all knew anyway. Cronk was never not going to honour his contract. As for playing in 2020, I’m really not sure. He doesn’t deserve to have his incredible career tarnished by having played ‘one season too many’. If the Roosters can do it again next season, I can’t see him hanging up the boots. But how good would it be for a champion bloke like that to retire on three consecutive premierships, to then go work at Fox League with Nathan Hindmarsh 😂😂😂

    • Sounds superb, the Chooks can break the back to back drought in the NRL and then go for the triple. Robo has proven yhat he is in the elite group of coaching with a 6 year career netting two premierships 2013, 2018 (2 Gold medal’s )more than likely two World Club Challenge Cups, 2014, probably 2019 and 4 Minor premierships 2013-2015, 2018 and three times a bronze medallist 2014, 2015, 2017

      With his General Cooper Cronk guiding them on the field it is a real possibility that a back to back plus is on the cards.🏆🏆💪😎👍🐓🐔

      • I agree.. With Cooper Cronk at helm, The General dictates the game incredibly and so the chooks could even win a back-to back premiership..

    • He won’t have that problem sydroosta, Easts will struggle next year , Cronk is good but not has good as you guys think, your clubs arrogance and over convidence will be your teams downfall

        • 38 Test matches for Australia scoring 16 tries and 22 Origins suggests to me Penso you know little about a great when he does not wear RED and Green.

          I ‘m aware it is near impossible to win back to back comps but with this great halfback in charge and a fantastic coaching team at the Roosters we are in with a massive shot at it.

          Penso how is our club arrogant❓❓❓❓❓ I think they are very humble after winning the 2013 premiership and then coming third three years out of four years could never breed arrogance. Competitiveness is not arrogance. Grand final victory celebrations is not arrogance.

          What our teams downfall could be is that every team loves to test themselves against the Premiers, and they like every team in the past will struggle getting tested every week by evry team trying that little extra to beat the winners from the previous season. Usually the time the semis come around they have been knocked around banged up and out of puff.

          The key is exactly what Robo and his coaching team did this year, start them off slow and peak them right on cue for the semis. 🎱

      • I see where you’re coming from mate. Don’t worry, it’s all over this website 😂. But don’t mistake the ‘confidence’ (over-confidence, have it as you will) of Roosters fans on this site (Nobody in particular ahem *Woody* ahem) for the actual nature of the team. In my book, Cronk is the most professional player in our game, he’ll keep heads down and out of the media. Maybe not another premiership, after all to expect another is nothing but greedy at this point, but we certainly won’t struggle.

  4. Fantastic news !!
    Bring on 2019 already !!!!
    Easts know how to play the game and they play it fast and hard
    East know how to win the game they win more than their share !!!!!

    • ‘Fast and hard’ 😂
      Sorry to embarras you mate but the song goes:
      Easts know how to play the game, they play it hard and fair.
      Easts know how to win the game, they win more than their share.

      Surprised Reggie hasn’t gotten to you yet mate, questioning the legitimacy of your support for the Roosters and claiming that you in fact don the colours of the self-appointed ‘pride of the league’, our cardinal and myrtle neighbours!

      • Fast and hard is better.
        Thats one thing Reggies never done afaik sr. I probably missed it, i have to skip most of the sagas he writes, hes very paranoid too 🤫
        Which team do you think i align with ?

        • “Which team do you think i align with ?”

          Ask Panthers3. 😂😂😂

          “Fast and hard is better.”

          Hard might be but Ivdoubr that FAST ever is! 😂😂😂

          Well, I think sydneyroosta just exposed the “RussCrower” of the Roosters hen house! screamingeagle will be so please.

        • @ swooping magpie

          They also believe that they are under the salary cap so thinking that they play fair isn’t much of a stretch from that for Egyptian chickens… in d’Nile!

    • Easts know how to play the game, they play it hard and fair,
      Easts know how to win the game, they win more than their share.
      They’re great to see in action, these boys who show the way,
      Put the Roosters on the field, they’ll show you how to play.
      Here come the Roosters, the best we’ve ever seen,
      The red, white and bluesters, the Eastern Suburbs team.
      “Easts to win” shout the cry that everybody knows,
      If you play this football game beware the Roosters crow.
      They’re great to see in action, these boys who show the way,
      Put the Roosters on the field, they’ll show you how to play.
      Here come the Roosters, the best we’ve ever seen,
      The red, white and bluesters, the Eastern Suburbs team.

      Burgess knows how to play the face book game, he flash’s fast and Hard
      Burgess doesn’t how to win the game because he scares chicks and a re–tard😖💩

      • Burgess knows how to play the face book game, he flash’s fast and Hard
        Burgess doesn’t know how to win the game because he scares chicks and is a re–tard
        He’s terrible to see in action and now and then drops his ball
        When on face book his fireman’s cap does look mighty small.
        Here comes the Burgess a drop like you’ve never seen
        The cardinal and myrtle a member of the Soufffths team.😖🥕🍺

  5. It’s good to see Zane Musgrove learning by his mistakes ………………………said no one ever

    • Is that your curveball screaming? I missed that one entirely. That was a bit random or is there a cryptic meaning and Musgrove is headed for the chooks instead of the Tigers? Heavy night out on the chips mate?

      • Just saw the latest Zane Musgrove story. Your post was a little too cryptic at the time screaming but the penny has dropped.

  6. @ AngryEagle47 and any noble knights that would rally to this banner (actually all clubs are welcome), “‘Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!” Let’s make a stand and “kill the beast!”

  7. Is this story about Cronk?
    Or is about Reggie and his cohort of Zane “Basher”, George “I see u”, GI “Boozer”, $keletor, Bye bye Jennings Sam “texter”.

  8. @ Reg Rogan

    We all know here at ‘ZEROTACKLE’ that your intellectual insecurities/disabilities are the reason for your mundane efforts of constantly trying to one up others by consciously struggling to say something more profound.

    The nuisance of correcting my grammar really shows how much of an introvert you are. One would also come to the conclusion of you being a closed minded gnat. Your actions do speak louder than words.

    Besides, isn’t it obvious who I barrack for? Really?

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