SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 10: Valentine Holmes watches on as he waits to speak to the media during a Cronulla Sharks NRL media opportunity at North Cronulla Surf Club on September 10, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

North Queensland has expressed interest in acquiring Valentine Holmes in the event that he decides to rejoin the NRL later in the season.

Holmes, 23, is currently pursuing a career in the NFL after terminating his contract with Cronulla and venturing to the United States last year.

The ex-Sharks fullback was on show for NFL scouts at the league’s International Pathway Program pro-day earlier this week, and can now be claimed by an NFL franchise as a free agent or assigned to a team’s practice squad.

Holmes had confirmed to Fox Sports that he would return to rugby league if he fails to earn an NFL contract.

“If it doesn’t work out here, I’d obviously come back because I need to make money somehow,” Holmes said in an interview.

In response, Cowboys football manager Peter Parr told Fox Sports that the club would look to secure Holmes’ services.

“We’ve just got to be patient. It’s a waiting game.”


  1. NQ don’t need a new fullback they need a new coach a Halfback and a forward pack

    I’ll start with coach. Paul green has gone from one of the top coaches in the game to one of the worst in the space of a couple of seasons his attacking zone plays are terrible and has done nothing to fix up a forward pack literally relies on taumalolo getting 300 meters a game or cowboys have no chance.

    His reliance on picking players based on experience and not on form has completely shattered the confidence of some of these young guns like Clifford, Gela-Mosby, Tuala who all have high ceilings but get dropped later on no matter how good they play or how bad the player they should be replacing is playing. This also ultimately ended making players like Jahrome Hughes and Kalyn Ponga Leaving the club. It’s will also probably lead players like Kurt Wiltshire, Murray Taulagi and Peter Hola from the club also.

    Now on to the forward pack. Matt Scott and Gavin Cooper look like absolute shadows of themselves this season (usually happens when you don’t know when to hang them up), Jordan McLean has never looked comfortable at the cowboys, Coen Hess at young age has somehow lost the ability to run hard it probably has something to do with him not being a 80 minute player even though the coach thinks he is, John Asiata is a good ball playing forward but does make defensive errors and really shouldn’t be you second best performing forward the rest of them are glorified average qld Cup players Who when play qld Cup usually get outplayed in that comp aswell.

    Now onto the halfback. Michael Morgan needs to go back to fullback despite having a decent first game has looked horrible in 7 jumper this season. Morgan has no kicking game whatsoever nearly every kick in the attacking zone he shanks it or overpowers it, He isn’t even a gifted passer it’s his running game that make him a good player so they either give Clifford, Hampton and/or Martin (who also has never looked comfortable at cowboys either) the 6 and 7 or go out and buy someone and that way Morgan can attack both sides of the field and can get back to running the ball

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