North Queensland have accepted the punishment the NRL have handed down to forward Scott Bolton, with the 31-year-old receiving a five-game ban.

Scott pleaded guilty to common assault back in January, although no conviction was recorded against Scott.

Cowboys CEO Jeff Reibel released the following statement on the club's website on Friday afternoon.

“Scott Bolton joined the Cowboys as a 16-year-old and has had an impeccable record over his 13-year, 229 NRL game Cowboys career.

“Given Scott’s standing in our club, his status as a life member and his unblemished record, it is with reluctance that we accept the five-match ban and associated sanctions.

“Scott has the utmost respect of his teammates and peers and will continue to be supported by the club.”


  1. A BS continuation what about the multitude of grubs that have done far worse than Scott and often repeated offenders getting away with far less punishment. Just like the legal system which often makes an example out of a good guy that happen to make a mistake over a career offender which they let go with a slight rap over the. knuckles .. what a fooking joke.

  2. For the same offence Fergo was deregistered and spent like 2-3 years out of the game as punishment.

    I agree that both did pretty minor stuff (no offence to women out there but it amazes me that cops were called in both situations – a drunken bum/thigh grab followed by both parties walking away is pretty soft… IMO most wouldn’t bother calling the cops and a lot of cops would be like ‘okay… touched your thigh… then what next? Okay so as soon as you pushed his hand away he said sorry and left you alone completely… how about I go give the guy a warning and suggest it’s time for him to head home for the night?’).

    That said, the cops were called, she decided to push on with pressing charges (maybe ahe was a Broncos fan?) and most importantly this was definitely a sexual assault… the court examined it and came to that conclusion. Bolton and Fergo both got no conviction recorded for lower level sexual assaults (I know a lot of feminists who would be spitting chips about that!!!) and Bolton only got a 5 game suspension. IMO you’re pretty lucky it wasn’t worse, mate.

    Barba… no comment.

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