North Queensland have identified Brisbane's Jordan Kahu as a replacement for Ben Barba.

Kahu has one year remaining in his deal with the Broncos but will struggle to displace Darius Boyd, Jamayne Isaako, Corey Oates, Jack Bird and James Roberts in the Broncos backline.

The Cowboys believe they can convince the 28-year-old to Townsville by offering him the full-time fullback position, according to .

The New Zealand international has played 95 games and scored 42 tries for the Broncos since making his NRL debut in 2013.

South Sydney fullback Alex Johnston has also been linked to the Cowboys, but has denied any talks with the club.



  1. Well it looks as though they have it nailed down to two options and if the money is right I would say Johnston will be heading north to the Cowboys. Is the city boy able to handle a scenery change and a slower lifestyle pace❓❔❓❔❓ Could be just what the doctor ordered. If Johnston leaves this could free up money for Jennings and top up George the bare butt Facebook flasher’s money to keep him at souffves Sydney. 😲

  2. Kahu will do a fine job for the Cowboys if he stays injury free, but, IMO, is not the game breaker modern NRL teams need at fullback. . It was a strong rumour last year that Kahu’s knees are shot and Brisbane were looking to offload him to free up cap.

    I really hope he does well.

  3. Not happening woodduck, has much as you would like to see it, Bennett has said he is going nowhere, plus they only have $300k left and out of Johnston’s price range, again impressed you were again able to spell Johnston correctly, someone mentoring you in spelling? Still you can’t stop making every article about Souths , weird, me thinks you worried about Souths next this year.

  4. Yeah I heard he was feeling abit weak and also that he was looking at playing rugby union and the broncos were going to let him go. Cowboys could sign Kahu but isn’t a match winning fullback. Atleast if they sign Kahu start him at 1 then after 3/4 games if he doesn’t look great put him in the centres and move Hampton to fullback he was looking good there last year.
    1. Hampton
    2. Fedlt
    3. Kahu
    4. O’Neil
    5. MacDonald

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