SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 07: George Burgess of the Rabbitohs leaves the field with a trainer during the round 13 NRL match between the South Sydney Rabbitohs and the Newcastle Knights at ANZ Stadium on June 07, 2019 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

South Sydney forward George Burgess won't be a Rabbitoh next season, and there's a chance he won't even be in Australia in 2020.

Burgess was recently handed a nine-game ban for an eye-gouge on Robbie Farah, and is set to miss the rest of the regular season through suspension.

Wayne Bennett on Friday confirmed Burgess would be leaving the Bunnies after eight seasons with the club, but hopes he'll stay in the NRL.

"George won’t be here next year, that was determined a long time ago and way before anything else happened," Bennett said.

"But I do want him to stay in the NRL, he is a wonderful player and a good bloke.”

Despite Bennett's hopes, believe the Englishman could be heading back home at season's end, with Warrington reportedly leading the race for his services.

Leeds, Wigan and Hull could also be enticed by Burgess' availability.

Burgess has played 146 games for the Rabbitohs, and has represented England on 14 occasions.


  1. What a grub. No one wants a dog player in their team……………… wait souffs…………………………….

  2. I dont condone what he did…..stupid brain snap
    I’ve been watching the game for over 50 years and have seen real grubs
    Greg Bird about 2004 for kneeing Souths player in the head
    Clint Newton ( former Newcastle Knights) for elbow to Ashton Sims (horrific)
    James Graham (2012 GF) biting the ear of Billy Slater also headbutting Dave Tyrell in 2014 GF
    Bob Cooper smashing 3 Illawarra Steelers players (early 80s)
    John Bucknell smashing jaw of John Sattler
    And a couple of the biggest grubs of all
    John Hopoate for elbow to Keith Galloway (sickening) plus his fingers up the anus of 3 or 4 players
    Les Boyd – king of grubs

  3. Grow up Kelby, once again a stupid comment from a stupid person.

    George Burgess is not a grub , not even close, it is sad to see him leave Souths in this fashion, any club who gets him will get a player about to come into his prime, he made a mistake and admitted that, but tell me what was worse, Cotric tackle where he could have broken the players neck or George eye gouge, both players said it is not them and I believe both players, but Coltric should have got 10 weeks at least the debate whether it was a spear tackle or not is irrellevent, same result.

  4. Any player that eye gouges twice within a career is a grub penso. The only difference with this Grub, is he did it twice within 9mths.🤡

    Steve.syd alias woodchoock, what did the Grub George Burgess do in 2014 that gives your South Rabbit Transit Lounge outfit nightmares???🤡

    Soucit4852. The only Transit Lounge I recall is what Russ described to everyone on here as Souff Sydney. I recall when Sydney Roosters lost a stack of players to you jerks like Webb, Crocker, Heggerty, Cusack, Fletcher, and then you guys stole Wing after he choose to go to the Chooksters, when souff Sydney got kicked out of the Nrl. I recall he went to the Roosters as a rookie and you blokes transit Lounged him back after he played in a winning Sydney premiership team and rep player for Origin and multi Aust test player. Hahaha🤣😂😁🤣🤡

  5. Don’t try and defend Easts Harrry, they are the worst team in NRL history of buying players from other clubs, they are the club responseable for lack of loyalty in league cause they don’t invest in juniors, surely you that H

    . There is a push for clubs to be rewarded for bringing juniors into the NRL with, salary cap relief, when this was suggested years ago Polites got it stopped,. lets hope he fails this time and bring loyalty back into the game.

    I can’t defend Burgess, I know, BUT i just feel that this isn’t his go, but you win on this one i’m afraid.

  6. I think your wrong on both accounts penso. Loyalty went out the window during the super league war, while the Roosters have been doing great with discovering young talent and turning them into players who won them a premiership. If you look at their grand final side of last season, 3/4 of the team have not played Nrl with any other club.

  7. Take it easy Butler….whats with ”you jerks” ? I don’t follow any team, just stating real grubs in the game that’s all
    I didn’t realise buying Tedesco,Cronk and Keary is dicovering young talent to win a GF

  8. You should not be offended then soucit4852 if you follow no team mate, but with a name starting with sou I assumed you was a (sou ths) supporter.

    But when you say this

    “I didn’t realise buying Tedesco,Cronk and Keary is dicovering young talent to win a GF”

    Then I must answer with this. These 10 players never played Nrl before and the young talent that I list below, were as a result of playing under the Roosters coaching team and their system.

    Tupuo, Mitchell, Manu, Friend, Cordner, Matterson, Napa, Liu, Radley, Aubuson, thats 60% of the team. Also I think it is reasonably fair to throw in Taukiaho 1 game and JWh 6 games who were rookies that made their names and careers under the Roosters coaching team.

    👍That is 70% of the winning 2018 grand final team.
    So like every team the Roosters need to buy players and 5 players were needed to add to the 12 they turned into accomplished nrl players. Cronk left the Storm to follow his true love to Sydney, Keary was pushed out by Souths, Nobody wanted the troubled Ferguson and Tetivano, while Tedesco wanted a pay increase and play with the team he followed as a kid after playing with a losing outfit that could not make the semis

  9. Tired of childish banter…and without giving too much away,the ”Sou” is short for ”sound”
    All these “facts and figures” you would think that Easts should have won 10 in a row like St George…hang in there with all this accomplished players, you might get there

  10. Well if facts and figures are not any good to you, then what hope have I got to educate you mate.

    Southscity4852 just fill me in with your facts, what club did these 10 players
    Tupuo, Mitchell, Manu, Friend, Cordner, Matterson, Napa, Liu, Radley, Aubuson make their Nrl debut with. I only beleive facts not theories.

    If you can prove to me that I am wrong, then I have no option to beleive your facts. Thats how it works southcity4852.

  11. I’m not getting into a childish rant with you but a liitle education for you,,at least have some respect for what I said previuosly.
    The “Sou” is for ”Sound” for a very close friend of mine who died a couple of years ago…I won’t go into personal details because frankly none of your business.
    The “cit” are initials,not “city” please don’t guess and some respect please
    An apology would be appreciated

  12. Everybody out there …. please dont make any jokes about my Rusty name….. it is in commemoration of all Russells who have passed away before me.

    Everybody out there…. please refrain from stating humorous jibes at my last name Rabbit… it is in memory of all the Rabbit seasons that have been killed off since the 6 tackle rule was introduced in 1972….therefore which is 47 seasons of grief.

    Like the dead actor Edward Woodward said above…’n up ya sad sack CLOWNWIT. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

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