SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 01: Peter Wallace of the Penrith Panthers looks on during the 2018 NRL season launch at First Fleet Park on March 1, 2018 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Matt King/Getty Images)

Penrith’s caretaker coach Cameron Ciraldo has confirmed the club won’t be thinking about recalling former hooker Peter Wallace, after the veteran announced his retirement in June.

The Panthers are struggling with an injury crisis, with Dean Whare and Wayde Egan both suffering potentially season-ending injuries against the Warriors on Friday.

Add to that the fact five-eighth Tyrone Peachey struggled through the contest with a knee injury, and Penrith could line up against the Storm this week without a starting No. 9.

That prompted questions over Wallace’s availability, although Ciraldo hasn’t entertained the idea of bringing him back, and doesn’t think he will at any stage.

“No not at this stage,” Ciraldo said in reference to recalling Wallace, who is now an assistant coach at the Panthers.

“It hasn’t been spoken about and it would be extremely unlikely.”

Penrith could finish as high as second and as low as eighth depending on their result against the Storm, although look more likely of occupying either 7th or 8th position on the table come finals time, given the tough task up against them this weekend.


  1. Nothing would be sweeter than to see Penriff finish 8th and get bundled out of the semis in round 1. Ahh the look on Goulds face if that happens…

    • Charming. Considering the Panthers have battle injuries this year, we have done well. By they way, what team do you support?

  2. The look on his face from the stands last weekend was priceless. Surely the board must be asking questions of him, considering the football department tore up $9m with what is looking like no result?

  3. Gould will probably try turn it around on Griffin and say that these results are his work and Ciraldo is just following on from his coaching plan and that dumping Griffin was the right move.

  4. I really don’t understand some people ay…..
    You people wish bad on the team do no apparent reason!!
    Yes Gould is abit of a tool and deserves all the criticism he gets…. but not the players!!!
    Considering the massive injury toll that has continued all season and all the negative media the Panthers have copped, AND ARE STILL SITTING 5th!!!!! Is a massive credit to the boys who are putting in the hard yards at training and on game day. Sure they’re performance the last month or 2 hasn’t been up to scratch,but u can’t deny that the players are not to blame…..
    And yet here we are people wishing and hoping a young footy team fall and fail all because of one person….. most people on this forum should take a hard look at their own teams before they start talking s*#t about other teams.

    • Mate u are a dead set knob head!!!

      I can name 3 or 4 teams that need to relocate….. Panthers are financially stable with a decent fan base

  5. Penrith have become the Collingwood Magpies of the NRL. Most people don’t hate the players but they want to see them lose to see the look on the face of the ego maniac running the club.

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