SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 23: Josh Jackson of the Bulldogs runs the ball during the round eight NRL match between the Wests Tigers and the Canterbury Bulldogs at ANZ Stadium on April 23, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)

Josh Jackson will lead the Bulldogs in 2018 after being named as the new captain by head coach Dean Pay.

With last year’s captain James Graham moving to the St George Illawarra Dragons, the club was forced to make a change.

There had been reports that David Klemmer and new signing Aaron Woods were in the mix but Pay has decided to go with 2017 ‘Player of the Year’ Jackson.

Jackson has been leading from the front for a while now, averaging 12 runs, 105 metres gained and 32 tackles per game in 2017.


  1. My wife is a bulldog supporter and she is very pleased with Jackson has captain, clearly he is the dogs best player

  2. Jackson is the best choice for captain at the Dogs by a country mile IMO. Jackson looks like a no nonsense leader who will always lead from the front and not get distracted by the added responsibility. Well done Dogs. A step in the right direction.

  3. Great choice by the Bulldogs and well deserved for Jackson. He’ll lead by example and keep his troops in line. Jackson is a great role model for the kids, has a good reputation and is well respected. Good luck to him and to the Bulldogs for the upcoming season.

    I always look forward to the clashes between the Bulldogs and Eels (more than any other game). It’s good for the NRL when both these teams are firing, makes the comp a lot more interesting.

    P.S. Hopefully your new recruit Foran treats your club and supporters better than he treated mine.

    • Well said. He is one of those players who everyone looks up to and he has good leadership qualities. I can’t wait for the Bulldogs vs Eels matches this year. Always full of drama, big moments and are quality matches. I can’t wait to see the Dogs and Eels playing finals football in the same year and hopefully they meet in a match.

      Foran didnt treat the Eels and the fans badly. His life went completely downhill and he was struggling with injuries. He was a severely broken down man. Now at the Dogs he’s having a great pre season and is looking very happy. He’s looking better than he has in a while.

  4. Easily the best choice available for captain! Josh Morris or even Klemmer wouldnt have been bad choices either but now it is Jackson’s time. I saw his interview when he was made captain and I knew straight away he’s the best choice because he was very proud to have been named captain and was emotional so it clearly means a lot to him

    • Great players don’t always make great captains but in this case the Bulldogs have made the right choice. I must have seen the same interview because you could see the pride in his speech and gestures. Good luck to him for a long time in leading the Bulldogs.

      • Jackson will definitely make a great captain. One of his first sentences after the announcement says it all: “I love this club and I would do anything for this club and the boys”. He will be the Bulldogs long term captain and Klemmer will take over him. Good luck to GI leading Souths this year as well. Who do you think will be Souths next captain? I would have said Crichton but obviously he’s leaving

        • “I love this club and I would do anything for this club and the boys”

          James Graham and Josh Reynolds would have said the same. They also bled blue and white. As for Souths captain, I will leave that for chalky. I have never been one to opens someone else’s mail.

        • Tbh, Reynolds isn’t really captain material. Graham certainly bled blue and white but he was a little too emotional but it did have its ups and downs. I think Jackson will do his job perfectly as captain. If you had to tell me who you think would captain Souths in the future who do you think it would be after GI?

        • CBB , thanks for your inquiry about the next Souths captain after Inglis, even though this is about Canterbury, firstly i agree with my mrs about Jackson , i saw his interview tonight and his passion was unreal, so good you have a totally dedicated player there and you cannot ask for more.

          My Souths captain after Inglis would be Sam Burgess who bleeds Souths, he would be has passionate as Jackson, I hope this leads Jackson to be even a better player and this can only be a positive for NSW origin prospects.

        • I wouldn’t argue with that CBB4ver. I was not making the case for either Reynolds or Graham to be captain. BOTH were/are loose cannons (which also describes Klemmer). The point I was making is that both players bled “blue and white” and would have said the same while at the Dogs. Unfortunately the loyalty they felt to the club was not reciprocated (which is so often the case will ALL clubs and players these days). I was just saying Jackson was not alone in wearing his heart on his sleeve when talking about the Bulldogs.

          Souths future captain will be Cameron Murray (once Greg Inglis and Sam Burgess retire or leave the club). To be honest I think Murray would have gotten the job ahead of Crichton even if he stayed. Murray is a Souths junior while Crichton is not. Murray is loyal to the club and Crichton is already looking for “greener pastures” in a battery cage at a chicken manure production factory.

        • @ penso

          I didn’t see your response until now. I had not refreshed the page until submitting my post. I assumed that “future captain” was looking beyond Inglis’s immediate successor which meant someone younger than both Inglis and Burgess. As I posted, Sam will be the immediate successor to Inglis IF Inglis retires or moves on before Sam. Going forward though I believe Cameron Murray will be the man.

        • I was going to say Sam Burgess but what if he retires around the same time GI does? That’s the big question. I did think about Cameron Murray but I thought about Burgess too. Graham was a good captain because he revved up his players with his passion and leadership qualities but since he was too emotional, it bit him in the a** with the refs a lot. That is what I was referring to when there was ups and downs with him as captain.

        • “Graham was a good captain because he revved up his players with his passion…”

          AND his saliva! I’m all for a captain “giving his players a spray” but I think that is taking it too far! It would motivate me to stay out of range if nothing else. LOL

  5. I agree it’s a good choice BUT, was there really any other option? Graham or Reynolds would have been contenders – there’s nobody else in the team who even looks like captain material. I feel a bit sorry for JJ – a lot of pressure on him to carry the team.

    • Not really for Reynolds. The other good contenders would have been Josh Morris and Klemmer. Even Tolman because he’s a veteran.

  6. Hopefully he’ll grow up and put away the angry pills. So far he hasn’t shown he has the temperament to be captain, if he leads by example the whole team will be in the bin.

    • daffy, you are right. James Graham does NOT have the temperament to be captain. There are times he lacks the temperament to be a first grade footballer, such is his lack of self-control and professionalism. HIs abuse of referees should never have been tolerated and he is the only player to date that seems to have been told he needs to have his hands clasped behind his back when speaking to a referee to appear more non-threatening.

      Although James Graham has exceptional soft hands and silky skills for a forward his lack of discipline and 70’s approach on the field (i.e. biting, head butting, getting in peoples faces and exploding at them to put them off their game) makes him more of a throw back to a bygone era when the gloves could come off and things were settled on the field physically while the referees would often turn a blind eye. This mentality has Graham at a distinct disadvantage in the modern era with replays and multiple camera angles catching every indiscretion. Added to this is Graham’s temper and his inability to control it at most times.

      He also lost control in the 2014 GF when Graham lead with his head countless times in tackles and often made no pretence of using his arm, shoulder or upper body at all. It is thuggish, dangerous, unsportsmanlike and utterly unnecessary.

      If you ever needed a better example of how Graham’s mentality belongs back in the 70’s look no further than one of his earliest games for the Dogs against the Titans (Round 5 in 2012 I think) when he ran onto the field with Vaseline all over his legs!!! It is a memory I will cherish for it is the ONLY time I have ever cheered Nate Myles on when, out of frustration, Myles grabbed a handful of Vaseline and rubbed it directly into Graham’s face and eyes in an animated fashion. As if to say, “There! Get THAT into ya!” I think Graham got the message because by the next game he had stopped wearing Vaseline on his legs. Classic!

      • I love watching Graham play and his attitude and temprament just not in a captain.Looking a the dogs lineup for the season i dont think Pay really had any other choice than Jackson

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