MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - SEPTEMBER 07: Josh Addo-Carr of the Storm thanks the fans following the NRL Qualifying Final match between the Melbourne Storm and the South Sydney Rabbitohs at AAMI Park on September 7, 2018 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Graham Denholm/Getty Images)

Melbourne’s Josh Addo-Carr is not shying away from the fact that he’s weighing up a move to Sydney.

Sources close to him told The Sydney Morning Herald that he is at the stage where he wants to put his family above anything else.

Addo-Carr and his partner have no family in Melbourne and he is keen to bring his kids up around his family.

The winger and his agent Chris Orr Sat down with Storm officials on Friday.

“They confirmed their position around his contract and their desire for him to stay and extend,” Orr told The Sydney Morning Herald.

“Josh spoke openly about his feelings on a number of things. He is not due back [at club training] until the middle of December.”

Orr added: “He certainly spoke about his family and feelings around that.”

Despite the now seemingly inevitable move to the harbour city, Storm chief executive Dave Donaghy said Addo-Carr is committed to the club.

“Where the talk is coming from, I’m not sure, but I can say hand on heart Josh is committed to Storm as much as we’re committed to Josh,” Donaghy said.

It appears likely that Melbourne will release him from the final two years of his deal and Sydney clubs will prepare offers.

The Wests Tigers are touted as a potential destination despite saying they are not chasing him as he is under contract.


  1. Wanting to “move to be nearer family” is often touted as the reason for these things but I doubt that it really is. Josh signed a a 3yr contract a year ago (memory might be playing tricks here so don’t take as gospel) so what changes family wise in just one year ? If there were genuine second thoughts about moving nearer family, why were was it not considered at signature time ?

    What ever goes on in these cases one thing is for certain, when you see the phrase “move to be nearer family” don’t breathe in through your nose as the smell of BS is likely to be pretty strong.

  2. I hope he is not following his so called best mate and do another “Latrell”. His reputation will fall off a cliff.

  3. Apparently he has just gained custody of his 5 year old daughter and his partner is pregnant. I would say that is a change in his family situation?

  4. There is always speculation around the contracts of players that are managed by the Orr brothers, sadly most of it is in the interest of the Orr brothers, not the player.

  5. OK Eels that is something I wasn’t aware of.

    OK so the Josh case might be genuine – bad example perhaps but I am pretty certain a good number of others are not.

  6. JAC please come to the mighty roosters. You can still be close to your buddy mitchell next door at souths. We will gladly trade that has been Morris in for you.

  7. Sydney eh? How bout the lovely beaches of Cronulla where you spent your time playing in the juniors. Pretty sure Sharks would have a few more players yet they can move along.

  8. Rabbits should jump at the chance.

    Swap Alex Johnson for Addo-Car
    Even offer to pay for all of JACs salary and 1/4 of AJ’s

    Let’s say AJ is on 600k that means they pay 150k, Storm pay 450k and get a good try scoring winger out of it at a cheap rate.

    Johnson’s deal expires end of this year so it’s not like your pay him 150k every year for another 3 years or anything

  9. I think Ado-Carr is going to be involved in a trade off with the Roosters Ryan Hall transferring to the cooler climate of Melbourne.

  10. This news is nothing but rumors spread by that big called Danny Weidler. Think of it this way, not matter what Addo-Carr wants, he has another 2-years on his contract. And if Melbourne refuse to release him then there is no legal way he can break his contract and walk away if he wants to remain in NRL. If he plays-on in 2020 but then tries to be a smart by not performing, he would be demoted which means his asking price will tumble. So Addo-Carr is in a catch-22. And he knows it.

  11. Yea well now that choc has hung up the gloves, a career in player management or player advisory services beckons.

  12. I have heard the talk also of a switch with the Englishman Hall being swapped with Sydney bound Ado-Carr, only rumours of coarse but certainly seems logical if Ado-Carr needs to relocate due to family commitments.

  13. Ropable, if you think that Morris is a has been I can only conclude that either you know nothing about rugby league or you completely missed the grand final.

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