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Team Lists

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    • Honestly I only caught the last 30 mins but saw the full game between England vs Lebanon which was an absolute disgrace and as crooked a case of officiating that you would ever see. Lebanon were penalised out of the game while ENGLISH Refs and ENGLISH bunker officials did al lthey could to bolster England’s chances.

      From the ending I saw Samoa did well to fight back and Tonga seemed to be guilty of putting the cue back in the rack long before the game was over. Tonga look like a serious side but as I predicted their finishing often left a lot to be desired and their ill-discipline was evident as expected. Hingano and Lolohea stepped up big time though and that is more than I expected. Losing Hopoate to HIA was a blow but Fusitu’a looked good in the late stint I was able to catch. I think he brings more attacking options to the Tongan side and although Havili tries hard he lacks impact from dummy half and IMO this will hurt Toga on the run home when the big games start. I agree though Tonga are the dark horse of the competition but I still think no team will really challenge Australia as things stand.

      • Considering Tui and Hingano are so young and inexperienced, they led the team around very well, but they will some errors from time to time.
        Samoa are a quality team too and did fight back at various stages but dropped balls and errors cruelled any momentum they had.
        I don’t think Tonga can go with Australia but they will give good account of themselves esp if Fatfita and JT want to prove a point. their pack with Fatfita, JT, Ma’u and Takeuhio is pretty impressive.

        • How they are missing Anthony Milford but Pappa Smurf won’t allow him to play! He also would not allow Boyd to play for the Aussies. Bit rich than that he wants to rush Sam Burgess back in and risk further serious injury and the potential to miss much of the 2018 season. Do you think he would risk Boyd if it was Boyd under the same circumstances? I Guess Bennett already answered that question himself.

          Also, Fatfita needs to show more control and leadership and cut out the ridiculous 2% chance offloads he was going for and ended up just turning over obsession. Along with JT13, his team needs him to set the standard.

  1. BIG games for Hingano and Johnson on the same day! Do the Warriors really need Blake Green? Thoughts Warriors fans (and others)?

    • Do they need him? Probably not, but should they pick him up? Yeah, why not, it could create the best fishing ever on ZT.

      Green to the Warriors, to accommodate Pearce at Manly. Now theres a very grumpy MW. One “chip” thrown in that direction and there will Seagull feathers flying in all directions. Of course the downside would be, if Pearce was at Manly, someone would be calling for him to be an automatic rep selection.

      Now with Pearce gone, the Roosters have room for Crichton, and we’ll have our own little “Watership Down” in Bunnie land.

      But jokes aside, no, I don’t think the Warriors need him.

      And on another, and yes serious question for you SSTID, if Crichton (yes IF) was to sign with another club for 2019, would you want to hold him for 2018, or let him go now (assuming you didn’t get a quality player as part of a swap arrangement)?

  2. “Pearce at Manly. Now theres a very grumpy MW. One “chip” thrown in that direction and there will Seagull feathers flying in all directions.”

    In sight of certain assertions made, is it fair to the AFL though is my point? Just joking big fella! 😉

    “if Crichton (yes IF) was to sign with another club for 2019, would you want to hold him for 2018”

    Certainly. We have to stop the rot on the game that allows players to treat contracts like toilet paper. They are meant to be legally binding otherwise what’s the point? It is FAR too late now for Souths to fill the enormous gap this kid would leave so why should a team that gave this kid a break and helped to develop him just because he wants to cash in early for the chance of a big pay day?

    Remember both Sandow and Taylor (Coal Train) were at the top of their game when they left Souths for greener pastures and their careers never recovered. Likewise Dylan Walker’s form has not reached the form he had when playing for Souths. Change is not always necessary or a good thing. I just hope this kid is not about to make a rash choice. He is already in a team were his game is growing each week to the point where already he should be an automatic selection for NSW SOO in 2018 if he maintains his form. So why the need for change? Surely Souths can find the money and the cap room? As MW47 says, central to all of this is the question does young Angus WANT to stay at the club or is he disillusioned by the sacking of his first NRL coach and mentor (Madge) and Souths parting ways with his close friend Jack Gosiewski, not to mention Aaron Gray and Bryson Goodwin moving on?

    If the Roosters end up picking him up along with their other signings I will lose it! I might just join old mate on the RL sidelines as the game will have lost all credibility for me.

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