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South Sydney was outclassed by a Roosters side missing their Origin stars, and can all but kiss their final’s chances goodbye if they don’t beat the Cowboys on Sunday afternoon.

Fresh off a brilliant Origin performance, Michael Morgan is again set to lead the Queenslanders in the absence of Thurston. If anything, Morgan has grown as a footballer with the added responsibility.

The Cowboys have had their feet up for the week after crushing Canberra in the capital, so despite the heavy travel, they should be fresh.

South Sydney have to win, there’s no way around it. That desperation may drive them on, but with Taumalolo and co fresh off a week off, it’s hard to see Souths keeping their finals chances alive.

Cowboys by 4.

Team Lists

Team Lists

Team Stats

Scoring Plays

Rabbitohs   Cowboys
2 Tries 4
1 Conversions 3
Penalty Goals
Field Goals 1


Rabbitohs   Cowboys
157 All Runs 159
1,287 All Run Metres 1,361
4 Line Breaks 6
15 Offloads 4


Rabbitohs   Cowboys
345 Kick Metres 347
340 Tackles 254
40 Missed Tackles 28


Rabbitohs   Cowboys
8 Penalties Conceded 4
14 Errors 12
Sin Bin
Send Offs

Player Stats




  1. Time has come for Souths to show Maguire the door, we need new idea’s and a good prop forward, also Farah has to go , Cook should have been out starting hooker all year, god knows how his confidence is, we have the makings of a good side especially with Inglis and Gagai next year, so lets get a new coach and start fresh for 2018

    • As a long-time Souths member I try very hard not to criticise their performance because I know how hard it is to be a winning team nowdays. But, after todays performance it is hard to argue with you.

      Who do you suggest would be a good fit for Souths?

      • I’m the same has you chalky, a long time member and ex junior of the club.

        I don’t know who would be good for us, all i know is we need a different direction in our coaching, Maguire is passionate , sure, but me thinking it is a bit stale, Souths wanted Maguire to be our long term coach, same as Bellamy at Melbourne, so did i to be truthful, and Souths have given him every opportunity, but alas i think he needs to go, not sure who i would like to come in but something needs to happen.

      • We should have got rid of him when Cleary was available…. no one decent around now… we’re stuck with him.. how anyone can put a 107KG forward at 5/8 is totally beyond me… Like most rabbit fans I was a big fan of Maguire, but since the GF it’s been downhill fast – virtually back to the bad of days.

        • You should pick up Taylor, to reunite with Robbie, and a special “guest” appearance from Crowe to give the half time “pep talk”.

          But seriously, I don’t think it would take much to change the fortunes big time. When Inglis is back at FB, Walker back to 5/8, Sutton back to SRF, it’s almost there. Once Inglis is back (next year), and Gagai coming in, it’s down to your Props. Sutton, Chrichton and S. Burgess, and your 1-7, and I still rate Madge, you’ll just need props that can tackle, hold onto the ball, and ideally move it forward without giving penalties away.

        • As an outsider looking in, its seriously time for the burgess twins to go – especially George.
          How many times can a coach persist with a player who drops the ball so often and at crucial times. That one on the weekend just after scoring was a killer
          It also seems that Madge hasn’t varied his game plan greatly to allow for the changes in tactics and rules/interpretations since they won the title.
          That and the loss of Inglis for the majority of the season, with Sutton at 5/8 hasn’t helped matters.
          I know there is a fair bit of coin locked up in Sammy Boi but they don’t seem to have been to active in the player market lately – is there salary cap pressures there which means they cant fund new talent (save for Gagai)?

        • Problem is no one apart from Sammy can tackle.. I blame this stupid wrestling that they’ve been taught.. coz at 120kgs if u were taught to drive with your shoulder, u should be able to absolutely smash someone… Also the twins running style is way too upright (they expose their ribs way to easily)..

  2. Farah will save Souths… you’ve got him next Year too… seems like Crowe has guaranteed him the #9

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