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  1. Well done Kumals and congrats on the impressive win against one of the games true minnows. However, Laurie Daley has just played connect the dots and made a meal of it. From 3 dots Daley somehow came up with an octagon!

    “LAURIE Daley has made a huge call on the future of Papua New Guinea rugby league after watching the Kumuls crush a woeful Wales outfit.”

    “Put them straight in (the NRL). In 2020 put PNG straight into the competition,” Daley told Channel Seven post-game.


    Loz put the pint down and have a think. PNG just beat Wales (50-6) not NZ or England. Wales who only play RU and soccer and beyond Union are only famous for their close-harmony singing!

    No doubt Daley was at the private bar at ANZ Stadium and missed the NRL Interstate Championship when the PNG Hunters were down 38-2 at halftime before losing 42-18! To a NSW Cup side!! That result hardly recommends them for candidacy for entry into the NRL in first grade. Surely?

    I have no problem with it happening eventually (as long as Sydney clubs doesn’t have to be culled or merged to accommodate this inclusion) but baby steps please! They only joined the Intrust Super Cup in 2014 and have done extremely well to win the premiership in this competition in 4 short years but there is a Quantum leap between the Intrust Super Cup and NSW Cup and the NRL. I would hate to see the PNG Hunters go the way of the Hunter Mariners, Gold Coast Seagulls, Adelaide Rams and South Queensland Crushers! All new ventures that folded after a short time in the NRL never to be heard from again.

    Once the Hunters join (which I would welcome under the right circumstances) I would like to think they were given every opportunity to succeed.

    Thoughts ZT?

      • My heart says this is a great idea but the reality is vastly different. It is a huge step up from the intrust cup to the NRL. The truth is PNG has huge inherent problems that would make a NRL team an impossible dream. Firstly PNG is a Third World Country that is ranked as one of the most corrupt in the world. Despite vast natural resources it is one of the poorest countries in the world, with massive internal security issues, especially in Port Moresby.
        Despite an unparalleled passion for League they do not have enough quality players to form an NRL standard team, assuming all PNG players decide to play for them. To truly compete they would need to attract Australian and NZ players to the team. I cannot imagine too many players moving themselves and potentially families to a third world country. They would not have the same access to finance through sponsorship and therefore lack the facilities that all the elite players expect.

        The ONLY way it could work is that if the team is based out of Cairns and flies in and out of Port Moresby for home games.

        • You echo my thoughts on this mate. I was thinking along similar lines (about players and families relocating and also about the corruption and difficulties in raising finances to pay for players and the transparency of same). Then there is the quagmire of both PNG (and the Warriors for that matter) being outside of Australian federal and state law to be investigated for any wrong doing and then also to be forced to submit to a review of their financial dealing for salary cap purposes. Undoubtedly the PNG would have to be based on the Australian mainland (in Northern QLD) which may or may not negate the issue of relocating families to a “third world country” but the legal mind field of dealing with a club from overseas still remain.

          In addition to this I don’t see the PNG side as things now stand being in any way ready to take the massive step up to the NRL even by 2020.

          “They would not have the same access to finance through sponsorship”

          The ONLY choice they would have is to be sponsored by the government (which would be a massive conflict of interest for them) or by a mining conglomerate like BHP. Even then there would be question marks over exactly WHAT a company like BHP would get in return by way of back door deals and concessions made by the PNG government in their favour. All too murky and too shady for mine and too open to abuse as you suggest.

  2. Well Laurie is no coach , just look at his SOO report , Lozza you couldn’t put together a NSW side that was stable enough to challenge for Origin , and now you want PNG in the NRL 😂

  3. Knockers onto sumfin , the Cairns Papuans ! We could have Bankstown Kebebs( Lebanese) and the South Melb Fetas 😂 (Greeks) and the western Sydney nocchi ,(italianos) 😂

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