Manly Sea Eagles have pulled off a major coup with the signing of brilliant young Gold Coast Titans centre Brian Kelly.

The Sea Eagles fended off several NRL clubs and the Titans for his signature for 2018-19 and see him as a guilt edge investment for the future.

Sea Eagles Head of Football Bob Fulton spotted 20-year-old Kelly last season when looking at another Gold Coast youngster, Jed Cartwright – son of Manly Assistant Coach John Cartwright.

John Cartwright, the foundation coach of the Titans, said securing Kelly’s signature was massive for the Sea Eagles.

“Brian is a really powerful, fast kid, who can play full-back, wing, and centre. He has a similar build to Dylan Walker,’’ John said.

“Everyone up north has a huge opinion of him. It was never a case of thinking not if, but when, he will play NRL.”

Manly Sea Eagles 2017 Player Movements

2017 Gains
Cameron Cullen (Gold Coast Titans, 2017), Manase Fainu (2021), Blake Green (Melbourne Storm, 2020), Jackson Hastings (Sydney Roosters, 2019), Brian Kelly (Gold Coast Titans, 2021), Jarrad Kennedy (Canberra Raiders, 2017), Shaun Lane (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, 2020), Joey Lussick (Sydney Roosters, 2020), Jesse Martin (2018), Taniela Paseka (2021), Lloyd Perrett (Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, 2019), Curtis Sironen (Wests Tigers, 2021), Kelepi Tanginoa (Parramatta Eels, 2021), Akuila Uate (Newcastle Knights, 2021), Jonathan Wright (New Zealand Warriors, 2018), Matthew Wright (Mid Season: North Queensland Cowboys, 2018)
2017 Losses
Rhys Armstrong (released), Jamie Buhrer (Newcastle Knights), Luke Burgess (Catalan Dragons), Fabian Goodall (rugby union), Nathan Green (released), Nicho Hynes (released), Isaac John (released), Dylan Kelly (released), Liam Knight (Canberra Raiders), Halauafu Lavaka (released), Blake Leary (North Queensland Cowboys), Jamie Lyon (retired), Feleti Mateo (retired), Tim Moltzen (retired), Nate Myles (Melbourne Storm), Matt Parcell (Leeds Rhinos), Hugh Pratt (released), Tony Satini (Penrith Panthers), Josh Starling (Newcastle Knights), Tom Symonds (Huddersfield Giants), Siosaia Vave (Parramatta Eels), Brayden Wiliame (Catalan Dragons)
Addin Fonua-Blake (2022), Martin Taupau (2020), Jake Trbojevic (2020), Tom Trbojevic (2020)
Off Contract 2019
Jade Anderson, Lachlan Croker, Cade Cust, Tevita Funa, Jack Gosiewski, Trent Hodkinson, Brad Parker, Lloyd Perrett, Toafofoa Sipley, Jorge Taufua, Joel Thompson, Dylan Walker
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  1. Cool now we have 6 wingers ,5 halfbacks ,4 centres ,and 100 fullbacks ,now we need to get rid of Vlaka ,,,,

    • I agree we have alot of players, but competition does bring out the best in players. We will probably end up dropping the underperformers and in turn make ourselves a stronger side

  2. I swear we make the worst decisions with our backline ffs…. Let go of Hymel Hunt, Nene Macdonald, David Mead, Josh Hoffman, now this guy

    • I can understand Hunt as well as Mead and Hoffman to an extent. However, MacDonald was a genuine attacking weapon under the high ball and was strong carrying the ball off your line. Kelly has a lot of potential from what I have seen from him. A massive improvement on what Manly currently have on their books (seriously, how does Jono Wright keep getting contracts at different clubs).

      • The Dragons offer overs for MacDonald, the Titans these days aren’t willing to pay overs for players (specially for wingers). Nathan Davis a pretty similar skill set so he’ll end up slotting onto that wing.

    • Only idiots overpay on wingers: St Dudds. Money should be spent on props, hooks who can kick and class halves. Wingers just slot in a passionate junior.

      • You probably wouldn’t go crazy spending money on props, you’d spend the money on your spine, a couple of decent second rowers and centers, but definitely not wingers.

    • Same with Jed Cartwright. At least Jed is playing for a club that is in his family’s blood, and one that he has supported since childhood.

  3. We do have too many backs, but williame left snake and skivvi both he gone either now or 1 more year, both the wrights aren’t good enough anyways, and uate and Locke are both decent if get back to some old form. Need some forwards though, and I wish I would stop reading about Brenton Lawrence being shopped around, he is awesome and am sure not taking up too many ch salary cap space, can play on edge or up front. Could handle manly signing fensom and push jake back to front row and fensom play big minutes at lock. Personally rheink manly are slowly slowly building again. Just hoping dce finds form again with a decent 5/8there now.

  4. Signing Hayne comes at a junior cost for GC… remains to be seen if it’s a step which is planning for the future or immediate success.

    Great pick up for Manly. Apparently Souths tried to sign him last year but failed. Sounds as though Titans are sad to let him go also.

    Appears to be a talented kid. Nsw rep. Remains to be scene if he can play with the big boys but definitely planning for the future.
    Will get some healthy competition for spots between Uate, Tafua, Walker, Parker, Locke, Kelly. They’ve certainly strengthen a weakness which was exposed last year when we were tested for depth after injury.

    I’d say this was plan B if Matai and Stewart’s money hadn’t been resolved.
    Frees up 1.3m when they retire and with 250 players unsigned past 2017 – nicely positioned to grab a couple of stars, probably forwards….

    • Had nothing to do with Hayne….. Kelly’s more of a center/winger but he still would have been behind Davis and Olive to get into the side next season…. I think Manly have offered him a starting position as well as a bump up in pay. Sad to see him go but that’s just the way it is.

      • Your entitled to your opinion.

        In my opinion it has everything to do with Hayne. And Peats.
        You’ve lost this guy and cartight to Panthers in recent weeks. Not to mention the backs u mentioned above.

        Remains to be scene if he rates behind Davis and Olive and considering some Jnr rep players are going for $700k – $160k is a steal.

        • It’s been reported the Titans still have about $600,000 left on the cap next year, its not issue of money.

          Both Davis and Olive (both junior kangaroos) have had their first grade debut while Kelly and Cartwright haven’t so yeah.

        • I understand what your saying but if you didn’t purchase Hayne or Peats for big dollars you’d have an extra Million to spend on Jnrs is my point.
          Happens to all clubs.

          Matai sounds to me definitely not. Reports say his family don’t want him to risk playing. His injury is covered by insurance.

          Stewart situation sounds like hes going to play hardball. Club don’t know what to do with him. His injury isn’t covered as far as I understand it.

          I can’t see them playing Stewart even if he wants to play on…. so maybe another Farah situation. Could get ugly….

          All speculation though….

        • Works both ways, bringing in players like Hayne and Peats can bring success to a club which puts more bums on seats which will led to more kids wanting to play for the Titans rather than the Broncos (which is a huge problem up here) building the junior base for the future.

  5. Matai and Stewart need to do the right thing by Manly and retire, good signing by Manly but need to finalise those two players now, they were great players , no disputing that, but their time is gone, i’ve got a feeling that they will milk Manly for everything they can get and this will hurt manly big time.

    • penso can you answer the question I asked Crowe ,when did Manly sign Fensom and what’s a “guilt edge ” signing ??

    • Pretty certain the club has confirmed Matai’s injury will be covered by insurance. Just finalising the $$$ of the settlement. This will happen within this offseason. No need for any milking there.

      Stewart’s the concern. Supposed to be at training now but can’t due to injury. He’s been given an additional 2months and returns early Jan. His injury not covered by insurance. So to get him off the books he’d have to retire and the Penns pay him out. Don’t see that happening. Possibly Stewart works for Dairy Farmers cause there sounds like plenty of milking to happen…?

      • That’s sad. We’re obviously going through a similar situation with Watmough, and as much as I hate it, and being totally impartial, I think from a moral / loyalty perspective, Watmough doesn’t owe Parra anywhere near what Stewart owes Manly.

        That said, look at the $ Manly through at DCE, who Stewart (allegedly) hates, and maybe he’s p…ed at Manly.

        Bottom line, it’s a real shame, but I’m reminded of a saying “you really don’t know a person until you share an inheritance with them”. Money’s talks.

        • Yep – Parra really doesn’t owe Choc much at all but from a loyalty perspective but…. I guess BA did sign him to a 4yr deal so…
          And in doing that he encouraged others to join the club…

          Put it this way – if Stewart played his best footy this year in between injuries things maybe different. But what we all saw as Manly fans was a bloke who just didn’t want to be there. He had the worst average stats of any fullback in the comp I believe.

          The clubs stuck between a rock and a hard place but if Stewart was capable – he’d be playing FB without hesitation. He did a lot of great things for the club but Haslers big backended deals may have been a year (or 2) too long for some.

          Totally agree about the DCE deal. Lucky the club hasn’t been more effected by it to be honest.
          I was reading the the senior Newcastle players all called their player managers when the Ponga deal was announced… could tear the club apart. Feel sorry for blokes like Gagai etc. a seasoned rep player on $500k trumped by an untested 18yr kid who’s played 2 games….

        • Good point re Ponga, and the impact on the experienced players. I was just glad we had already extended the contracts of our younger players (French etc) before this deal was announced. Now $900k p.a for Turbo looks as cheap as chips.

        • Yep – potential to really cause trouble at a struggling knights outfit.

          FYI – Turbos salary is only $900k in his final year.

          The package for both was $5m over 4yrs.
          Equates to $625k each over the 4yrs.
          Great deal if you ask me – and role model worthy kids to build a new culture around.

        • And a great deal for Ponga considering he’s played 2 games and already paid more than the Treb brothers….

  6. What I found interesting about the snake not being at training is that he owns a restaurant in Melbourne and that is where he has been spending his time. Melbourne is a long way away from manly. He would be an unknown identity down there and can hide.

      • Silvertail47, It was ok to see him win games and 2 grandfinals for you and the club. Cut him a break and let him go out a champion! No need for this crap you go on about!

      • silvertail47

        “He would be an unknown identity down there and can hide.”

        Sounds like he may have made some… “bad bets” and is on the run? 😉

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