Canberra has announced the return of Matt Frawley to the club, after a stint in the English Super League.

Frawley spent 2019 with Huddersfield, and returns to the Raiders after leaving the club as a junior, and going on to play 31 games for the Bulldogs between 2017-2018.

The 24-year-old has signed a one-year deal with the Raiders to be in their development squad.

“It’s great to be back home and I guess you can say I’ve come full circle since playing my junior footy here,” Frawley told

“I’m looking forward to having the chance to train really hard this pre-season and hopefully get an opportunity to get back into the NRL.”


  1. He played some good football for the Bulldogs and will definitely add to the depth of the Raiders halves. Depending on how soon George Williams adapts to the NRL, Craig Frawley could be selected in first grade to start the 2020 season.

  2. Soufs should of snapped up Frawley, unlike Cody Walker who can’t sing, can’t tackle and can’t fight after Cooper Cronk starred him down nose to nose and then Walker walked away with his tail between his legs.

    Almost forgot….. Walker can’t pass the footy either, but Frawley can.

  3. So they let Sezer leave to sign Frawley?
    Canberra really doesn’t have any decent halves coming through the grades, do they?

  4. Maybe Penrith juniors could spare them one from their local junior team 250 kms sway at Parkes Spacemen, Bathust may have a spare half? Or perhaps Lithgow?
    What do you recken EastOfParkes?

  5. The Raiders have developed a few decent halves in the past – Todd Carney and Terry Campese were the best of them – Carney was sacked after a string of off field incidents and Terry played some brilliant seasons before a couple of ACLs slowed him down, Anthony Milford played in the halves in the U20s before playing full back and some games in the halves for the Raiders and then chose to return home to Brisbane. Sam Williams, Mitch Cornish, Matt Frawley, Lachlan Lewis and Lachlan Croker were all Raiders juniors and went on to play in the NRL for various clubs. I like the recruitment of Frawley. I reckon he showed some good signs with the Bulldogs – seems very composed with a decent kicking game and should provide some good depth with George and Sam Williams and Jack Wighton in the halves..

  6. @red13…..I wasn’t aware of the rule about June 30, Does this still apply if the player has played first grade before?

  7. Can’t wait to see George Williams play. That silly old fool bennett who lost 4 test matches this year incl. to tier 2 nations didn’t give him any chance to show his skills. Very disappointing Wayne.

  8. As Bathurst is Bathurst Panthers. As quite a few areas still are . Supported by the Penrith Panthers. It sounds a lot fairer than those players going to the Chicken Cage or to say Melbourne? Have a look . A very good Bathurst Panther half has signed for Melbourne.
    Penrith supports quite a few country areas . That’s why the young juniors from those areas often choose to come through Penrith’s pathway program.
    They are up against the Penrith areas juniors such as those from Blacktown , Minchinbury, St.Marys , Windsor etc. , to fight for a place in the Panther Junior Rep teams.
    Glad to see you’re so interested in the Panther Juniors & Pathways AdamWoodLice.
    Canberra gets quite a few players from Penrith. As do many clubs, including your French Dressed Chickens.
    I bet they had another look!!
    If your club had any juniors of its own, maybe it wouldn’t have to take them from everywhere else. As its so sad to see you have to always write about great Chickens players, who are usually blow ins. 😔 So, so Sad.

  9. budgeilegs… players from the development squad can’t play first grade before June 30 without approval from the NRL (due to a number of injuries for example) If Canberra want to play Frawley before then as he is the best option, they will need to promote him to the top 30. It doesn’t matter if he has played first grade before, only what part of the squad he is in now.

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