TOWNSVILLE, AUSTRALIA - APRIL 23: Lachlan Coote of the Cowboys celebrates after scoring a try during the round eight NRL match between the North Queensland Cowboys and the Parramatta Eels at 1300SMILES Stadium on April 23, 2016 in Townsville, Australia. (Photo by Ian Hitchcock/Getty Images)

North Queensland Cowboys fullback Lachlan Coote has re-signed with the club for another two seasons.

Coote was being chased by the Roosters, Rabbitohs and the Dragons, with all three Sydney clubs tabling large deals to try and entice the 26-year old.

It has been reported the two-year extension is worth $500,000 annually.

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  1. Was it ever in doubt? I’m sure the Cows have managed to come up with something good for Lachlan.

  2. i think coote will stay with cowboys until JT retires which will prob be in 2 years so very smart move by him

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if a few big name Cowboys sign 2 year Cowboys. Then when JT retires as you say most likely in 2 years JTs money goes to them getting upgrades

  3. He will leave when jt leaves,he knows his best chance to win another premiership is to take a pay cut and stay at cowboys,but in 2 years he will chase the money most likely jt will retire around the same time

  4. Since leaving the Panthers he has become an excellent player, Would be my second choice fullback for NSW behind Tedesco.

    His ball playing is a huge part of the success of the Cowboys

    • Might be less money, but also a much lower cost of living in Townsville. Compare property/rental prices from there to Eastern Sydney and you’d find most of increased money the Roosters were offering would go down the drain in housing costs alone.

  5. If Coote resigned for $500k per season, surely this sets a value precedents for every other player manager looking to inflate their clients perceived wage I.e. Brooks & Moses. I’m aware of third party deals & alleged salary cap breaches, to be honest bending the cap is easier then Corporations avoiding tax. Always seven ways to skin a cat

  6. Good news for Cowboys supporters I think him alongside Tedesco have been the form fullbacks in the NRL so far this season I thought Cowboys were under salary cap pressure so it doesn’t really make sense that now they are resigning him for 500,000 a year

  7. So does that mean Lowe, Tamou and O’Neil are leaving? Surely they have to lose at least two or three big players. I can see Tamou going to a Sydney team, O’Neil going back to the storm and Lowe going to a struggling team.

    • Tamou to Dragons or Manly. Justin will go back to Storm. Ethan Lowe is a must to resign surely, he will be unreal with Coen Hess- gun players

  8. As a Dragons supporter I would have been thrilled if he signed with us but good on the Cows … Good to see some loyalty…

    • Speaking of loyalty the last time I’d go to is the dragons. The board is weak, can’t attract or appease corporates to the horrible fans who are all plastic. Seriously their team won 5 years ago and it’s a rebuild and every loss there are fingers being pointed left right and centre.

      What a toxic fan group. Dragons fans are right up there with the worst fans in the NRL with Souths and Bulldogs.

      • SunnyJim…. You sound like a whinging , nonsensical Trent Robinson….. God only knows what your bleating about…..

      • Just to let you know funnydill, you’re the last person anyone could care what you think.

        Must be a rorters troll, still crying over another loss, you wingnut.

        • Hahaha Daffy Duck…smell the roses buddy. You have had wet dreams for the last fortnight thinking he may sign for your beleagured bunch of misfits. Sunny has hit your team of losers right on the!. Who would want to play with a bunch of park footballers?… Cellar dwellers for decades to come.

        • Oh look his bumchum has stopped eating chocolate starfish long enough to say something moronic. Also loser he turned down the roosters not the dragons as they threw all the money at him so now resume you’re normal position.

  9. nice work re sign Coote jt retires Coote to halves ponga to fullback good news guys and good luck for the weekend

  10. Wow. Can’t believe he turned down $2.8mill 4 year deal with the rorters (+ tpa’s and who knows in brown paperbags) to stay with with the cows for two years $500k a season. Would hate himself if he gets injured. Good to see loyalty and even better to see the chickens not poach another player. Wonder how Latrell would be feeling lol.

  11. See a succession plan with the fullback position with Coote and Ponga. Similar to Minichello and RTS, Ponga is a star in the making, must keep for the Cowboys for many years to come.

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