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Johnathan Thurston entered the rep round battling a calf injury and came out of it with a shoulder injury which leaves the Cowboys in a tight situation as the top eight of the NRL ladder starts to take shape.

They travel south this week take on the Bulldogs who produced a gritty victory over the Raiders in their last start.

They will be without Josh Reynolds but Matt Frawley is more than capable to step up in his absence.

The Dogs have won five of their past six games at home and when you couple that with the fact that the Cowboys have lost three of their last four without JT, it doesn’t look good for the 2015 premiers.

The Cowboys have named Lachlan Coote and Jake Granville in their side as both return from injury but the lack of a future immortal looks set to cripple the NRL’s northern-most side.

Bulldogs by 10.

Team Lists

Team Lists

Team Stats

Scoring Plays

Bulldogs   Cowboys
3 Tries 5
1 Conversions 4
Penalty Goals 1
Field Goals


Bulldogs   Cowboys
179 All Runs 145
1,415 All Run Metres 1,366
3 Line Breaks 2
12 Offloads 4


Bulldogs   Cowboys
305 Kick Metres 391
317 Tackles 326
18 Missed Tackles 16


Bulldogs   Cowboys
8 Penalties Conceded 11
12 Errors 9
Sin Bin 1
Send Offs

Player Stats

Top Run Metres

Scott Bolton162
Will Hopoate154
James Graham154
John Asiata144
Kyle Feldt140

Top Kick Metres

Lachlan Coote203
Moses Mbye172
Michael Morgan166
Matt Frawley94
Will Hopoate27




  1. “Defense”? Really? This is Australia, mate. Surely you mean “Defence”. At least you say “Attack” rather than”Offence”, or worse “Offense”.

  2. The refs were terrible tonight! The bunker has surveillance and still missed Brenko Lee holding back Gavin Cooper. Secondly the ref that penalised the cows multiple times, when the markers were square- I couldn’t stop yelling at the screen. I swear the refs feel the need to even the scores the entertainment purposes and commercial benefits with Sportsbet. The send off was a flat out joke, arrogant ref who didn’t consider one word Gavin said. Lachlan Coote does structure the defence well and brings the left foot kicking game but he is regular for multiple mistakes, last year he was terrible!

  3. This Doggies team is so hard to get a read on, do well for a 1-2 weeks and then absolute rubbish 2-3weeks.

    Tonight’s performance by the Doggies was just abysmal, the number of times that the forwards just killed their momentum by taking hit ups at the wrong time or the halves crap last tackle options was the difference tonight. The only time the Doggies built pressure was when the ref gave them 4-5 penalties in a row. Credit though to the Cowboys who have been playing poorly, they went back to basics, produced a good kicking game and applied the pressure.

    • how boring were they to watch last night?
      Apart from that try towards the end of the match, they offered nothing.
      Lichaa plays like a robot without any variation or flair, I can only recall him making one run, which happened to be off the back of a penalty. Hopoate is too slow and every time Graham got the ball he wanted to ball play. Their attack was so predictable and never looked like threatening the line even when they got 4 penalties in a row and Thompson got binned.
      As with all those type of penalties, you could make an argument for cows to be penalised or play-on, however I was glad the ref actually made a stand against what looked intentional penalties to stop any momentum of the dogs. Too many times you see a ref warn a team and its captain again and again and again and not do anything about.

      • I can’t understand how they have a half there who is capable of running the team and doing the organising in Frawley, yet they leave these things to Mbye. Mbye should be concentrating on his running game and some creativity. Frawley should be taking most of the last tackle kicks and directing play. Graham should be hitting the ball up straight and hard, with the occasional offload if it presents itself, big Kas shoul just pack his bags, and Lichaa needs to get under a coach who will release the shackles, he is a better player than he is showing at the Bulldogs.

        Cowboys looked better, as did Morgan, but i think a lot of that was to do with the Bulldogs, they were just terrible.

        • cows did look a bit more organised last night, having coote and Granville back made a big difference to them, which freed up Morgan.
          Frawley does look the goods and Holland knows how to find the line but they looked clunky and disjointed, as if they were given strict instructions to play that way and don’t deviate.

  4. The Bulldogs had nothing last night.

    They need more than Woods & Foran to turn that team around.

    Good old Des has pulled a swifty on everyone.

    • Yeah, and standing down his players from City-Country worked a treat too, didn’t it. Good one Dessie!

  5. As a Dragons fan I was very disappointed by the performance of Brett Morris last night. Once the world’s best winger, he was embarrassing at times.
    The axing of Josh Reynolds by “the family club” in favour of a toxic character like Keiran Foran, and all the talk about who else will be shafted could be taking its toll on the Dogs.
    Dessie, mate, you can’t buy the team spirit and camaraderie that it takes to win a Comp.

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