Top 10 Fantasy Smokeys of 2016

You’ve probably got it pretty clear in your mind who you want to draft in the first few rounds. But what about the later rounds? That's where a Fantasy Premiership can be won!

Inglis to carry knee injury for rest of career

Greg Inglis will carry a knee injury for the rest of his career but Queensland captain Cameron Smith believes it won’t stop him returning to his rampaging best.

9 thoughts while watching the Auckland Nines

It’s hard to take much away from the NRL Auckland Nines but here's 9 random thoughts we had while watching this year’s event.

Top Try Scoring Rates in the NRL

Some fantastic try scorers have been unleashed in the last decade, but the last two or three seasons we have seen some of the best make their mark on the NRL.

Crossing Over: Super League scouting

There are 11 players moving to the NRL from the Super League this year, with three of them English and the rest former NRL players returning down under. Will any of them make an impact?

NYC Graduates to watch in 2015

When you’re in a competitive fantasy league, being the first to sniff out a gun rookie can be the difference between making the finals or listening to your mates brag endlessly.

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